Learn from Mother Earth to be a Yogi-Meditator!

” If that height is achieved by pure life, by pure thinking, by pure heart, it is not necessary to manipulate anything, no need at all! It’s all natural like the Mother Earth is. Does she manipulate anything? Nothing! Just see how spontaneous she is. You put a seed in the Mother Earth and see how it sprouts. She is so spontaneous, her activity is so spontaneous. We never wonder about it. See different types of flowers, different types of fragrance, different types of shrubs and trees.

How She grows with such balance in every place! In every minute atom and molecule of that Mother Earth there is sense!”

“I like you people because you are siting on the ground; it’s very good! For meditation if you can sit on the Mother Earth, it will be extremely good, because the special quality of the Mother Earth, which also I have unfortunately 🙂 that I suck your problems. She too sucks your problems and when she sucks your problems you get rid of them without any difficulties. So if you cannot, say, sit on the ground, then you take a stone, better is or you can have a marble or something which is natural on which you should try to sit. But if you sit on the plastic and do your meditation, I don’t know what is going to help you.. the plastic?! That’s why I request you always that use natural things because natural things can absorb your problems very well.”

“Unnaturally, also we live. Otherwise, you see, it (unnatural) is on the physical line, also on mental line. On mental line, what do we do, that we go on arguing, explaining, it’s going on and on, and on and on. There is no end to it. One should get headache, you see actually with all that. But if you are Spontaneous, if you are very spontaneous, immediately you will know what the other fellow is trying to do or to say or to communicate. You don’t need much thinking about it, because you can absorb even the thought of another person. Absorb doesn’t mean that you take the bad thing of that person but it’s like a sieving out, you absorb what other person is saying and you sieve it out.”

“So the best thing would be for you to cleanse yourself. Cleansing is very important through Introspection. But doesn’t mean thinking, never means thinking, but Introspection means Meditation and that you all should meditate.”

“Just like as the Mother Earth cares for you, I also care for you and just like as the Mother Earth loves you, I also love you. Whether you are bad or good, it’s not the point. But to be kind to me, if you could try to be really good Sahaja Yogis, not the show-offs, not business-like, not only thinking type, not argumentative, not criticising others… If you just try to meditate every day, 10 to 15 minutes..

A very simple understanding should be that why are we in Sahaja Yoga? We are in Sahaja Yoga to ascend, to go higher and higher, as you sang yesterday. It was very entertaining yesterday the way you talked about your ambition to be higher and higher, really it was very joy giving, no doubt. But what are we doing about it? What are we trying about it, we should see.

Seriously we must think, are we meditating? Are we all doing something to elevate others also, to give Realisation to others?”

“So, one has to meditate and one has to also go out to spread Sahaja Yoga. Both things have to be done. Supposing now, you meditate and you don’t spread Sahaja Yoga, you will never ascend, because after all this Kundalini (innate subtle feminine energy of life ), you see, She is (like) a sensible woman, She is very sensible. She thinks: ‘Why should I make her (or him) a saint, what is the use?’

Sahaja Yoga is not individualistic. It’s not for one person to become a saint and sit somewhere. It’s not like that. It’s not meant for one person, for oneself, it’s not individualistic. It’s a collective happening. So, if you are not helping to the collective, Kundalini says: ‘Alright, you are alright as it is!’ Just like our body: see in our body, if one organ says: ‘Alright, now I’m alright, I’m not going to work out.” Or one cell says that: “I’m not going to now grow, it’s alright, why should I worry about the whole body?’ It won’t. It’s a living organism! I have told you 100 times, when it is a living organism, it has to grow, it has to grow and also to absorb.

To have energy, you have to meditate and you have to grow. If you don’t grow, you are finished, you are no more a Sahaja Yogi. I wouldn’t call a person a Sahaja Yogi who has not even given one person Realisation. Cannot be a Sahaja Yogi! Sahaja Yogi has to give Realisation to others. Apart from other activities, the main activity should be how we give Realisations to others. Unless and until we really look after that side of life, we can never, never grow in Sahaja Yoga.”

“For example, now take my position, I’m alright, I’m complete, I have no problem. But why did I work so hard and wanted so many Sahaja Yogis? Why? I don’t have to grow either, I’m overgrown already. 🙂 I don’t have to do it, but why? What is the need?

The need is like this, the need is of love. I have so much love that I have to canalise it. If I don’t, I’ll suffocate. I can’t love Myself. So this love has to spread. For that, I have to have you people who can take this love to others and make them happy.

This is a kind of a vision I have, and in this special time, it was promised by many people, by many saints..

“Now, how far you understand your importance is a different point. You do for your emancipation, alright you meditate, but if you are not canalising the love, the Divine love, what is the use? Now, supposing I repair something very nicely, I repair this machine (microphoneShri Mataji is referring to it ) nicely, put it right, everything and I don’t speak, what is the use of having this? In the same way, if you work very hard… I know people who get up at four o’clock, have their bath, do meditation, sit down. In the night again, they sit down for meditation, but they never go out, they never talk to others, they never spread Sahaja Yoga, they do not give Divine love to others, so how can this great problem of this world be solved that it has no love, it has never known Divine love. It has to be given to them, they have to feel this Divine love, this power of Adi Shakti. They have to know it, otherwise you have been selfish, I would say, that you had a nice time, having all this and you have not given to others. Did you come to Sahaja Yoga for that? You have to realise your responsibility. See this Mother Earth, how She knows Her responsibility. She is just made out of nothing but soil and mud, but look at Her – how She is conscious, how She is particular, how She works it out, how She is attentive, how She is careful.While you, though you have been blessed so much by everything, are you thinking of giving it to others?

