Canadian Impact in the World: Rachelle from Quebec – Sharing the Fusion of Meditation & Gospels in Germany

Let’s Realize the Canadian Impact in the World. Today is about Rachelle (sahaja yogini from Quebec and talented singer) that is sharing the Fusion of Meditation & Gospels in Germany and in many countries around the world. We received a revealing “tell it all”  letter from a dear yogi friend from Germany. Enjoy!

Letter from Munich, Germany – Feedback about a Canadian Musician, dear Friend and Sahaja Yoga Instructor

Dear Ioana,

It’s my pleasure to share this wonderful experience with you. We invited Rachelle Jeanty for a small tour of 3 public programs here in the south of Germany and Austria for which we got very good response from the new participants (the audience). Rachelle is from Montreal, Canada  and she is of Haiti origin. She lives in Berlin at present.

On Friday 5th Nov there was a public program which was announced as Music & Meditation. (the flyer is below) …

We did advertising with the support of a professional concert management who designed poster, flyer and a press release which was announced to media in Munich (TV, newspaper). Additionally the agency used their email-network.

We also invited approx. 200 seekers of South Germany who got their self-realization (the awakening of the Kundalini energy) in fairs the last couple of months. By the blessings of Shri Mataji all these measures had the result that the Munich Sahaja Yoga center was absolutely full with approx. 60-70 people. Most of them were people that came for the very first time in contact with this form of meditation and seekers who already got their self-realization earlier. We had to remove the chairs to get more space for others who waited in the lobby.

After a short introduction in Sahaja yoga meditation we gave en masse realization followed by a Soul and Gospel concert & workshop with Rachelle. Between the songs she told about her wonderful experience in Sahaja Yoga and the relationship with Shri Mataji (the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation).

Rachelle even changed spontaneously the lyrics in some songs and sang Shri Mataji’s name as her love was flowing into music and while singing Rachelle put herself into a Bandhan (divine protection made of vibrations) during the performance.

Our Kundalinis did not only rise very strong, but it was like the Primordial Kundalini was dancing with joy as our bodies did which absolutely fulfilled the motto of the event:

Come and feel the Joy of the Spirit!

(click on the motto for cool Article to enjoy!)

On Saturday and Sunday we were present in a new age fair near to Regensburg with a Sahaja yoga meditation stall and a 2 hours sahaja yoga meditation Workshop which we spontaneously changed to a Meditation & Music Workshop similar to Munich. About 250 Seekers got their Realisation at the stall and approx. 30 People in the Workshop. With a smaller number of new people after the official program Rachelle coached a singing workshop with “Let it be!!” which generated a strong collective experience and unity.

We concluded the workshop with a 5 Min. silent meditation and bandhan. Many shining faces and deeply touched souls! Next day some people came to our stall and were happy to meet us again.

They told us that they feel that Sahaja Yoga shines like a Lotus in this fair!!

For me it was one of the strongest Sahaj experiences outside of Cabella.

From Pujas with Shri Mataji we many time experienced this, but sharing it with new seekers in a fair and public program is very promising for the future of Sahaj.

Thank you Shri Mataji!

Today evening there is the last event of this tour in B. Schallerbach, Upper Austria.

Prem (the letter comes from Prem who is practicing  Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Munich, Germany)

What I want to add here – as a comment to Prem’s letter & feedback – is that our family used to live in Munich, Germany and we used to participate to all the events and the classes in the beautiful Sahaja Yoga Meditation centre that is placed in downtown. We have great memories with the Munich sahaja yogis (our sahaj family there!), great birthdays parties and memorable new year & farewell celebrations. That centre has so strong vibrations, we used to come and simply sit and meditate, nothing else was needed .. no music, no gestures, no mantra. It is a sanctuary for meditation.  The seekers had no difficulty in feeling the cool breeze and the awakening of the kundalini energy; the sahaja yogis are so friendly and welcoming and nurturing .. without even realizing their qualities. 🙂 We are very fond of these memories. Our daughter used to tell us: “This (the Munich centre) is our home.” .. because we all felt that “there” the ‘Family feeling‘ is complete, the collectivity of enlightened people gathered in that spiritual and cozy place realized that “home sweet home” for everyone that stepped into it, even once, or even for a short while. We miss you dear Munich family! Rachelle, we miss you too, here, back home in Canada, but we’re sending to you our best wishes of Success, Fulfillment, Peace and Joy in your European Journey!

(VIDEO) Experiencing The Rhythm when it becomes Meditation – with Anandita from Colombia

(VIDEO) The Zeal of a Young Artist: Analuiza from Brazil – the Enchanting Kuchipudi Dancer

Humility – A Royal Decoration for Artists

Bravo Rachelle! You make us proud!

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  1. Debbie

    Very nice to hear about Sahaja Yoga in other countries of the world.

    Lots of love always.

  2. Özlem Gibeau

    I am so proud of you. ?t broth tears in my eyes when I saw you spreading vibrations to the new seekers.
    I love you,

  3. Hitesh

    This is very beautiful. I hope people really benefit a lot from Sahaja Yoga.

  4. freget yoann

    YEEEEESSSS! I’m soOOOoOOo happy that more people in the world came to know this very talented soul Rachel Jeanty!… She is an amazing singer, and a very great heart, wich beyond a divine voice, give her the Real talent to rise the Spiritual Energy of other people!…

    Yessss sister!!!!

  5. Peter Jakob

    Email from a German newcomer:

    … hoffe du hast dein Oberpfalz-Festival gut überstanden. Jedenfalls wollte ich mich nochmal ganz herzlich bei dir bedanken für das zum einen wundervoll und gut organisierte Konzert von der Rachelle und zum anderen für den grossartigen Highlight von Let It Be – bin immer noch völlig erfüllt von dieser wunderschönen Sing und Harmonie Erfahrung – das war einfach grandios, wie das am Ende geklungen hat – Danke an Rachelle! Wär schön, wenn das Video dazu irgendwann mal zu besichtigen oder zu hören ist.

    … bin mittlerweile auch fleißig dabei und versuch mindestens einmal täglich meine Kundalini zu erwecken. Auf dem Vortrag hast du so nette Affirmationen dabei gehabt und hast gemeint, das wir die gerne auch haben könnten – vieleicht magst du sie mir mailen, das wär ganz lieb – Danke!

  6. Lawrence Gamache

    Bonjour chère soeur Rachelle
    Que toutes ces réalisations continuent de t’inonder de joie et de bonheur!

  7. Diane Ruelland

    Oui, c’est elle Rachelle qu’on aime, magnifique instrument Divin de joie, d’amour et de talent.
    xxxx bisous

    Yes, we love her Rachelle, magnific Divine instrument of joy, love and talent.

  8. Priti

    Thank-you for sharing such a beautiful story of self-realization by our dear sister Rachelle. It was so beautiful and full of vibrations. Hope to see and hear our sister in Toronto soon. Thanks once again.

  9. paula erskine

    This article has amazing vibrations just oozing out of the computer screen! Rachelle I would love to hear more of your pure music, you are a force! In fact, I have not heard it yet, but your message, and your collectivity makes me want to give you a standing ovation! I have no doubt you are a soulful performer and an instrument for spreading joy. And if Yoann says you are great, that is an endorsememt from a great talent that we have grown to love. (Actually it was not that hard to love him, one song did it). Big hug to you!

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