Best Travelling Shoes ?! YOANN’s: 3 GREAT VIDEOS & Photos from 1st Burlington Concert

Photo-Album from the Free Community Event : “Yoann’s Canadian Tour with Music & Spirituality” in Burlington- offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation on Sept 21

VIDEO #1: Best “Travelling Shoes” Gospel with Yoann-voice, Omar-guitar and Ahilan-Tabla

Video#2: “I Believe I can Fly” with Yoann and Omar

Video#3: “When the Saints Go Marching In” – Yoann Freget’s version

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    Latest News on Yoann’s  Tour:

    • Yoann was the Special Guest Artist next day, on September 22, at Halton Multicultural Council’s annual event in Oakville .. an article will be posted soon with photos & impressions!
    • Yoann had a Concert in Brampton on September 23 .. waiting for the feedback from the organizers of this event who are the coordinators for the Free Class of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in that town
    • Yoann is invited as the honoured guest to participate to the Annual National Seminar & Sahaja Yoga Meditation Retreat @ Couchiching this coming weekend where he will meet around 200 yogis coming from all over Canada with their families
    • Next week Yoann will be performing all across GTA in schools, Malls, community centres and theatres – Make sure you’ll follow up his roadmap (soon will be posted!) and invite your friends to his unforgettable Performances
    • all the above videos were done by Gladys from Oakvile, thank you!

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    1. Anjali

      It was absolutely divine. We were drenching in pure cooling vibrations of joy and love and bhakti (devotion). Yoann’s connection with the divine was very evident during his performance- everything flowed from the heart, from deep within. His music, his voice was so elevating. We all left with a glow on our faces, silence in our minds and absolute joy in our hearts. It’s a privilege to be able to attend this event. Please don’t miss it next week if you already have. It’s much needed for the soul. We are so grateful to you Yoann.

      I was also amazed at how beautifully Omar and Ahilan were able to merge themselves (with guitar and tabla) into this divine music. There was so much collectivity, that even though these brothers had never practiced before together, they felt each other and everything was synchronized. Only in Sahaj world can we truly enjoy because we have the awareness of vibrations and the vibrations were beautiful (this is too small of a word to describe how it was). I’m filled with gratitude.


    2. Chandra

      First I thought he is a good singer, next, when he exchanged his experiences, I considered him a good Sahaja Yogi, later, when I meditated with him, it dawned on me that Shri Mataji talks to him and guides him directly. Now I heard his music many times that made us all to be one with him, I am convinced he is Shri Mataji’s beloved son..Shri Mataji has already sowed all over the world many divine seeds for the growth of Sahaja Yoga and Yoann is one such divine seed sowed. With this thought in my mind and heart, I just meditate, as Yaonn does through his music, with no fear in his heart and no anxiety in his mind.
      Shri Mataji has sent him to us to show how one can live with no fear, no anxiety and with pure love and joy.
      While his music raises our Kundalini, the ever-existing smile on his lips speaks volume to me of his strength and love and, behold! he is just 23!

      One experience: The other day, after his morning meditation, he wrote on a piece of paper that Shri Mataji has told him not to talk that day and he practiced silence (MOUNA VRATHA) the whole day! This is just one example of his connection/conversation with Divine HER. There are many more.

      Thank you MOTHER for sending Yoann to us.

    3. Aurora

      posted on behalf of Aurora from Stoney Creek – feedback sent by email-

      “I can’t express in words how sorry am that can’t stay and enjoy Yoann’s performance on Tuesday.
      I can feel the energy that was arroused by his wonderful and personal interpretation of the those well known songs.
      Anyway, I can hear in my mind anytime am in a blue mood “That Little light of mine feel free to let it shine until you see it shine,shine” that’s my own lyrics:))))))))))
      Please pass on my compliments to Yoann and tell him from me ” Je t’aime et j’adore aussi ta passion.”

      Love and Joy,

    4. Kruti Gandhi

      What an amazing talent he has. Felt like I am watching an angel performing live!

    5. Dorothy

      What an amazing and electrifying talent, so happy to hear sahaja gospel. Would love to know when and if Yoann will be touring the United States especially Philadelphia. Would love to join his concerts.

    6. Debbie

      What a beautiful evening it was – so uplifting, full of joy and promise. Yoann’s music demonstrated that we have the spirit within and it is very easy to pay tribute and respect to this gift we are all blessed with. There is a sweet innocence about him which I adore. Ahilan and Omar effortlessly blended in and contributed sweetly to this event.

      Thanks very much also to Ioana for all her dedication and efforts.

      Lots of love always.

    7. paula erskine

      The depth of Yoann’s talent and ability to unlock the sacred energy of even first time audiences through his heavenly voice is nothing less than miraculous. His background in music therapy seeps through the music, the listener has no choice but to stop every other thought and be exactly in the present. His style is full of heart and soul that permeates the atmosphere. I watched him during the organic farmer’s market performance, and his singing unblocks negativity, heals and makes one realize heaven is on earth, and was made for us to enjoy. The arts, his voice, are a wonderful medium for spreading joy, good energy and vibrations.
      If you have not already seen him perform, please contact the website to get the next performances and bring your friends, they will thank you. Yoann it was a privilege to meet you with my Mum Carmela, she absolutely loved your singing! You are beautiful, inside and out. You make us want to be better people that are more connected.

    8. Edda

      After his event I came home and I kept feeling until next day a cool, wonderful divine energy within me. His music is a gift from heaven. Through his singing you feel so much love. He is a role model for all of us.
      Thank you for being in Canada sharing your life, experience and love with us

    9. Marcos (from Brazil)


      Thank you very much Yoann and group for the joy, hapiness, love, vibrations coming from your music.

      Come to Brazil!

    10. Isabelle

      It was such a wonderful evening. Thank you Ioana for introducing us to Yoann. Thank you Yoann. Thank you Omar and Ahilan.

      Loved the music, the performance…! So good.

      I have seen a couple of Yoann’s performances and every time I was bursting from the inside. It is very powerful, very beautiful and joyous. Transforming. The performances are so rich, Yoann gives everything of himself and lets go. He is so talented.

    11. Myriam

      The beauty of a marvellous refreshing music healing up the souls

    12. anonymous

      My husband only went to the performance because I had asked him to. Even though he went because I wanted him to he was quickly singing and dancing with joy and completely involved in the most beautiful music. It was an evening I will never forget.

    13. Colleen

      Beautiful, beautiful music!!! I loved the energy and love of video #3, When The Saints Go Marching In. When he got the audience to sing along I got goose bumps all over. Thank you!!! These videos definitely brought a smile to my face and love in my heart.

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