Meditate with Stories on Motherhood and Crown Chakra

Meditate with Stories on Motherhood and Crown Chakra provided by Shri Mataji

This article represents a compilation of Shri Mataji’s quotes revealing the various connections that exists between the ‘principle of Mother’ and other aspects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, such as Kundalini, Self-realization and of course, the Crown Chakra.

We hope that you will become fascinated with the ‘sahaj world’ that we are sharing and you’ll enjoy exploring it further!

This article represents an opportunity for a meditative lecture with “stories on Motherhood and Crown chakra”, so you can learn many new things as well experience a state of meditation. Let’s try it!

Sahasrara Chakra is like a sucking Child from the Universal Mother

“There, is no place for ego and superego at all. The complete Sahasrara (the crown chakra-energy centre) is opened out, and nothing but the complete rapport is established with the divine. And there is a pouring of light all the time in the head and the light going back, that you have seen in my photograph.  As if the Sahasrara becomes like a sucking Child from the Universal Mother, sucking the joy inside, and it is again reflecting back.”

(Shri Mataji is talking about the “Crown energy centre” known as Sahasrara Chakra)

In the photo above, Shri Mataji is providing nourishing energy as her blessings to the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara chakra) of the little baby. Let’s continue following Shri Mataji’s explanations:

“It would be like the waves reach the shores and then they are again repleted, they go back and then they form a pattern. Now the joy out of that pattern, how can you describe it?! The only thing about Nirananda (‘only joy’ or ‘nothing but bliss’ – in Sanskrit) is, that you have Mahamaya (‘the great illusion ‘ in Sanskrit) so close and so far away, that’s the specialty. Completely thoughtless, silence there, complete silence, you don’t think. It’s just silence you cannot put into words any more, because the words break with the force of the Ananda (Bliss in Sanskrit). They cannot hold it. All right? Now explain, how you are feeling, you better explain now.    Any other question, beautiful question?! So far, you see, at human level, one feels only the pains or pressures on the nerves, but never the Ananda but after realization only, your nerves start feeling the joy. Alright?”

Knowledge of the Books versus Pure Divine Knowledge – Understanding the Fundamentals of The Path of Ascent through Sahasrara Chakra

Today, it’s a great day because Sahasrara day and Mother’s day have come together. It’s a very Sahaj happening, I think, and that is what we have to understand, how Sahasrara and the Motherhood go together. Sahasrara was definitely opened and Mother (Shri Mataji – means ‘respected Mother’) had to do it (in 1970 Shri Mataji meditated on the universal Sahasrara chakra and opened it to be accessed by masses of people), because formerly those people who came on this earth tried to teach people about Dharma (the righteous conduct and moral responsibilities) and to bring them to the central path, to the straightforward Path of Ascent. They tried everything, whatever way they thought was good for a particular community, a particular area, a particular country. They talked about it and lots of books came out of it, but instead of all these books creating people of religious, spiritual and a united nature, (they) created people who were all against each other. Absurd, it’s an absurd thing, but it happened. So all these books that were written, all this knowledge that was given was all misused by human beings, just to get their own power, I should say. So, it was all a power-oriented, also money-oriented game going on. When we see the outcome of all these religions, we feel it’s all empty. They talk of love, they talk of compassion, but it all is for a purpose. It is all a political game sometimes, because they still feel that they should have power, not the spiritual power, but the worldly power, so that they can dominate the whole world. So, this domination started working so much in the human mind that we had lots of wars, killings, all kinds of things. And when it subsided, I felt that now maybe, opening Sahasrara might help people to see the Truth.”

Sahasrara Chakra is The Level Where The Truth is Known

At the level of Sahasrara, you know the Truth. So all kinds of illusions, all kinds of misunderstandings, all kinds of self-imposed ignorance, they all have to disappear, because what you know is the Truth. The Truth is not sharp, it’s not harsh, it is not something which is difficult to assimilate. People thought Truth must be something that would be just very damaging or could be very harsh, could create problems between human beings. It should not have, it should not have, it was not meant to be, but whenever they talked of Truth, the people used it for a wrong purpose. It’s something special about human beings that they start using things for a wrong attitude, for a wrong message and try to use it for their own purpose. It’s such a common thing with human beings that they want to have power over other men. I have seen in my own country when people wanted to have separate nations. Those people who wanted to have separate nations actually did it not to achieve anything great, but just because they can become those people who wanted, few of them, they’ll become something great in their own country. So they never wanted to be in a country where they may not rise to that height. So then they separated those countries and by separating, I have seen, all these countries are suffering, suffering very much; there is no growth, they have financial problems all kinds of problems are there and also the main country is suffering because they have now developed enmity and all this is working out against the main country.”

