First Bouquet of Photos and Impressions: One Day Yoga Meditation Retreat “Going Deeper Seminar” at Peter’s and Crawford Lake


-Kyla (Burlington class)

My impression….

For me, it felt like kind of like a family Christmas get together, only a bunch of us did not know each other. 

Everyone was so welcoming and I just felt grateful and peaceful to be part of the experience and to get a bigger ‘dose’ of Sahaja yoga than I normally can.  I was able to “go deeper” with my sahaja knowledge and understand a little bit more of how the sahaja yogis spend their time together.  

I loved the chanting and I look forward to a little more hands-on experience with the workshops.  I hope I can attend more workshops.  I’m excited for more I have to learn and experience.  I got a lot of sneak-peak exposure to so many different techniques (i.e. candle treatment, throat chakra clearing and nourishing with help of mantras and vibrations, etc).

I was also so happy to be brought back to Crawford Lake, the historical learning was so meaningful and it is important that we are working to better honour the indigenous people.  

Thanks again, it was great. -Kyla

 -Azam (Oakville class) 

 I enjoyed feeling the vibrations more than any other time. 


My sister enjoyed a lot yesterday. She also loved your Mom and your daughter a lot.

She wants to come more for meditation. 

My sister said she felt a lot of positive  energy. 

I only have two pictures of my girls. I’ll send them to you.  

Love, Azam

After our indoors & outdoors Seminar at Peter’s in Burlington we hoped in our cars and  off we went to the Crawford Lake – Conservation. We arrived just in time for the last thorough presentation in the Long House (Indigenous Village) at Crawford Lake.


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  1. Mariana

    thank you enjoying your joy and vibrations!

  2. Colleen

    Amazing articles and pictures, wish I could have been there. Looks like lots of fun.

  3. Beverley

    It was wonderful to fellowship with each other, meeting new people, breaking bread, sharing testimonies of our personal experiences and explored the physical and psycho-social benefits of meditation and reconnecting with mother nature.

  4. Brenda in BC

    Thank you for sharing your journey to Crawford lake.
    I can feel the vibrations from this story as loving light.
    Miss you all very much and sending hugs.

  5. carol weinberg

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful Picture of Nature and all those happy smiles.
    I felt the vibration, Energies from the trees
    it made me feel Joyful peaceful and pure Love.
    I am sorry that I could not be there, but I know
    that I be there the next time.
    Lots Love

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