(video) Sahasrara – How to Meditate on the Crown Chakra with Three Prayers – About the Will of God and the Divine Computer

 The 7th  Subtle Energy Centre – The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara Chakra 

“Lastly, the seventh centre, the most important centre is the Sahasrara which has got, according to Sahaja Yoga, a thousand petals. Actually there are a thousand nerves and if you cut the transverse section of the brain you can see that all these petal-like structures of the brain are forming a lotus of the thousand petals. This centre of a thousand petals covers the limbic area of the brain before Realization like the closed bud of a lotus.”

Shri Mataji – Opening the Sahasrara Chakra in 1970

“….As soon as the Sahasrara was opened, the whole atmosphere was filled with tremendous Chaitanya (i.e. vibrations) and there was tremendous light in the sky, and the whole thing came on the Earth as if a torrential rain or a waterfall with such tremendous force as if I was unaware and got stupefied. The happening was so tremendous and so unexpected that I was stunned and got totally silent at the grandeur.”

“I saw the Primordial Kundalini rising like a big furnace and the furnace was very silent but a burning appearance it had, as if you heat up metal and it has many colors.”

“Without opening the Sahasrara chakra, God itself was a myth, religion itself was a myth, all talk about divinity was a myth.. People believed in it but it was just a belief.. Now through Sahaja Yoga, you have for the first time, felt the Will of God.. After Realization, you have discovered the Absolute Science which is the Will of God.

(excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talks on the opening and importance of the crown chakra)

A. ESSENTIAL VIDEO  – About the Divine Computer that’s carrying the Will of God and Collective Consciousness (Sahasrara Chakra in Depth lecture)

B. ESSENTIAL Three Prayers in Shri Mataji’s Guided Meditation on Sahasrara Chakra

The above is a decoration representing Sahasrara chakra created by the Halton Yogis — during a weekend dedicated to honoring its qualities. The photo below was taken during the Sahaj Navaratri Public Program in Burlington. All sky and flower photos are from Burlington and Oakville – main cities in Halton region. Enjoy the Three Prayers shared below.

“Almost everyone here has Self-Realization. If you do not feel vibrations in any hand, where you do not feel the cool breeze, extend that hand towards me.

If it is not felt in both hands, then extend both the hands and close your eyes.

Now when you close your eyes, there are no thoughts. No thoughts are coming.. Close your eyes and put your attention onto the Sahasrara chakra, means on the “talu” (fontanel bone area).

Please pay attention to your Sahasrara.

Now, with your attention on the Sahasrara, you have to ask:

  • ‘Shri Mataji, please sustain my yoga, Please, sustain my connection.’


  • ‘Shri Mataji, Please increase my yoga shakti power.’

The lastly

  • ‘Shri Mataji, Please allow my Spirit to spread its Light in my Attention. Mother, please give me the boon of your grace.’

Three things: first means upholding yoga, that is, (Sahaja) Yoga, means there is a connection, and this should be sustained.

Please see if the cool (breeze) is flowing out or not. Just press it a little bit. Because, just now you have been jumping too much, your heart is catching. Please keep your hand on your Heart. If the heart is catching, you do feel the pressure on your Sahasrara. The reason is, this (the centre of Sahasrara chakra) is the place of the Heart chakra. Fontanel bone area is the place of the heart chakra. That is why put your hand on it.

Now just say, with full assertion, ‘Mother, I am the Spirit.’

Say it twelve times, but not mechanically.

Are you all right? Give it a bandhan and raise your Kundalini.

All right ? Done ? Nice. It is coming very strongly. Excellent.”

(Shri Mataji – Public Address at Vaitarna Temple, India, Feb 18, 1984)

All sky and flower photos are from Burlington and Oakville —  main cities of Halton region, in Ontario, Canada. Feel free to drop a comment on the article, anytime :-).

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  1. paula

    A very special weekend with our brothers and sisters, celebrating pure relationships and meditating and hiking in nature as well. The album under weekend is a special surprise, well worth clicking. It was a magical, action packed weekend being together, in thoughtless awareness, extending the present, expanding the present actually, with laughter, friends, a magical fire producing powerful images captured on film, lots of food, love for nature, delighting in each other’s company. We know how to have fun, at the same time how to be dynamic soldiers of love and peace. It is contagious, if you just let it in. It can be felt just looking at these photos and the special video. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Kruti

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, full of vibrations.

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    It was a beautiful event
    Just enjoyed it

  4. Jayanthi

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

  5. Sunaina

    Very nice to see the beautiful pictures.

  6. Jyoti

    So beautiful and full of vibrations ……… thanks for sharing!