Separatism and What is the Sahaj Message?! How to Measure the Subtle Maturity?!

“So, to have a separatist idea itself is against Sahaj. Say for example a flower growing on the tree looks very nice; it develops there, matures there and it produces seeds also. But supposing you cut the flower and take it away, then what happens? The tree loses the flower, no doubt, but mostly it is the loss of the flower. Now, this they did it all of them and when they did it, you see, what’s the result? People who tried to have their own country, their own domain, they were killed, murdered, abused and some of them are in jail. So the attitude even outside Sahaja Yoga has shown that it doesn’t help. So we must learn to be one. If after Sahaja Yoga, after your realization, if you do not understand this message: that we all have to be One, one single unit, one single body, if we cannot be, if you are identified with other things, then it’s no way you have grown, you have not matured!”

The Unison of the 7 Thrones for the 7 Chakras: Integrated and Placed in The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

“Very important point on Sahasrara day one has to understand that all the seven chakras have their pittas (‘thrones’) in the Sahasrara; all the seven chakras. They are nicely settled down in the midriff of your brain and they act, through that area wherever they are, on the chakras and work it out. Now, all these seven chakras become one, I should say, or go into unison, complete integration takes place in these centres, because these are governed by these seven main chakras, we can call them, we can call them by any name and they govern all the others chakras. And because they are in unison, completely integrated, that’s why all your chakras are integrated. It’s the pittas which are enlightened, I should say, by Kundalini, also blessed by the Divine Power, immediately become Integrated, like Pearls in One String.”

“It’s even more than that. It’s more than that. All these pittas [thrones for all chakras and placed in Sahasrara chakra] within you get integrated in such a manner as if there is no difference in their manifestation. Supposing you have a chakra which is not alright, something wrong, physically, mentally, emotionally, whatever it is, the others chakras try to help this sick chakra and try to evolve a personality of a Sahaja Yogi in a way that he is integrated. Now, integration within yourself is very important. Unless and until you are integrated within yourself, you cannot be integrated outside and the within yourself integration is such a blessing of Sahaja Yoga that a person who gets this Realisation  (= the awakening of Kundalini energy) becomes a personality above the normal personality. It is not attached to all the negative forces, the destructive forces; it just gives up so many things which normally is very difficult to give up. All these seven chakras that we have within ourselves are then guided by these pittas in a unison; just the help that comes from this unison helps all the chakras to get completely integrated. As it is, we are not integrated because our mind goes on one side, our body goes on an other side, our heart goes on another side, our emotions are different. We do not know which is the right thing to do, what is the best thing to do, but after realization, in the light of the Spirit, you get the Truth and you know what is to be done. For example after self-realization, you can ‘judge’ people on their vibrations, you don’t have to use your brains for that, just on your vibrations, immediately you know what’s wrong with yourself and with others. So, here it is a double correction. One is you see your own being, your own Self, your self-knowledge comes to you and secondly you can also make out another person, what sort of a thing he is doing. If somebody is not Sahaj and claims to be Sahaj, you can easily make out that he is not Sahaj, his behaviour is not Sahaj. So, best thing is, for all of us, is to get this integration absolutely working out within ourselves. We should not shun it, but we should accept that whatever defects we had, whatever wrong we have been doing, what wrong thinking we had, whatever destructive we have taken to, all this has to disappear because you are Sahaja Yogis.”

Sahasrara: Global Field for a Global Personality that has a “Sahaj Job”What is That?!

“Sahaja Yogis have a special job to be done; they are not like other people who are just working for money, working for power, working for domination, you are not. You are working in Sahaja Yoga for the emancipation of humanity.

So, whole thing is that, this Sahasrara is a global field where we enter in. We enter into a global field and when we are there, we just become ourselves a global personality. So all these minor things like your race, your country, your religion and all these which are artificial barriers between human beings just drops out and you become a realized soul and you know what is humanity, you understand the humanity. This has to happen in all the Sahaja Yogis when they are together, they should understand that we are not, no more ordinary human beings. We are special people, chosen for a very special work which is the most important thing to be. Now, as you know what is going on, in Kali Yuga, I need not describe all that to you. But what is the light of the Spirit, which is going to show you what you can do to remove the ills of Kali Yuga (the darkest era)? Starting right from yourself, you just see for yourself with great amusement what you have been doing was all stupid. You should not have done that, but you have been doing, so it’s alright, you can forgive others who are doing it, and you’ll understand that those who have been doing it have been doing all this out of ignorance.”

Sahasrara Chakra is Open:  NOW WHAT?!

