What’s The Key to Miracle & Bliss?! – Enjoy Sahaj Answer with Cute Image

‘Keep yourself in the Present is your job, and leave everything to God’


“So, to develop your innocence also is a very good idea, to be in the present. To keep yourself in the present is your job, and leave everything to God. Because you don’t know that when you are in the present, you are in contact with the Divine Power, but when you get out of the present, you are not there – you are under your ego or superego.
So, for all of you, I may try just to show that I am also playing with you, to prepare you. I am least bothered about anything whatsoever.

Shri Mataji - motherly joking with sahaja yogisWhat is such a disaster you have seen in your life? Tell me.

I have seen the last dissolution of the whole Universe. What can I fear more? When you get upset, think of something very serious that has happened to you before, and then you will not be so much worried about nonsensical little things here and there.

So Miraculous things will happen through your Innocence.

The more Innocent you are, the more Blissful you will be.”

(Shri Mataji – quote from 1985)

Quick story: I had received recently by email  the  ‘sleeping family’ image that is on top of this article – from a dear friend from Austria, Mahvash who is also practising sahaja yoga for quite sometime. Somehow for me it had such an impact because I have felt that it is bringing the essence of Christmas somehow, the universal peace and satisfaction and such a (extended :-)) family feeling, simple, happy and somewhat royal in ‘such conditions’ one might say. Totally Sahaj! Really wanted to share it with you all and then, in a sahaj spontaneous way, the above Perfect quote came across and I felt they simply are ‘made for each other’, of course  for our own heart & spirit benefit.

Advise: one may attempt to reach to Innocence and Connection with This Prayer.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did!

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  1. adrian

    To be in the present… is your innocence… to get there is to connect with the divine… which is already there… so to make room for you to “see”… also requires letting go of what you do not own (the past and the future)… you just think you own these things… for whatever reason… visualize the past and future as written on clouds… and blow them away to where they belong… then simply enjoy… every moment of this experience called life.

    1. adrian

      “to remind myself of MYself”…

      1. adrian

        Remembering… “I AM”
        “Merry Christmas to ALL”

  2. Mary Iglesias

    It is deep my feelings at this moment;much love. Thank you.

  3. Navdeep Brar

    JSM….Devine LOVE of OUR HOLY is pouring down always SO MUCH LOVE;MY EYES FILL WITH LOVE NECTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Carmen

    …Leave everything to God! it is just so easy.

    So much joy living in the present.

    As advised by Adrian I am blowing away the past and the future and feel so light and free.

    Thank you.


  5. ashok kumar misra

    Past is DEAD
    Future is UNKNOWN
    Be in PRESENT….and enjoy god’s company and life!
    great compilation!
    lets all spread sahaja yoga day and night!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    ashok kumar misra, pune, india

    1. adrian

      We cannot have Christmas without the events of “Christ’s birth”… “so the past cannot be dead”… We also have the ten rules of life… “the ten commandments”… and they too are from the past… So for me the past is clearly not dead.

      It is really a question of knowing what is worthwhile… “knowing what to bring forward from the past”

      Many of the wonderful deities from Sahaja Yoga are from the past… and they form the essence of the mantras and stories that we can choose to embody…

      It is about knowing what to leave behind, the very stuff that gets in the way of knowing the truth that always has been, is and will be…

      So being in the present is about knowing what should be at any moment we ask that question… and also… in the future is to be fully conscious in the present…

      For me then… the past, present and future are all “one”… when one is fully conscious

  6. Malti Menon

    Thank You all for giving me my AHHA moment.

    No one is trying to deny the past. But to always live in past is to remember the sadness and unhappiness.

    Future has not happened and to always think of future is when you forget to enjoy the beautiful present. And to be in the present is where the balance is. Divine is in the present and that is most blissful to be.

    Thanks for the reaffermations.


  7. rabi ghosh

    There are two aspects of past and two for future. The history and legends of and mythology of past is as important as present introspection over them. But personal past is one which should not bother us.

    I am reminded of one of the beautiful example Mother once remarked to a seeker after the programme. The seeker asked ‘Mother what was I in my past life’? Mother smiled and remarked ‘does it really make a difference if I had told you were a donkey or a king in your past life ? Would it change your present status or your action’? So these two aspects are as important as anything.

    On one hand, we may recall our glorious past referring our great mythology or history or great works, Inventions and discovery. Not to speak of God’s creation from Adam and Eve to our evolutionary history. They are all knowledge of past upon which we build our present.

    Someone rightly said once’ Wisdom is achieved through Experiences and Experiences are invariably derived through our past foolishness.(I am just joking!!! Ha Ha Ha)

    Dinosaurs came and went and the lower animals evolved they are all studies and research of past. We cannot forget them. But we are not to get confused with our dark past and crashing through our emotions which may spoil our present also. It gives the balloon over right ear an inflated status. On the other hand the planning future will certainly create ripples over the balloon over the left ear.

    So the discussion is on wisdom what we must discretely do and to be in thoughtless we have to be in present ….our present. That is another aspect.

    Thank you it is such a nice and sweet discussion. Thank you Ioana for this beautiful composition that we have absorbed so much and leave a scope for each of us to introspect on our own part of consciousness and awareness.

    Mother says all human beings are ‘conscious’ and they are ‘aware’ too but of gross materialistic object that they learn by picking it up from their childhood experience. But, Mother says the realized souls have been blessed by a higher awareness by which they enjoy a greater secret of subtle knowledge and discuss such sweet topics. Thank you.


    1. adrian

      Divine Knowledge.

      And when we act on
      Divine Knowledge…
      Then we are WISE

      1. adrian

        And how do we know…
        When we are being Wise…?

        When we listen…
        And ask…

        I am the pure knowledge
        I am my own Master.
        I am the pure Spirit.
        I am not guilty of anything.
        I forgive and am forgiven.
        I am the pure desire.
        I am creation

        I AM

  8. anjali

    The easiest thing to do is to leave everything to God. But somehow we are tricked by our brain that makes us believe we have to solve our own problems. Innocence is key as Mother says. Once we are innocent we simply don’t think but just Be.
    The picture shows how this family in all their innocence is enjoying being together even in tough times. There is so much love for each other and they are all inseparable through this bond. We as sahaja yogis can also be in this bliss in this challenging modern times if we can simply hold each others hands and enjoy each other as enlightened beings.

  9. Jolanta

    a great reminder from Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, of how to experience peace and joy in our lives

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