Yoann Freget’s FIRST ALBUM (!) and VIDEO CLIP

Yoann Freget, Winner of La Voix 2014 – Video Clip from Movie “Beauty and the Beast” – January 2014

We know that Yoann Freget had successfully toured Canada and USA in 2010 with many free concerts in schools, high-schools, universities, government based Yoann - 1st Album_associations, and many other places. He offered about 10 FREE concerts in Halton area: Burlington, Oakville and Milton too! We are very proud of this young man who meditates and who is an incredible musician so we’ll make an exception and promote his 1st album: “Few Hours with Me” containing 16 melodies, in English and French.

Order #1 Album of Yoann Freget on Amazon here:

“Few Hours With Me”: It is a Mix of Soul, Ryth’m an’ Blues, Gospel & Pop

Price (with digital booklet) £8.49

(video) How it started –  The Audition on La Voix 2013

We wish only further great success to Yoann Freget, he deserves it. My family will order his album tonight! 🙂 We hope to see Yoann again , back in Canada but until then we will listen to his music. He is already a Canadian Champion of our hearts, as he brought us the Greatest love of All  – the one shinning from one’s pure spirit and heart of hearts.

Yoann Freget in The Canadian Champion -Milton Newspaper-Nov11 2010 when Yoann Freget performed in in the Hawthorne Village Public School with another Canadian musician, Omar Davis (an often guest to our public programs where music and meditation intertwine for the benefit of everyone’s heart, spirit and soul.


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  1. paula

    Yoann Freget, who performed for FREE in Halton area FREE meditation classes is an incredible example of someone who practices meditation, emits vibrations straight from the Beauty and the Beast Video, with no compromises to his art, his heart or his soul! I can’t understand every word in French, but it does not matter, the vibrations are pouring out like a cool sensation as he sings, it is beyond language,he is a talent that is being recognized on an international scale! I will definately be buying his album! Artists of this calibre, that stand up for art and truth and beauty in music, are to be celebrated and supported. Keep your hands open while you watch the video, you can’t help but feel every note!

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