Mother’s Day for Sahaja Yogis – Meditation, Bhakti Music and Spiritual Awareness

Awakening Talk about Mother Earth’s Intelligence and Shaktis with Marie-Joelle’s Song

Mother We Belong To You – Bhajan for Morning Meditation

Mother You belong to me, You lift me up and Set me Free

Mother – You create such a Revolution (essential talk)

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Rose received on Mother’s Day

(click) GrandMothers’ Inspirational & Goddess Lakshmi

(click) Mother is Everything says Kahlil Gibran and..

(click)  Cool Kids are the best gift for Mother’s Day

(click!) Mother’s Day with Meditation & Sharing

(click!) Motherhood & Meditation & Crown Chakra 

(click) Echoes of Mother’s Day — Meditate & Enjoy

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  1. Kathleen

    What makes it really special in Sahaja Yoga is the Bhakti. Shri Mataji is not only the guru of Sahaja yoga where we learn about the subtle system, gave our self-realization but most importantly she is our spiritual mother. Jai Shri Mataji!

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