Nuclear Disasters in Prayers & Hopeful Stories of Healing from Ukraine and Japan

Fukushima Japan – Prayers and Story shared by Sahaja Yogis

“The Fukushima nuclear plant situation is still a big issue not only for Japan but for the whole world. Let this be a good chance to have a new life style and new awareness. We humbly ask all the yogis  to share our prayer, bandhan or shoebeat at 19:30 Japan time. Or putting (click to learn the know-how from BBC Video ) bandhan at the end of every meditation. Thank you from our hearts. We have a special page on our Facebook  “Join Prayer from Japan” for all yogis and non-yogis. Sincerely, Sawako from Japan”

Join prayer from Japan:

Act, Pray and Meditate with us for Japan and the Globe!

We, a volunteer group of Japanese welcome you to join our prayer and meditation for the collective seeking of alternative way of life and value system.

1) Put your right hand on your head, palm downwards. Left hand on your lap, palm upward.

2) And try to lift your hand gradually upward and feel the gentle, soothing, cool breeze coming on your palm.

3) Put back your right hand on your lap and stay still in silence.

4) If you can, please join our prayer and meditation everyday from19:30 JST for 5 minutes.

5) Get back to us to tell us what you have felt and share your feelings.

In Tohoku, Japan, so many lives are taken. The image of gigantic tsunami and the following destruction was utterly frightening…And now, we are concerning the possibility of worst Nuclear catastrophe. It looks really too much. You can imagine the fear and stress of Japanese people who is still showing their partial strength. Having gone through all this, we are more and more realizing that it is  not only our problem but it should be shared by everyone on earth. Don’t need to think it is only the problem of Japan, as it can happen to you anytime. We feel that the nuclear problem is symbolically suggesting all of us to re-consider our modern way of life based on the mass production. We are living in such a society that we cannot keep on going without relying on the destructive monster like nuclear reactors. As one of the “advanced” countries, we believe, we have special responsibility to pave the way to the constructive, sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

But our goal is not to stop the nuclear power plant or to develop the natural ways of producing the electricity. If you want to do it and if you think you can, please do so. But we would like you to join our “spiritual” way. We would like to go down to the “core heart” of the problem. Where is our problem? Nuclear reactors or radiation? We don’t know that. And if you know, please tell us. But we only feel that it is high time to unite all our heart and good will regardless our creed, race, nationalities or religion. It is a matter of survival as a human race and we are quite on the edge. Our experience can tell that. Even our physical being is endangered, we can still bear the hope if our heart is intact each other and can reach our innate wisdom as a mankind if we go deeper inside ourselves. And to do so, we feel the above method is the purest and easiest way.

– check the Facebook page: “Join Prayer from Japan” for all yogis and non-yogis. Sincerely, Sawako

– recently 2 TV channels have broadcasted sahaja yoga meditation in Nagasaki city, Kyushu island , south of Japan.

(VIDEO!) Jago Kundalini Ma – Piano version by Hitoshi & Japanese Sahaja meditation group

** Jago Kundalini Ma, means “Arise Mother Kundalini” and this is a prayer-song addressed to the subtle energy within, Kundalini that with motherly care and intelligence is clearing all our system and is guiding our spiritual evolution as well.

Remember Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine?! True Story: Effects of Radiation cured with  Sahaja Yoga Meditation Cleansing Techniques

“From: Vadim Tishin Date: 2011/3/24  Subject:  If there is love and devotion, negativity is powerless

Dear family, I’ve got a friend. His name is Victor and we have always called him uncle Vitya as he came to Sahaja Yoga at the age of 45-50. He worked in Chernobyl, Ukraine, at the concrete casting of the nuclear reactor: after the explosion he was pouring concrete the containment. Among those who worked with him then, there was nobody alive then as they had got large doses of radiation. And Victor had the disease which the doctors could not diagnose – he was, literally, a disabled person. After getting self-realization he got up at 4 am every day and cleaned his subtle body changing 5-7 basins when doing (click!) footsoaking. He read 1000 names of Shri Mataji. In several months there appeared improvement in his state and in 2 years he completely recovered. He always had a beautiful quality – he loved people. When he was going by bus, he always asked Mother (Shri Mataji – his guru teacher) to give self-realization to all the people in the bus. I have always tried to develop this quality watching him. Victor came to Togliatti, Russia, 2 years ago. He was a man of 70 at that time. And he made washstands for 400 people in the camp where International Sahaja Yoga Festivals are held now.

I asked him, “Isn’t it difficult for you?” And he answered, “BUT I’M ENJOYING!” If there is love and devotion, negativity is powerless. All our love and support to Sahaja Yogis of Japan and Libya. ” Vadim Tishin (Russia)


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  1. adrian

    “Only love is real…
    That is what it means to Believe”

  2. Rabi Ghosh

    Only faith and Love can heal wounds of humanity. That is what is Truth. That is God. God is Love. God created us in His reflection…to witness His power of Love manifest in Us that could please Him for His Enjoyment.

    Beautiful narration and beautiful are the prayers. I am sure, God also can’t afford to stay back in heaven for long but to descend for Her children on Earth to attend to their profound collective calls from within their hearts. She is indeed watching all of us from everywhere,every direction and shall soon the humanity will witness the flooding of Her compassion on Her children -Her own creations.That day isn’t far off what is required is our belief and patience. God Does Her work in Her own way.

    Undoubtedly, God also seeks us as we seek God.’Prayers’ are indeed very powerful things on earth if spelt out with sincerity from within heart, while ‘Surrender’ makes it more powerful. Our Mother will certainly listen to our prayers.It won’t be a miracle that is on its way…but a Mother’s compassion for Her children.

  3. armaity

    Very beautifully put Rabi. Amen to that !!

  4. Debbie

    Very beautifully put – “if there is love and devotion, negativity is powerless”. There is only so much Mother Earth can tolerate and we have to start doing our part to show her respect.

    Lots of love always.

  5. Hitoshi

    Dear frinds,

    In Japanese language, we use the word “??” for “crisis” in English. The word is consist of 2 letters, “?” and “?” as you can see. The former means “danger” or “crisis” and the latter “circumstance” or “opportunity” in Japanese now.

    Therefore, the word “??” can be read as the time of opportunity as well as crisis. Somehow we all know that the crisis can be an opportunity if we could meditate genuinely on it.

    Despite all the calamities, we are witnessing some signs here and there, feeling the collective support and oneness of the heart with you all.

    What a blessing to feel this way! My heart is full of thankfulness and praise to this great power of nature which have enabled us to be in this state.

    Nirmal love from Tokyo.

    1. Ioana

      Dear Hitoshi, today I revisited an older article dedicated to Eco Haiku – and I felt to share it to you, as a token of pure sisterly love and attention to all sahaja yogis and to all people of Japan:

  6. Elsie

    I visited Japan several times when my daughter lived in Tokyo and Kyoto. I loved the country and the people. Her 2nd baby is buried there and we will always have a connection. My roots lie in the Ukraine and there will always be a connection there.
    My body felt vibrations when I listened to the music of the prayer-song. I felt the cool breeze. “Kundalini with motherly care and intelligence is clearing all our system and guiding our spiritual evolution as well” – touched me deeply. I will pray and meditate for Japan and the Globe.

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