The Subtle Origin and Paramchaitanya Definitions & The Order and Manifestation of the Five Elements Within

Explore the Subtle Origin and Paramchaitanya Definitions & The Order and Manifestation of the Five Elements Within explained in Sahaja Yoga

“Expression of Five Elements on a Sahaja Yogi” –  Shri Mataji’s speech in Delhi, India, 16 December 1998

This is an invitation to grow into our Fullness as Realized Souls and Sahaja Yogis – Absorb and Enjoy and feel free to share this article further and provide your comments by the end of it.

The Western mind

“I have been telling them that the style of Indian knowledge is very different from the Western mind. In the West, you see, if you say something, then they want to have an experimental approval. They will go to the scientists or to other people who are equipped with knowledge to know what they said in these books is true or not. They will even judge Christ. They would even judge Moses. They would judge everybody as if they are the most intelligent and the most capable people. And they write books after books against them disclosing as if they are those people who have said something, have said out of their minds or something.
It is never accepted normally and if it is accepted they become absolutely fanatics. So, now according to Indian style of understanding is that first of all if a great Rishi (Hindu sage or saint) or great Muni , you can call a Saint has said something, then He has said it, while you have to just listen to that because you are not equally the same. Whatever he (the Saint) has said is his own experience, his own knowledge and you have no business to judge him or to say this is not true, that is not true. You accept it and once you get your self-realization, it is clearly written down: after Self-Realization you have to grow. Grow into perfect being and then you can see for yourself what he has said or they have said is the truth.

So the approach is different. In one way if you start going through science, through this, through that, you cannot reach anywhere and moreover your growth is stunted. So, what you have to do is to go to this knowledge through believing in what they have said. Whatever Christ has said, you have to believe, whatever Mohammad has said, you have to believe, whatever Guru Nanak has said, you have to believe, whatever Gyanadeva has said, you have to believe, Lao Tse you have to believe like that. Because you are not of that spiritual level. So accept it. Now do not try to analyze it. Everything you try to analyze .. in that analysis you get lost.

So once you are a realized soul of that level and then you grow into your fullness – what we call sampurna – then only you will know whether whatever they have said is true or not and then you can find out. It is very easy, then, to know whatever is said is true or not.

For Sahaja Yogis now is very easy to find out if something is real or unreal, if it is truth or untruth, it is love or hatred. Only through vibrations you can do.”

What are  these Vibrations and What are they made of ?

“But going beyond that, I may say, beyond that one has to know what are these vibrations and what are they made of.”

“What is the Subtle Force which is behind those Vibrations? We call it Paramchaitanya, alright.”

” What happens to you when you get Paramchaitanya is something to be understood: the subtleties.”

The Order of the Five Elements and their Subtle Origin from Bindu

As I said, we are made of Five Elements, alright?

So when you get your Awakening, when the Kundalini reaches Sahastrara (i.e. Crown/ 7th energy centre) it opens out your fontanel bone area, you become one with the Divine power, then this Divine power itself starts flowing through you: A Connection is established.

Now when it starts flowing through you, this Shakti (Power in Sanskrit language) starts flowing through you, then what happens? The subtle part we should understand.

The subtle part is like this, that these five elements we are made of, these vibrations gradually start breaking into the subtler form of which they are made.

So the first thing such a person has is the breaks, you see, as it is said that “Word is God.” It’s said also in the Bible, “The Word is God.” Now what is this Word? Word is a silent, we can say, silent commandment. We can call it like that.

But from that Word comes, according to Indian Philosophy, is another thing that we call as “Bindu”… or we can say if Word becomes Naad, is a Sound… and then it becomes the Bindu means one small dot, and then from this dot… you see, all these five elements start coming one after another.”