We have to learn from the Mother Earth. .. in that beautiful creation within you, you have to become very sensitive to the need of the world. What is the need of the world?”

All the above are excerpts from a lecture of Shri Mataji on ‘How to respect Mother Earth’ on 25/05/97 – Cabella, Italy. ** all photos are with Canadian landscape or/and Canadian sahaja yogi(ni)s. Yes, it would be nice to know what you feel /think about this article. please drop a comment below. thank you.

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  1. anaic

    These photos are amazing, so full of eternal beauty from Mother Nature, thank you !

  2. Colleen

    These pictures are absolutely amazing!! So beautiful!!

  3. ann

    Such beautiful caring words from a ever loving Mother.

    Love Always,

  4. Betty Cooper

    Thank you, dear Iona, for such a beautiful posting. Nature so pure and clean and Mothers words so soothing.
    Best of luck with your weekend retreat Dec 7-9. Would love to attend but we are doing a special meeting for new people on Dec 8 here. May Mothers blessings sustain all your good works.
    Love, Betty Cooper

  5. Mother Earth gives us so much things, has so much humility, and , perhaps that is the cause to be & remain so beautiful !
    Perhaps we should learn how to give to others good things, without expectations, but we could collect what we are spreading around, as a rule, as a general rule. And humility is a must for feeling Mother…So beautiful words and so inspired photos ! Thanks to all canadian sahaja yogis, thanks dear Ioana, Jai Shri Adi Bhoomi Devi !

  6. Rajiv

    I feel grounded.

  7. Antoinette Wells

    Beautiful Iona! It restored and soothed me after a difficult day at work! thanks!

  8. Howard Swinson

    Excellant posting Ioana! The photos are stunning.

  9. Elsie Kuly

    Shri Mataji tells us we are in Sahaja Yoga to ascend to go higher and higher We must pass on the love that exists within us and spread Sahaja Yoga wherever we can.

    The mountains pictured are magnificent. To be able to meditate surrounded by natural beauty such as this would be an amazing experience.

  10. Samar

    Simply Beautiful !


  11. Sindhu

    Really Good …. The Photos are most apt to go along with our Mother’s Divine Words …. Thanks for joining together so many of Mother’s Beautiful Advices to all of us … Hope we all Imbibe Each one Of These Qualities Within Us bcoz thats what our Mother Expects Of Us ….

  12. vidya

    Such breathtaking pics of nature and how beautifully conveyed by our Mother!

  13. Anjali

    This article reminds us of so many amazing powers we as shaja yogis have..not only to cleans ourselves through mother earth but also to spread the divine love that we are equipped with and give self realization amd enjoy collective ascension. Such simple things to follow if only we put our heart into it we can witness miracles. Thank you for this wonderful deful article.

  14. Anjali

    This article reminds us of so many amazing powers we as shaja yogis have..not only to cleans ourselves through mother earth but also to spread the divine love that we are equipped with and give self realization amd enjoy collective ascension. Such simple things to follow if only we put our heart into it we can witness miracles. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  15. paula

    What gorgeous photos, so inspiring! It is so simple to sit in nature, on natural rocks, marble, stone, grass and not think. Nature is an oasis, an outdoor museum by the greatest of artists, Mother Earth. How Mother Earth absorbs all our problems of our chakras so naturally.

    It is not hard to be grateful for every breath, every moment, especially outside where there is sky, sun, clouds, moon,trees, animals flowers, it is endless beauty.

    One time I laid down in a park in Crawley, England after grabbing a few groceries. I laid down on my coat, I was surrounded by blooms.

    I placed my hands face down on the grass and asked “Mother Earth, please clear my chakras,remove all my impurities.”

    And suddenly while looking at the beautiful sky above and aware of the earth below, I felt literally that I was being vacuumed from the inside out. A sucking of all the heaviness in my body was felt, and replaced by such a light, peaceful flow-y feeling.

    It was then that I truly felt the power of our connection to Mother Earth is really an exchange. As long as there is respect, Mother Earth is never too tired to re-energize our beings. When the mind is truly thought free in such an environment, we make room for fresh energy to rejuvenate us.

    Thank you, and please forgive us for touching you with our feet!

    1. Anjali

      Paula such a beautiful experience. You felt the grace of mother earth…such a blessing we have as sahaja yogis that we can connect and integrate with any of the elements spontaneously, cleanse and grow. Thank you for sharing. Feeling amazing. Thank you Ioana for this article.

  16. Colleen

    Amazing words by Shri Mataji, beautiful pictures of Mother Earth, and such inspiring comments, and such a wonderful experience to have Paula!! Beautiful. With love and hugs.

  17. Jolanta

    It makes sense. Beautiful photos.

  18. Kyla

    My biggest take-away lesson from this article is that the love we receive, is for us to give and spread. I have known that and felt that in Sahaja Yoga, but I saw it or understood it a little differently in this article.
    It also makes me wonder how my son feels my love and if it makes him feel full enough to spread it and pass it on to others…

    I find I have spent a lot of time with some people who are not open to receiving my love, but that has been changing. Those people’s abilities to receive has not been changing, but the people I am around me is what has been changing. I’m around more people who are open to this love exchange. Bit by bit, life transforms.

  19. Anjali

    The photos in the article show everything Shri Mataji talks about “See different types of flowers, different types of fragrance, different types of shrubs and trees.” The beautiful Canadian landscapes show how miraculous is mother earth. So meditative to see this pics especially with yogis..I want to just jump in the picture and meditate with them. So lucky to have felt pure divine love that not many know about.

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