This Little Light of Mine – Let it Shine! (Video)

Turn ON your Speakers (loud! :-))

Yoann Freget in Kingston – FREE Gospel workshop “Songs for Mother Earth” at Kingston Library Theatre, October 16, 2010.

Enjoy the List with Yoann’s Free Public Concerts /Shows / Workshops in Ontario: here

** the list needs to be updated, there are 20+ concerts so far

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  1. Chad


  2. Priti

    Thank-you so….much for sharing this wonderful vibrational performance. All the best and looking forward to enjoy live performance

  3. Debbie

    How wonderful – love it and look forward to the live performance in Burlington.

    Lots of love always.

  4. Kusum Chandok

    Yoann is really amazing. Great vibrations! We are very lucky to have him in Canada.

  5. ornella

    Joann, we miss you lot! (in Europe), but I am sure, with you there the Earth will start singing and manifesting through your vibrant talent and pure love, and the beauty of Canada too, that we can feel it from here!… Mother Earth is so much full of joy again… and Her gravity will take you all over the world. thanks for sharing..Bravi!!!

  6. Elsie

    He’s an artist with an amazing voice and sings from his soul A wonderful concert in Burlington

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