“But now you have your Sahasrara[ the crown chakra] opened. In the open Sahasrara, you are getting,… Divine is pouring its Grace all the time. With that perception, with that, we should say… the nourishing of your Sahasrara, what happens is something really great, one thing happens is that you get detached from yourself, you can see yourself, you can see your past, you can understand yourself, that you have been doing so many wrong things and misunderstanding people. This sometimes takes you too far away from yourself, but once this light comes and the Sahasrara is nourished, in that light you see clearly what wrong you have been doing to yourself.“Then, as a person, you can see your faults, but also you see the faults of your society where you live. I have seen immediately after people they get their realization they start telling me: ‘Mother, I was a Christian, but, see, this is Christianity.’ Somebody will say: ‘Mother, I was very patriotic, but I see now what patriotism is.’ Like everybody starts seeing his own background, his own style in which he has lived and just gets out of it and once you are out of it, it’s no more identified with you and it’s such a spontaneous happening. Only thing you have to learn to be spontaneous and that’s what I find in Sahaj people still, though they are out of this illusion, this ocean of illusion, still, sometimes their one leg is still there in the ocean, still they are pulling it out and pushing it back. That should not be. That is only because people don’t meditate. “

What Wants Sahasrara Chakra to Be?! What is Meditation?! Discover Connections between Sahasrara Chakra, Meditation and Beauty!

“Now to say: ‘You must meditate’, people think it is a kind of a ritual or maybe a kind of style in Sahaja Yoga. No! Meditation is for you to go deep down into yourself, to achieve all that your Sahasrara wants to be, to achieve that height of detachment, of understanding; it’s only through meditation. So, what happens in meditation is that your awareness crosses over Agnya, goes above and is now stationed in the Sahasrara in thoughtless awareness. Then the reality of Sahasrara, the beauty of Sahasrara starts pouring in your own character, in your own temperament. Unless and until you meditate… Not meditate just to get well or just to feel I must meditate; the meditation is very important for all of you, that you develop your Sahasrara in such a manner that you imbibe the beauty of your Sahasrara. If you don’t use your Sahasrara in this way, after some time you will find that Sahasrara will close down, you will have no vibrations and you’ll have no understanding of yourself. So, very very important thing is to meditate. I can immediately make out a person who has been meditating and the one who has been not meditating; because a person who does not meditate he still thinks that: ‘Oh, it’s alright, I am doing this, I am doing that.’

“Meditation is the only way you can enrich yourself with the Beauty of Reality. There’s no other way, I cannot find any other way but Meditation by which you Rise into the Realm of Divinity.”

“For example I would say that myself whatever I have done is this: that I have been able to find out a method how to give you Self-Realization (=awaken the Kundalini subtle energy) to masses. But it doesn’t mean that if I give to masses, they are all Sahaja Yogis, no. You must have seen, whenever you have your programs, people get realization when I am there and they come to programs for a while and then they drop off. The reason is they have not meditated. If they had meditated, they would have known what is their quality, what are they. Without meditation you don’t understand what is best for you.”

Today’s Meditation Promise to Mother

“So, today is a day when you have to promise me that you’ll meditate every night, every evening, maybe in the morning also; whenever it is possible, if you can go into meditative mood, you are in contact with this Divine Power. Then whatever is good for you, whatever good for your society, for your country, all is done by this Divine Power. You don’t have to overpower the Divine Power. You don’t have to order, you don’t have to ask; just if you meditate, you are one with this all-pervading power which is another great blessing to us.”

Importance of Sahasrara Opening and Detachment for Feeling the Others

“Unless and until your Sahasrara is opened, all the blessings of the Divine Power cannot come to you, it cannot. Maybe you might get some money, you might get some jobs, you might get this and that, but your own development is only possible when you meditate and your Sahasrara is completely opened and opened to Truth. Now, the Truth is that this Divine Power is Compassion, is Love; this is the Truth. They say God is Love, God is Truth; so the equation has to be made that Truth is Love and Love is Truth. But it’s not a truth that as you have for your children, you have for your family; attached love is not Truth. If you are attached to somebody, then you never see the bad points of that person; if you are angry with somebody, then you can never see the good points of that person. But it’s a complete detached love, and that love is extremely powerful, because whenever you project that love to anyone, you’ll be surprised, the problems of that person will be solved, his personality will improve, everything will work out in a very big way and his life will be changed. But if you are attached to anything whatsoever, that attachment itself causes problems and doesn’t allow Sahaj to grow. This attachment could be any kind. For example, you can be attached to your country, attached to your society, attached to your family, it can be of any kind, but when Sahasrara is opened, you learn one thing is detachment. It just happens that you get detached, though, I mean, you are not running away. As it is, in Sahaja Yoga, we don’t believe in people who run away from society and go to Himalayas, that I call as escapism. That is not the point. What happens is that you are there, you see everyone, you watch everyone, you know everyone, you are close to everyone, but you are a detached person. It’s a state of mind that you achieve when Sahasrara is opened. In that state, you are dealing with people, you are dealing with problems, you are dealing with situations, but you are not involved in it. There is no involvement and that involvement which you had before can never give you complete insight what is happening, what is the Truth is about any situation. So, this detachment helps; the greatest thing of the detachment is that you are not affected. No use saying that: ‘Oh, You are not affected, Mother, so how can You feel for another person? How can You have compassion for another person?’ Because if you feel for another person, then only you can solve the problem, but this feeling that you have is again a kind of an attachment. It is not a real feeling, because it doesn’t help. The person is crying, you are also crying, the person is troubled, you are also in trouble and this doesn’t help the person, nor will it help you. So to have detachment in no way means you do not feel another person. You do feel. You feel the agony of that person, the trouble of that person, of the whole society sometimes and of the whole country. But your feeling is so detached that the all-pervading power takes over. “

