Opera Music with the New Maria Callas & Canadian Gospel Singer for A Silent Night, Oh Holy Night in Vienna with 2 Rising Stars: Rachelle Jeanty & Tatiana Samoylova Raff

“When I was small, I used to tell my father that it is my desire that like the Stars in the Sky, many people on Earth should also

Shine and Spread the Light of God.”

–  Shri Mataji (1997)- founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Michael from Vienna, an amazing photographer (my guess is that the Poster above represents his artwork, a result of a beautiful collaboration with other talented and enthusiastic sahaja yogis, all from Vienna) .. ..sent an email -Invitation for a very Special Christmas -Art Event illustrated in the sublime poster shared above .. Let’s red Michael’s email: “This is an invitation for seekers in and around Vienna. We have rented a big hall, for hundreds of people, next to a big shopping center for the 20th of December, 7p.m.. We will have Inter-cultural performances of the Viennese Boy Choir, Rachelle Jeanty from Canada, Tatiana an Opera singer from Russia, an Indian dancer Siddi, Vista, the Austrian Bhajans Group, Sia from Germany, Youssef from Arabia, Mani with Mozart music on Piano, Vimala and the Theater of Eternal values for the issue “Jesus went to India“. Book a flight, take all your friends, entrance is for free!:-) Michael”

.. Needless to describe, how very very very tempting it Really was to just follow Michael’s Invitation … instead I’ve told to myself: “Let’s Bring few of these talents here, both Music and Vibrations !” Imagine a True Holy Night Together .. in the Vibrations born from within of Eleven Artists that are in Yoga and in Meditation during their act of creation, thus they become Stars & then they Really Shine the Light ..remember Shri Mataji’s desire?! Such an elevated spiritual atmosphere must have been there, so sahaj and beautiful ..

Now, here in Canada we already know our Rachelle from Montreal that was the Gospel Star of this concert in Vienna .. maybe it is the time to find out about “the New Maria  Callas”  (that’s how Wolfgang had named Tatiana Samoilova ….. who is  she ?! The Answer is in the 2 Next Videos and  even a greater Surprise after that ..

Tatiana Samoylova -Raff : ” O Mio Babbino Caro” by Pucinni

…. Yes, both Tatiana and Rachelle are practicing and loving sahaja yoga meditation that made a significant impact on them as artists .. Now, the “greater answer”:  Tatiana is actually Axinia’s sister!!! Who is Axinia?!!! just look around  .. in this article as  in many others on the Halton website .. everywhere we are actually using many photos made by Axinia from Vienna .. she is a silent and generous friend of our Halton’s website ..  Just read her comments here and see her photo 🙂  .. Also Axinia has One Amazing Blog, called 1000 petals .. .. Now, It’s time for more Great Opera Music with Tatiana and my guess is that the Slide-shows are using Axinia’s snapshots of Life.. and the last but not the least, do not forget to check by the end of the article a couple of Articles with Interesting (Puzzling sometimes!!) Sahaj Knowledge that connect Christmas, Jesus Christ & Chakras… and more sahaj intriguing Images .. take a stroll on our Halton website and enjoy !!

Tatiana Samoilova -Raff : “Die Nacht” (The Night  by Richard Strauss)

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  1. Chandra

    So much beauty in Music!!
    Thank you, Ioana.

  2. Chandra

    “When I was small, I used to tell my father that it is my desire that like the Stars in the Sky, many people on Earth should also Shine and Spread the Light of God.”
    -Shri Mataji

    Why anybody ever thought of this?
    Divine thought comes only from the divine:

  3. Debbie

    What a beautiful voice – thanks for sharing. I love the photos of Mother Nature that were taken by Axinia too.

    Lots of love always.

  4. paula

    thank you Axinia for sharing your wonderful talented sister’s talents with halton and hopefully the world! Tune in for more inspiration! I read a lecture by Shri Mataji that said that “true art that stands the test of time should stop the thoughts,” that is it’s role. When we stop the thoughts, we enjoy the present and allow the divine to pour in. No need to analyse, it is just so pure there is no disputing it’s beauty. Enjoy the “joy”!

  5. Elsie Kuly

    Hearing Tatiana Samoylova Raiff was a moving beautiful experience. She sings like Maria Callas who has been my favorite soprano. (I brought out my old tapes) which is not what I want to stress.

    Her inner beauty is equal to her physical beauty and a voice that comes from a pure heart is a gift. I felt vibrations throughout my body. Music does transcend all cultures and this video shows it. It surpasses all barriers

  6. Elsie Kuly

    It’s interesting to read that Tatiana is practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation.

    Shri Mataji states that many people should shine and spread the light of God. Meeting people in our Sahaja Yoga group I feel that they do exactly that – the light shines from their eyes and heart. It’s a wondrous feeling. Thanks for this e-mail with beautiful music and heart-warming information.

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