Yoga Day 2017 in Grande Prairie – Success for Alberta Community with Sahaj (testimonial)

Yoga Day 2017 in Grande Prairie Canada 

Sahaj Pathare – The “Instructor”, is also a beloved member of our Halton/Niagara/Ontario sahaja yoga family, since he was a brilliant student at Niagara College!!
“Very happy to inform that first Sahaj Yoga class with the partnership of the city council had a great start. The liaison officer who is been appointed to assist the Sahaj Yoga team reported that she is been getting phone calls and emails asking for more information and it created a buzz about it in town. 
Sahaj yoga team usually arrives half an hour before the scheduled time to setup and they are amazed to see people waiting for them at the door and were all excited to learn an absolute yoga. When one of the  class started there was silence in the room as every body had eagerly waited for the moment. In attendance were all women (shaktis – i.e. “powers”  in Sanskrit); the awakening of the Kundalini energy was carried out by Shri Mataji via audio medium and after that everybody entered in deep meditation.
Some of them didn’t want to open there eyes even when they were told to do so. Some reported a cool sensation while some mentioned pricking and every individual felt a bliss inside
After the class usually everybody is so joyful as you can notice it in the pictures. They all approach the Sahaja yoga team with a sparkle in eyes and promises to return back with their friends and families as all of them agreed that each one deserves to discover the ‘ INNER PEACE’.
Yes the “Blossom Times of Yoga” –  has arrived in Grand Prairie too 🙂 “
love, Sahaj (on my journey from Halton/Niagara to Grand Prairie/Alberta .. and beyond!)” 

(#1) Let’s Travel in Time to Watch Sahaj’s Testimonial 


(#2) Check Amanda’s Story – from Sahaj’s Class 

“I am Free of Drugs and Feeling ‘High’ on Life with Sahaja Yoga Meditation” – says Amanda. She was able to get rid of drug addiction in just 2 weeks by following Sahaja Yoga meditation. She finds her life has changed since then and is looking forward to Sahaja Yoga classes in Grande Prairie.
Amanda – you are truly inspiring, thank you for sharing with such an open and since heart! Kudos go also to Sahaj who makes us proud with his news from Grande Prairie that illustrates such a beautiful spiritual trajectory in life!

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  1. Shivangi Nehit

    Awesome story from Grande Prairie, Congratulations Sahaj for holding the flag there and thanks for sharing Ioana.

    Reconfirmed from real life experience – Meditation and in particular Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a cost free and the most organic way to live healthy and happy 🙂

  2. paula

    What an inspirational testimonial by Amanda! It is not surprising, always amazing. Sahaj, you are a wonderful yogi Brother helping and spreading great vibrations from Niagara to Grand Prairie and Beyond. The vibrations from the photos and videos are tremendous. Keep up with Sahaja Yoga, and you will see the miracles that come your way, protect you, we go with the sahaja, meaning spontaneous flow, and life is absolutely magical in the “now” when we get our self-realization, then doors open to what is good for our spirit.

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