Faith and the All Pervading Power’s KNOW-HOW!

“First we must have full faith in the capability of this all-pervading Power. As soon as you are detached, you say: ‘You (to the divine power) do it.’ Finished!  Once you say that: ‘You are going to do it, it’s You who is going to do it!’, whole thing changes completely, because you transfer all your responsibilities, all your problems to this Divine Power, which is so powerful, which is so capable, which can work out anything. So, whenever you think that this problem, you are going to solve, you are the one who is going to do it, then ‘Alright’, the Divine Power says: ‘Alright, try your luck!’ But if you can really put this problem to the Divine Power, it will work out. We have all kinds of problems in Sahaja Yoga, especially when we find that people are not so much attracted to Sahaja Yoga, they are few in number, then you feel very bad about it. But have you tried to meditate on this point? And have you tried to put this problem to the Divine?! Why should we worry when we have Divine Power available through our Sahasrara? Why should we worry, why should we think about it? Just leave it to the Divine Power. If that is possible, if that you can achieve, you see, which is very difficult for human beings because they live with their ego, they live with their conditionings. But if that attachment to all these things goes away, then what you do is just leave things to this Power. Krishna (one of the divine incarnations of the Lord in Hinduism and the subtle governor of the Throat Chakra) has said in his Gîta:[citation in Sanskrit from that holy book] ‘Forget about all your Dharmas.’ Dharma means in his meaning that we have a Dharma (the moral responsibility) of a wife, of a husband, of a member of the society, all of them have their Dharma, but He says: ‘Leave them and leave them to Me and I’ll manage.’ This is what we have to learn, is to say that it’s this Divine Power which will solve our problems. As a human being, it is a very difficult state and this state only can be achieved through meditation.”

Meditate – For How Long?!

“But I am not saying that you go on meditating for hours altogether :-), not necessarily, but with full faith in yourself and in the Divine Power. If you work it out, I’m sure, it’s not difficult to rise to that state of consciousness. That is what we have to achieve. It’s possible for men as well as for women.”

How to Transfer the Power at Sahasrara Level?!  Like Driving a Car!

“They don’t have to think: ‘How can we, Mother, do it after all?’ .. but those who are surrendered, and those who think they can do it can manage all this transfer of their power to the Divine Power. Just put it on the Divine Power. Now, supposing I have a car which can drive me down. So, if I have a car, then I don’t put bullocks on it, I don’t push my car, I just sit inside and use it. In the same way, if you have this great power around you, if your Sahasrara is absolutely, completely submerged in it, then you’ll be amazed how things work out for yourself.”

Miracle Story with Powerful Fisherman Sahaja Yogi with a Good Sahasrara

“I’ll give you an example of a Sahaja Yogi, who is no more now. He was a fisherman, ordinary fisherman, but also he was educated, so he was working in a bank. This one was going one day to do some Sahaja Yoga work and he had to go by boat. So, when he came out, he saw the whole place was clouded and it was about to burst off into a big havoc. So, he got very much cut up about it that: ‘What is this?’ Immediately, his Sahasrara was so opened and good, immediately he said: ‘Now, I leave it to this Divine Power to stop all these things happening. I don’t want it to rain and to have any problem till I come back home and go off to sleep.’And it was surprising, people told me that: ‘Mother, the clouds and everything were there all throughout, but it did not rain, it did not do anything and there was no chaos of any kind.’ He went to another island where he had to go, he did Sahaja Yoga program and came back and then when he went to sleep, then only everything started pouring down. So, nature, everything, every leaf, every flower, everything is worked out through the Divine Power. So, we should not have our ego that we can do something ourselves, we can manage ourselves. Once you have that kind of a thing, you are not yet much developed, you are not that much grown up in Sahaja Yoga. But to grow in Sahaja Yoga, it should not be difficult for you, because you have guidelines.”

