Mother’s Day Celebration in Halton: with Meditation, Sharing & Live Music on May 11 (Enjoy Photos & Quotes)

“The first thing and the foremost thing you have to give me is congenial, beautiful, loving group that they love each other!” says Shri Mataji (spiritual holy mother and teacher for sahaja yogis)

That Burlington Class, on May 11, 2011, dedicated to Mother’s Day, was totally special. We had gathered together exactly as ‘that group’ that as in the quote above. We would have made proud any mother in the world! We came from all 4 free sahaja yoga meditation classes in Halton: Burlington, Burlock, Oakville and Milton-Mississauga and we enjoyed a collective meditation, a short powerful workshop, a video-talk and then we all have shared, one by one our experiences with this meditation, our progress, our personal relationship with the Mother Principle /energy as well we have opened our hearts to each other. The vibrations were amazing!

It was all about love, respect and a pure adoration for each other, for the beautiful manifestation of this divine energy that we can see, feel and receive from ‘the other’, our ‘sahaj relatives’ that we meet and grow with at our Halton classes. The word ‘Love’ was omnipresent at this get-together! We were engulfed in this pure, genuine, powerful, generous and selfless love! It was really touching to hear ‘declarations of love’ from one to another, how few newer ones can see Motherly qualities in the  ‘older’ sahaja yogis Sonia that was mentioning (mama) Carmella 🙂 .. just 1 example of so many others!

We had a few new friends, that came for the 1st time in our meditation group, and they declared that the Love in this group is palpable and the positive energy in the room is extraordinary. Then we have enjoyed beautiful bhajans and table music with Saathya and Ahilan (wife and husband, both coming to our Halton classes) – so our hearts and chakras were wide open, our mind was peaceful and in bliss. Such an amazing evening!

We have posted few more photos below, including a quote from the founder of sahaja yoga meditation, herself a mother, grand mother, great great mother and a guru-mother for millions around the Globe. All, unifying the Globe as One Heart. Please, enjoy the powerful quote below and the photos, and further share your experiences that evening.. or your impressions.

Shri Mataji: “Then, with Sahaja Yogis, among your selves, how you behave is extremely important for others to see. We must cherish each other’s company, we must cherish – to meet some Sahaja Yogis, ah, what a joy it is to see someone or to talk to someone on phone.”
“But because we are so insular, so selfish, so greedy, and sometimes very much engulfed into our past, that we cannot do that, we do not feel that joy, we cannot adore another Sahaja Yogi, we do not enjoy another Sahaja Yogi,  we cannot cherish his company. That means this finger cannot feel this finger, it’s like developing a disease what you call leprosy, the nerves are finished, nerve endings are not there, you cannot feel the joy of other Sahaja yogis and this is only possible if you get over your personal interests.”

“You have to cherish others, give presents to others – …..-  you must cherish their company, it’s such a great thing to have somebody who understands you, your spirit and they have the spirit, such a great thing !”

“How can you be unkind to each other, that hurts me the most of all – and the first thing and the foremost thing you have to give me is congenial, beautiful, loving group that they love each other. If that is achieved that you love each other beyond your personal considerations – try to do more than others – I know sometime people will try to take advantage of you, but they will go out of Sahaja Yoga – so be sure that you become generous about it, very generous and generosity should start with your own Sahaja Yogi brothers and sisters.”  (Extract from: “Sahaja Culture & Ego” lecture offered by Shri Mataji on October 26, 1985, New Jersey, USA)


Photograph from the Halton Art-Seminar of sahaja yoga meditation that happened in the previous week -Exploring our creativity and subtle energy in the interaction with rocks, shells and colors - a Sahaj Art workshop where we all enjoyed our togetherness as brothers ans sisters in sahaj (an article will come out shortly :-))


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  1. Liz

    What an awesome poster!!

  2. paula

    The evening was rich in music, experiences were shared, beautiful evening! When you grow in Sahaha Yoga, your heart expands to a whole new level, because there are so many great seekers opening up, growing up,evolving up!

    The (sahaja)spontaneous meditation journey
    has palpable, sensory,life changing results! You naturally want to share smiles, hugs,experiences and are witnessing a revolution of evolutionary growth in each of us. I love to visit different locations and feel the vibes which are always positive. There is always a sea of warm, smiling, genuine people that are united in seeking truth.

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