  7. Colleen

    Beautiful pictures!! I so wish I could have been there, heard such wonderful things about the Havan.

  8. Jolanta

    Thank you for sharing the article and video. I find (re)ading these articles and watching video(s) very helpful for (re)learning the basics and sustaining my commitment to Sahaja Yoga.

  9. Jolanta

    Thank you for sharing the article and video. I find (re)reading these articles and watching video(s) very helpful for (re)learning the basics and sustaining my commitment to Sahaja Yoga.

  10. Paula

    I can feel a cool breeze flowing as I re-read this wise, joyful, truthful article. Thank you, it is a jumpstart of kundalini energy flowing through my subtle system, hope you all feel it too!

  11. Carmen Pavel

    This was just what I needed to bring back the joy of being in the Sahaj family. Now I’m at the lotus feet of our Divine Mother. JSM!

  12. Jolanta

    Needless to say…we are very fortunate to be able to experience Sahaja yoga…thanks to Shri Mataji.

  13. Niti

    Beautiful article and the most beautiful pic of mother nature by looking at the pictures immediately i started feeling of joy.Thanks for sharing.

  14. Air Cmde Nagendra K Jha

    Sahaja Yoga is a divine spiritual gift to mankind by the Mother of Universe Adishakti the will of God Shree Mata Ji Nirmala Devi- the Kundalini Shakti is awakened – we get blessed with collective conciousness- my life has changed completely- I feel Param Chaitanya.

  15. Rebecca Amyotte

    As a result of our online Sahaja Yoga meditation classes and the homework so thoughtfully prepared to educate us, I am feeling so grateful. I am grateful for this time out to focus on my spiritual growth and I don’t think I have ever done that for myself in all of my 72 years on this earth.

    Because I am taking the time to meditate twice a day with our beautiful Sahaja family members, I am now starting to hear the messages that Shri Mataji is so clearly saying. I have always worried about family, friends, work, finances, etc., taking on these burdens from a mental and ego perspective. Shri Mataji has me seriously working on detaching from these worries, knowing that God is looking after it. This is so enlightening to me. I can still send unconditional love to the world and not feel the weight of it all on my shoulders.

    There is so much wisdom to be learned from Shri Mataji, and now I can invest more time in doing so with the help of Ioana and our compassionate and caring Sahaja Yoga meditation family. Thank you from the bottom of my ever-growing heart ?? I hope that we will always be able to do these on-line meditation classes, even after life goes back to “normal”. I am definitely relishing the positive changes and the ah-ha moments as I feel the lighter energy coming from within.

    It just goes to show you — you can teach an old dog new tricks?

  16. Anjali

    I have yet to watch the video of Shri Mataji s talk but I read the article and followed the meditation scripted from Shri Mataji. I said those affirmations from my heart and it was amazing, I was spontaneously able to enter into deep meditation and stay still. It was simple and it amazes me why I do not do this more often to heal myself when everything is within me and I even know the techniques..just takes spontaneity and an open heart, the rest is done by your sincere desire and your very own Mother Kundalini. Thank you for giving me this chance through this article to experience + strengthen my depth and connection and to recieve Shri Mataji s boon of grace. These moments are so precious. Thank you deeply.

  17. Anjali

    our sahasraras are opening out wide with full sincerity during these deep serene meditations. Today we celebrate the most important spiritually ground breaking moment – the opening of sahasrara and I am realizing what a joyous event this is for the evolution of humanity. How fortunate I am in these modern times to be able to have my self-realization and be part of this Sahaja Yoga Meditation network that feels compassion for people and believe in integration! They want to help people find themselves, through the light within lead a beautiful noble life, a chance to spread this light and show value of life to others.

  18. Gratiela

    Since we have the Sahaja Yoga meditations online,twice a day I started to feel more clear
    the vibrations and now for three days so much coolness under my chin.
    I am grateful for this time and to be part of Sahaja Meditation network.

  19. Oresta

    I love the beautiful picture representing the thousand petals of the crown chakra and informative talk by Shri Mataji. I feel opening your crown chakra connects you with the divine and lets you see the truth. You’re able to come from your own centre and not be influenced by external sources. You become very self aware and are able to see your conditioned behaviours and what influences you’ve had in your life. Sahaja Yoga and opening up your Sahasrara chakra makes you want to be more loving, compassionate, caring and wise. You develop a great love for humanity because you realize we are all one and are more the same than we are different. Sahaja Yoga is truly a gift and this form of meditation brings you such peace and tranquility within since you achieve thoughtless awareness. By changing ourselves we can change the world.

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