Sufis and Saints: Looking after their Sahasraras!

“Those people who got their Realization, very few of them like Sufis and we had some saints in India, all of them, how much they must have struggled! Nobody to guide them, nobody to help them, nobody to tell them about what they can achieve and despite that, they were very satisfied people, very happy people and they worked it out so well. They saw the whole world with another angle as you can also see. But they were not upset and they had such self-confidence, they had such knowledge of their own that they achieved through their meditative process and the way they have written books, some of them are so great. It’s very surprisingly how they have achieved these great verses, such full of knowledge. One cannot understand that they had no guidance, nobody was to tell them. But one thing with them was that they always tried to look after their Sahasrara.”

What is Obstructing Sahasrara?! What is The Only Thing that Stops our Entry into Sahaja Yoga?! Answers & Solutions

“Now one thing is there, obstructing Sahasrara is the movement of your Agnya into Thoughts. That’s the only thing, that’s the only thing that stops your entry into Sahaja Yoga. Thoughts are coming all the time, because a human being is born who reacts to everything, react to this and react to that, and thoughts coming and thoughts go. There is a big crowd of thoughts. Because of that, your attention cannot cross over Agnya and can’t reside in the Sahasrara. So first of all one should see what sort of thoughts are coming. You have to condemn yourself sometimes. You have to say: ‘What nonsense! What have I been doing? What is the matter with me? How could I do all that?’ Once you start doing that, these thoughts will start disappearing. “

Where are the Thoughts Coming From?! Help from Bija Mantra

“These thoughts are coming from two angles, one from the ego and another from your conditionings and these are so much built up within you that they don’t allow your Agnya to be crossed. That’s why we have two Bija mantras of ‘ham, ksham.’ First one is where it is conditioning, you are endowed with this kind of a fear: ‘I shouldn’t do like this, I shouldn’t do like that, it is not allowed, that is not allowed.’ That is the conditioning part of it. Conditioning can be of many types, but the ego part of is that: ‘I must overpower everybody, I must get this, I must be able to rule everyone.’ These two things are there in the mind which are all the time crossing. So, it is important that we should go into Thoughtless Awareness.”

What is the Real Way to Nourish Sahasrara?! WHO is Nourishing Sahasrara?! Introvert and Extrovert with More Subtle Explanations about Meditation & Kundalini

“That Thoughtless Awareness is the Real Way that your Sahasrara can be nourished by the Kundalini, because Kundalini cannot go through, cannot pass through and for that, as I said, there are two Bija mantras, as one is Ham and another Ksham. So, if you are conditioned, you are frightened, you are afraid and you have ideas about yourself… These days the way the people are describing: ‘Yes, I am an extrovert’, somebody will say: ‘I am an introvert”, somebody will say: “I am a hippie, I am that, I am that.’ All kinds of things they can have attributed to themselves. But these ideas are all coming from outside; they are not from inside. To get to the inner side of yourself, the subtler side of your being, you must allow the Kundalini to go through the Agnya and to cross the Agnya is a very important thing in modern times and for that you have to meditate. If you can meditate with complete faith in yourself, this Agnya can be opened out with surrendering to the Divine. “

Help from 7 Chakras with Real Knowledge on What is Sahasrara Waiting For?!

“You have to surrender yourself to the Divine and when this Agnya opens, you’ll be amazed, your Sahasrara is just waiting to transfer, to give you all the help that you need through the all-pervading Power. Your connection of Sahasrara with the all-pervading Power is established and by that you’ll be amazed how all these seven chakras work for you. How they help you! How they try to give you whatever is the real knowledge about everything! This real knowledge that you get is very joy giving. You can see this Real Knowledge in everything. You don’t have to start reading any book about it.”

The Hand of the Divine

“In every situation and in every person, in every flower, in every natural happening, you see clearly the hand of the Divine.” Once you see the hand of the Divine, your ego starts disappearing. Once you say that: ‘It’s You, You do everything.’  It’s the Divine Power that does everything: ‘What am I? I was just a drop and I fell into this Ocean of Awareness, of the Divine Power and that is taking over and working it out.’ That will help you a lot to be a great Sahaja Yogi. You develop curing powers, but still you are not proud of it. You develop of course awakening powers, you are not proud of it; you develop so many creative powers and you are not proud of it. You become really very, very creative. Extremely creative!”

