Halton’s Sahaj Christmas Seminar 2010 with Burlington, Milton and Oakville Classes in Photos

We had a great time last Wednesday when we’ve celebrated Christmas in a “sahaj” way with All our Free Classes of Sahaja Yoga Meditation that are offered in the Halton region: Burlington, Oakville and Milton. This time we did not “advertise” our event, simply because we wanted to be an intimate-cozy family feeling decorating our get-together, an occasion to know each other better and to enjoy each other’s cool vibrations and warm hearts. Many came from far away and / or right after work but with generous Christmas hearts so we did enjoy  to give-receive beautiful presents (“Wow! What I Really needed/wanted” one can hear all around..) as well a very tasty and diverse Christmas dinner Potluck.  Of course, we did have the Sahaj Seminar as well with a meditation that was initiated  by Sonia from Burlington class (her 1st time to conduct a Bandhan collectively!), then with Chandra from Oakville class, followed by Edda (Oakville again) and we did conclude the meditation with Pervez from Milton (her 1st time to conduct a collective meditation!). The vibrations were wonderful!!

We had our class filled with people and yes, we did have a Sahaj Quiz that was Christmas, Santa and Elves related 🙂 that made  connections at the level of chakras, energy channels and divine principles .. as well we got the chance to enjoy singing or listening to Carols (from the classical ones to some in “foreign languages”  (like Romanian 🙂 ..even a beautiful Celine Dion’s song along with Bhajans and other songs we all loved).

The quality time we’ve spent was really great .. we made sure to spend time with people we did not talk before and make friends from “other groups”, learn new things, share stories, and again, we did sing a lot of Carols.

Then we had 3 Elves: Ahilan (from Oakville), Ken (from Milton class) and Paula (from Burlington) spreading Joy around with Gifts from All to All.

Even more:  we’ve opened up as we all do in our families, to sharing a  special “Sahaj Moment” related to our personal experience with Sahaja Yoga meditation and we’ve heard amazing (miracle?!) stories about how the Kundalini awakening is the greatest gift we can give to those we love and how life (and quick!) transforming this can be (Paula’s story about her friend that just started to practice sahaja yoga meditation under her guidance) .. then how powerful the vibrations can be in the “meditation place” we have at home as well, specially after a collective meditation with other sahaja yogis (here we had Jayanthi from Oakville sharing about the amazing proof she had in regard to the force of Vibrations and their connection and “response” to the subtle power emitted by Shri Mataji’s photograph) ..

The last but not the least, was then the beautiful and loud confession coming from Sonia (Burlington class) who said that “Today I’ve felt first time so clearly the Cool Breeze of Kundalini, I always knew that it will happen at a divine moment, and here it is today at Christmas celebration with all of you!

So it was truly a Beautiful and Collective Evening, so perfect in its Sahaj qualities, vibrating with Love, Laughter and Openness. We are definitely ready to Welcome Christmas, knowing that the subtle qualities of Jesus Christ are awakened and nourished within us .. thanks to our daily practice of sahaja yoga meditation.

Wishing you All a Great Christmas Time!


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  1. Chandra

    Ho! Ho! Ho!…
    What a family we have become!
    One from there, one from here, one from everywhere…..
    Ho! Ho! Ho!…
    What a family we have become!
    One big, one small, one tall, one short,
    Ho! Ho! Ho!…
    What a family we have become!
    one old, one young, one black one white,
    Ho! Ho! Ho!…
    What a family we have become!
    What a family we have become!

    1. adrian

      I love this…

  2. Debbie

    Wow – we had such a great time and enjoyed everyone’s company. The evening was filled with such beautiful vibrations -Lots of love always.

  3. Tracy

    What a beautiful evening. We wish we could have been with you in person but enjoyed with you in spirit. We may be miles away to your “south” in the US but we are your family in this wonderful feeling of joy and unity.

    Best wishes for a New Year of an enlightened journey into the deep silence, peace, joy and well-being of the spirit within.

  4. armaity

    Yes Ioana, it may not be possible for me to be physically present at all the events, but I feel a part of the family too. Such vibrations, such love, love joy !!

  5. ann

    It was so lovely to see everyone and feel the joy and peace of our family.

    Wishing my dear brothers and sisters much inner growth and love in the New Year

    Love Ann

  6. paula

    I felt no separation, only love and good vibrations from Milton, Mississauga, North York, Oakville and Beyond! Miltonites made heartfelt precious Christmas Carol books for all of us to sing collectively, it was great. Even the gentleman who was in charge of the Brant Hills Community Center let us stay half an hour longer, lined up for our pot luck and was so curious and respectful and joyful! We were left wanting more…collectivity! It was a pleasure to get together, and get to know each other. Even the “newbies” were enjoying the vibes with full heart and participating at every step. I hope to see your smiling faces again soon. Thank you all for a wonderful evening that still permeates with good memories. And the pot luck was just absolutely delicious!

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