Light – “Tej” is the First Element – Radiance is he Subtlety of the Light

“The first element that comes out is light… “Tej” light … is the first element that comes out. So the essence of the first element is light. We call it Tej, Tejas. It is written of course in Sanskrit but we should understand that how the light pervades Sahaja Yoga so much and you see the light everywhere. So the first element which is light and you can say in English the light’s subtle thing is, we can say, “enlightenment”, you can say. But enlightenment has another meaning, so we can say it is Tej (in Sanskrit language). For example a person who gets realization has a face which is very radiant, so you can say the “radiance”. The radiance is the subtlety of the light. So this radiance starts showing on your face. Radiance starts expressing itself and with that radiance people get impressed and they start thinking something special about this personality which has a radiance.
Now you have seen my photographs also wherever they are, many a times you find lots of light around. That is nothing but the light in me is giving radiance because the light becomes subtler. When the light becomes subtle in me, –  light is one of the elements – when it becomes subtler then it gives radiance and so this is the subtle growth within you that takes place. Your faces also start shining. They too have radiance and they too have a kind of a different complexion, I would say. This radiance is to be understood, is the subtle of the light of which we are made, light in the gross manner.”

Air – “Vayu” is the Second Element – Cool Breeze is the Subtle of the Air

“Then after this from the light comes the second thing, which we call as Vayu in Sanskrit, meaning the Air. So the air that we have which is gross air, what is subtle of air is the “cool breeze” that you get. The cool breeze is the subtle of that air. So the subtle of what you understand as cool breeze is what we call vibrations, the subtle of that is air; which is a part and parcel of our making. So this cool breeze is the second thing that you start getting subtler and subtler. When your growth takes place, all these subtle things start expressing themselves. It is not only that you get Vibrations but you get the Cool Breeze and that is the subtler of Air that has built you up.”

Water – is the Third Element – Flow and Softness of skin and behavior represent the Subtle of the Water

“Then comes the Water. We are also made of water. What is the subtle of water is… sometimes English language, you know, becomes little short of expressions… but they call it….. which makes the hard skin soft. The skin becomes soft. This is another sign of a realized soul that his… there is some cream they use, isn’t it, to soften the face. But this is the water in us [that] gives us that luster, that nourishment to make our skin very soft and that softness of the skin becomes very visible. This is the minimum of minimum, I would say. But then a person who is a realized soul becomes very soft person, very delicate. When he talks to somebody, in his voice there is warmth or I should say there is… [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi]… to have that flow, watery flow and coolness of the water. So that is the another subtle thing that should be expressed in your behavior, on your skin, on your dealings with others, that you should be like the water, which is mobile, which is cooling, which is soothing, which is cleansing. So this also becomes a part and parcel of your being, once you become a Realized soul.”

Fire – “Agni” is the Fourth Element

With this water you have also another thing which we call it as Agni, means the fire. So you also have Fre but it is a very silent fire. It does not burn anybody but it burns all the wrong things within you. Whatever wrong things you have it burns and it burns the wrong things in other people also. For example, a person comes with a great anger towards me. What happens that this anger becomes cooler with the fire that is there. Moreover, a realized soul cannot get burnt, fire cannot burn, the burning cannot come to him. It is very important to understand. Also if you are doing something wrong, it may burn you but if you are a good Sahaja Yogi and I should say, perfect Sahaja Yogi, fire will never burn you. We have an example of Sita Ji (Queen, wife of Lord Rama – read Ramayana – Sanskrit epic of ancient India)  the fire Pariksha… nothing burnt. So this is what one has to understand, that once you get to the subtleties of the fire, so the fire and the water both of them become sort of Divine.

For example, the water which you touch, water you drink, whatever you put your hand in the water, the water becomes vibrated. Means What? The subtleties of the Water comes in it, the coolness, curing power also comes in that water. So when it becomes subtler, all these powers start showing which you can see for yourself. You do not have to experiment.”

Mother Earth – is the Fifth Element

“Then the lastly is the Mother Earth… is most important… is Mother Earth. There is a photograph you might see which was taken in Russia where the Kundalini is in the Mother Earth. They have shown clearly. It is there and it is the Mother Earth which shows. For example, I have seen flowers, if you keep them in my room, they blossom, they can become very big like that. People have never seen such big flowers, sometimes they say.