What is Anger?! Warnings for Sahasrara in Complete Freedom with List of Powers for a Global Personality such as a Sahaja Yogi

“But the greatest thing happens to you that you become a Global Personality. So you start seeing the problem of every country, of every other nation, where they have problems. But these problems when you see, you don’t see like other people, because others may like to use it for their own purposes, maybe for media, maybe for something. What you want to see is that these problems are solved. See, your powers are so great with this kind of a mind, I would say, which is dominated completely by the Divine Power that whatever disturbs you, immediately it is taken over and it starts working out. Many, many problems have been solved by Sahaja Yoga, and also they can be solved on a very universal level if you are a global person. If you are a global person, then what happens is that you become a sort of a vehicle or you can become like a channel for this Divine Power to act, because you are purely a global personality; not attached to this, attached to that, but a pure Sahaj personality, which can be used by this Divine Power very easily. For that, as I told in the afternoon also, that we have to be careful about few things that we have. Firstly: Anger. Anger is the worse thing that we have. Angry for what?! There is people who talk like that: ‘I was very angry.’ They are proud of their anger. Anger is the sign of complete stupidity, absolute stupidity. There is no need to get angry with anyone, because by anger you don’t solve the problem. With anger you spoil yourself. With anger you really spoil the situation. So no use, no use having any anger about anything. But if anything happens that angers you, you should settle down and see for yourself why is it wrong, why is it disturbing you. Your seeing itself will help this problem to be solved. You must, first of all, realize that you are a special personality, that your Sahasrara has been opened out to this all Divine Power, as if you have entered into the realm of Divinity. You are a great guest in that great court of divine domain, you are not an ordinary person. And so, once you understand why you have Sahaja Yoga and why you have got realization, is that there is something special, but that should not give you any ego. It’s not for ego that you have to have this. But it is for understanding that you have to play into the hands of the Divine. It is, this play is something I could explain like this, that, if you are, supposing, an artist, then in the hand of an artist is the brush and the brush never thinks that it is doing anything. It is the artist who is doing everything. In the same way, when you are one with the Divine Power, you just feel: ‘I’m not doing anything. It’s the artist who is doing.’ It’s the artist who is doing and who is the artist?! It’s this Divine Power which loves you, which cares for you, which looks after you, which absolutely is identified with you. You’ll be surprised, I have got so many letters from people how Sahaja has helped them, how at the right moment they got the help, at the point of complete destruction how they were saved. So many people have written to me. But I’m not surprised, because if you are one with the Divine, It looks after you. It has all the powers, all the powers. Only one power it doesn’t have: to control you. If you want to ruin yourself, it gives you freedom, complete freedom, if you want to ruin yourself, ruin.. If you don’t want to accept Divine Power, alright, don’t accept. It’s a complete freedom to do what you like with yourself. That is one thing It has given and that’s why you must curb down that freedom and respect the Divine Power.”

Why “Only a Mother Can Work it That Way?!” – Reflection on Mother’s Day & Sahasrara

“Today I like the day when it is the Mother’s, I should say, Mother’s Day also. Because I think only a mother can work it out that way. One has to have a lot of patience with people. What I have seen with all these great incarnations who came, they just disappeared, in a very short time ..they lived, very short time. Somebody was crucified about 33 years of age, somebody took a samadhi (leaving the body and dying deliberately and in meditation) at 23 years of age, because I think they couldn’t bear the way people were stupid. They couldn’t see the point that they could do something for human beings. They lost their confidence, I think, or maybe that they thought it is useless to work for these people. Like that, they took a position that is better to disappear. But Mother’s position is different. She’ll go on struggling and fighting for Her child. She’ll fight it out to the last to see that the child gets all the benefits and this patience and this love and this forgiveness is innately built-in in the Mother, because Her attitude is very different, not any achievement, not any big name or what you call a sort of an award or anything. It is just She does it because She is a Mother and that is what is the sign of any mother: if she is a real mother, at least for her own children, she will go all out, she will work out everything for day in day out and to save the child from disaster. But Sahaja Yoga is a much bigger family and for that you really had to be worked out through the Mother’s principle. You cannot take any other principle. Like there were very great warriors we had and they have done a great job also and they have worked out as warriors. Then we had some who were very sacrificing. All kinds of people they were. They worked very hard to establish Dharma in people, but they could not.”

Advises to Yogi-Mothers

“I thought of one thing, that no use establishing Dharma. They don’t know how to bear it, they can’t digest, so this will be the best way is to just make them aware of their Spirit. Once the light of the Spirit comes, in the light they see everything clearly, then no problem is there. And that’s why this Mother’s quality is very helpful. I mean in every country there has been a manifestation of the Mother’s principle, in every country and it has been depicted and said, but later on, it was taken over by people who didn’t want to talk about Mother; because they couldn’t justify themselves the way they were behaving. So they said best is not to talk about the Mother. Also those who were very much advanced people, very matured, who were really incarnations, did talk about the Mother all the time, but still talk was talk. Now, this has to work out as a mother has to work out. So, in your own way, when you are doing Sahaja Yoga, there also you have to be a mother. More the mother’s quality than the father’s quality, that there is no ambition, there’s no competition, there is no jealousies, nothing. Just you want your children to come up and to grow into their spirituality. If that is the only attitude we have then you’ll be amazed how satisfied you’ll feel, because this is a very, very joy giving thing to see people growing in spirituality, not only talking about it, not only reading about it, but actually happening, actualizing within yourself. So this quality is very helpful and that really helps every Sahaja Yogi to be patient, to be kind, to be humble. But you have to correct also. There is a way of correction of another person, of people who are coming not from the divine world but from the normal world, so it’s a difficult task to correct them. Some people are so hot-tempered they can’t bear it. It doesn’t matter. We have to forgive them, but best is to concentrate on people who are simple, who are loving, who are affectionate and then gradually all these complicated people also will join. Your way of dealing with others has to be motherly. The motherly relationship has to be there. I was surprised that in the Western literature I don’t find any description of a child and a mother’s relationship. It’s very surprising. There’s no, no description at all, how the mother sees the child, how he walks, how he falls down, then how he gets up and how he talks, all kinds of beautiful things are described, but not in the Western countries. I don’t know, they never saw this point I think, that is very important that to describe the attention of the mother how she is loving, how she is kind, how she tolerates so much nonsense and how she keeps it in as a sort of a forgiving thing, not just to use it against the child or to trouble. Sometimes you have to correct, you have to tell, but at the right time, at the right place if they are told, the child also sees the point whatever is there. The first most convincing thing is the affection and the love of the mother. She goes on forgiving and giving that assurance that: ‘I have a mother, nothing can happen to me’ and this assurance works very well. But the same assurance you have to give to other Sahaja Yogis who are getting realization from you. Let them feel that you are not angry with them. I know, they are sometimes violent. I’ve gone through all kinds of people, but only thing that has worked is pure love. Pure love has no attributes of expecting something. Just give love and try to improve that person with full attention. But in divine work, you don’t have to get attached to that person. Supposing there is somebody who is not up to the point, is also troublesome, gets angry with you, annoys you, insults you and all that. So, forget it, they are many others. There is no need to run after one person, to get attached to that person or ..”

What to Ask from a Divine Mother?!

“Now, main thing is that I feel always the Sahaja Yogis feel that I am their own, which is a fact: whether I talk to you, whether I meet you or whatever it is, you have to know that I am your Mother and any problem you have, you can always tell me. But sometimes the way people tell me problems also, I feel how low they are. Their mentality is so low. What are they asking me? Supposing you go to some king and ask him for, say, half a dollar. What will the king say? ‘What is the matter with this person? He doesn’t know what he should ask for!’

“In the same way, one feels that way that when you are asking anything to your [divine energy] Mother, it should be of some value, some great value. It should have the value of complete satisfaction. When you ask for something, it should give you complete satisfaction.”“But I have seen people asking for this thing, for that thing. I mean, to such an extent that I sometimes feel: ‘Oh God, how am I getting all these people around me who are desiring something very low, very mean, insipid!’ But if you are one with the Sahasrara, then Sahasrara itself works; It will bring you in contact with people, in contact with such people that you are amazed how it works. They were not such religious people, but how the .. people have taken to Sahaja Yoga is very surprising. So, you can’t say where the light will show, just can’t say and wherever it shows we should accept, wherever it doesn’t show we should not feel bad about it. What can you do?! You cannot sort of break their heads for Sahasrara (to open this chakra 🙂 ) Their Sahasrara has to be opened out with your motherly love, with your motherly understanding, I am sure you can do it.

Connections between Sahasrara Chakra, Kundalini energy and Meditation

“But first and foremost is your Sahasrara. Only your Sahasrara can reflect the light of the Divine. So, your Sahasrara is extremely important. You must Meditate to enrich your Sahasrara, to cure it, to make it completely nourished by the Kundalini. There’s no need to do many rituals, but meditation and also little bit of taking bandhan (the protection of the subtle centres-chakras that we learn in sahaja yoga practice) , even now today is necessarily, I think, when you go out, because still Kali Yuga (the dark era) is working its own bangs and Satya Yuga (the era of truth) is trying to come out. We are the ones who are going to support, look after the Satya Yuga and that’s why the Sahasrara opening is very, very important. It’s very important and those who want to grow should meditate every day, whatever time you may come home, maybe in the morning, maybe in the evening, any time, but you will know that you are meditating when you can get into thoughtless awareness. Then you will know. Your reaction will be zero. Look at something, you will just look at it. You won’t react, because you are thoughtless. You won’t react. “

Everything is Divine: WHEN?!