I am doing nothing. I am just sitting down and what happens to the flowers?! You see now there this Principle of the Mother Earth works. The subtle Mother Earth…, It works, it’s a Mother. And that gives you all the nourishment and makes you grow healthy, and this is how this subtlety of the Mother Earth works.
Mother Earth is the one who is giver of virtue to all these flowers and to all these trees and to all that, but it also plays a big part in us. It is not only the Mother Earth that exists without our connection ..  we do not respect the Mother Earth. We have polluted it, we have done all kinds of things, we have removed the trees and we have made a mess out of her, but she is our Mother and so many subtle things of this Mother Earth come into us.”

The Subtleties of Mother Earth

“One of them is Gravity. A person becomes very attractive, not in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense. Such a person attracts others. They feel attracted and they feel that something special is about this person. This is one of the qualities of the Mother Earth. If she had not kept us attracted we would have fallen off with her movement and also other qualities of the Mother Earth start manifesting within us, and we become very, I should say, extremely tolerant, patient… person. Tolerant and patient… extremely tolerant and patient. But if you are not tolerant, if you are hot tempered and all that, then Mother Earth’s principle is not expressed I should say.

Look at the Mother Earth. How much she tolerates our nonsense, how many wrong things we do against her, but still she tolerates. Shri Ganesha’s quality is to tolerate, to begin with. Up to a point, he tolerates. In the same way we too become extremely tolerant, patient and forgiving.
This is the minimum of minimum that should happen to all the Sahaja yogis who have vibrations, because now I have told you all the things that are expressed in your Vibrations. It is a thing to be understood that what you have become now is something very great, it has not happened to others, it has not happened to somebody who is not being a Sahaja Yogi. You see the people who (i.e. are not realized, they worship without a genuine connection) go to Church or to Mosques or to Temple, see their faces. Look at them, how do they look like? They haven’t got anything from the Temple, they haven’t got anything from the Mosque, they haven’t got anything from any one of these places where they go to worship. So, that is artificial. That has become something, I should say, without any connection with the reality. Only after Realization you are connected with Reality and you can get the understanding of all these subtleties working through you.

Why I am telling you this ?! Because I want you to know and recognize Your  Self, to understand what you are, what you have got. Once you recognize yourself and understand yourself you can do a lot. First of all to say that I am a Sahaja Yogi itself it should be very much with Self Confidence and as a self confident person should find out what have I done as Sahaja Yogi? What can I do as Sahaja Yogi? Some Sahaja Yogis have done wonders. They have done such a lot of work of Sahaja Yoga, while some Sahaja Yogis are still writing to me that “my husband is fighting with me, my son is like this, my mother like this”; all the time, you see, letters after letters come to me.

You are a Sahaja Yogi. Now you just see to your subtleties, work it out.”

What is Shri Mataji’s Role?! 

“They think I am here to solve their problems, their family problems, and their jobs and things. I am not here for that. I am here to give you self-realization and the understanding that whatever you have got, you must accept as a challenge, take it up as a challenge and you will be amazed, how you will be helped and how you will get the results!”

Sahaja – Realization – Spontaneity for Whole Nature

“Sahaja” does not mean only that you get spontaneous realization. It also means that you get Spontaneity. The Whole Nature gets Spontaneity. All these subtle things that I have told you, they also get spontaneous and they work it out. Of course, there are Angels and there are Ganas (Angels led by Lord Ganesha) who are helping you but you need not worry about them just now. Main thing is you must realize what you are, what have you got and how much you have faced it, you have got it and how it has worked? I have seen every time I just have a little problem of something, immediately it works. It works in such quarters and such people that I never expected. Everything works out. But whatever works out is for your good, is for your growth, for your understanding that you are a Sahaja Yogi. You have entered into the Kingdom of God (i.e. beyond Sahasrara – Crown chakra level), but this you have to develop.

 Also, introspection can tell you that are you working out all those things or not.  If you take to introspection, you will be surprised to see, yes, you have these powers and you can do wonders.

So I bless you all, please develop those subtle things within you. They are already there; you do not have to do anything. Only understand and locate.

Thank you very much.”

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