“When that reaction is not there, then everything, you will be surprised, is divine, because reaction is your Agnya’s problem. Once you are absolutely thoughtlessly aware, you are one with the Divine. So much so that Divine takes over every activity, every moment of your life and looks after you and you feel completely secured, one with the Divine and enjoy the blessings of the Divine. May God bless you!”

Above is the  Mother’s Day Card received from (and designed by) Navin on behalf of the sahaja yogis from UAE and all the excerpts from this article are coming from a complex talk on the crown chakra (Sahasrara) offered by the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation with the occasion of Mother’s Day on 1998-05-10. In Halton we’ve started the new Sahaj Guru Game series and this article’s intention was to provide useful information  to all the 7 teams (25+ ‘courageous’ members) that participate in this original game that involves introspection, meditation, in-depth knowledge on a certain subject, creativity, discernment, detachment, open heart, communication,etc and of course: guru qualities! This Wednesday at Burlington Class we are officially launching the Sahaj Guru Game 2011 – The First Level. Come, Enjoy and Learn!

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  1. priti

    Thankyou so much for such a wonderful article and photos!

  2. Elke Wirth

    So many beautiful pictures and so many beautiful words – this page is lust loaded with LOVE! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  3. ann

    Thank you Ioana for a lovely and so full of vibrations talks by our dear Mother.

    Love Ann



  5. adrian-arie

    “attached love is not truth”…

    This quote by Shri Mataji resonates for me…

    And reminds me of another lovely quote by Kahlil Gibran.. as follows:

    “But let there be spaces in your togetherness
    and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.
    Love one another
    but make not a bond of love:
    Let it rather be a moving sea
    between the shores of your souls.”


    1. adrian-arie

      There is a beautiful energetic symmetry within and without us…
      One that has been carefully designed and orchestrated to allow the flow of truth to envelop us.

      If we so choose to experience that.

      Yet it is up to us to allow this expansion to unfold through our conscious “free will”.
      Our free will is like the movement of the winds and seas… they move and flow freely.
      So too… are the virtual spaces in which we create our day to day experiences.

      So this truth can be imbibed by allowing ourselves to flow into and out of these spaces formed by the movement of “winds and seas”… metaphorically.

      We cannot allow ourselves to be “immovable”…!

      Rather we can experience through our own creations in order to discover the way to our own Truth.

      I still hear myself as well as others speak of those things which we really do not wish to experience… yet in some way they are necessary as they bring us to the “threshold” of ourselves.

      That THRESHOLD represents the jumping off point for the newness through Unfamiliarity.

      That takes courage… to go with the flow of truth. The TRUTH is constantly moving… so we are at a disadvantage to resist. That occurs when we do not “listen”… listening consciously.

      Last week I had the opportunity to speak with a fellow Yogi about “TRUST”. It was apparent to me that the idea is so misunderstood. Again… trust like all others ideas “FLOWS” on this metaphorical sea/wind… there is a natural course or one that presents resistance. We call that KNOWING… but not of books.

      It is good for me to write what I feel… the more I allow it to flow… the more I understand how I can be in the flow. So in sharing my thoughts: I acquire my greatest understanding.

      So… thank you for listening… and in doing so you are helping me to understand MY SELF, so I can simply be I AM in ME.


      Arie was my childhood name… so this helps me to re-connect with the natural flow of my innocence.

      1. Kat

        Thank you for this idea of truth, trust and flows. I have only recently connected to the universe through my crown chakra . . . wow! Yet I still have an addiction I am contending with but perhaps I am already feeling it start to fade?

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    Absolutely amazing article!!! Love, Love, Love it!!! So much of this resonates with me right now, today. Perfect. Thank you so much Ioana!! Love to all!!!

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    It’s necessary to knock the door to open the door. Judgement is done on what we ask as ‘the absolute’ is only interested in giving absolute. Give me the strength to only seek the absolute and give up on petty.

  8. Purnima

    Dear Yogies of Halton,

    I just opened your newsletter today and as it was opening I was flooded with vibrations! What can I say except this is such a blessed work,sharing the pearls that Mother gave to us.How priveledged are we to have such love available to us when our Sahasrara’s are open and we know that we in turn must share it where ever possible,Thank you for blessing my day here in the Land of Shri Ganesha,your sister,Purnima

  9. Ioana

    From New Zealand reader, sent on What’s up:
    “Just love reading these Divine Pearls .. also enjoyed reading Gregoire’s interview .. his little quip about the autumn leaves was so beautiful .. love Mother Nature in all Her Glory.. Thank you Ioana…

  10. Jolanta

    The excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talks in this article contain very useful and important information for every person who desires to improve themselves, and ascend spiritually in the practice of Sahaja Yoga.

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