Free Meditation @ Tech Data Corporation *Wellness Fair: Feedback & Photos (Mississauga, September 2013)

A Positive Start at Tech Data Corporation – Mississauga, Fal 2013 (Wellness Fair for Employees)Paula and Brenda setting up our meditation booth at Tech Data Corporation Wellness Show in Mississauga 2013

Notes from TECH DATA Employees

peter from sahaja yoga meditation offering one on one intro to sahaja yoga meditation to employees (Tania) “fascinated…perhaps in a quieter environment I would get to feel the tingling and breeze. I did feel a connection hoping I can use this to improve my studies.Emoji
  (Lesley)  “Like to try in quieter environment. Yes, enjoyed.”
  (Jasmine) “Felt warm on my head and relaxed.”
  (Shirde) “Felt relaxed and a bit of warmth on palms.”
  ( Rucha) “Fascinating. I could see colours during the process.”
  (Nadia) ” This was the best part of my day!”


Letter-‘How Was it’ from Wendy (Burlington class)

Isabelle Wendedy and Norma  from Halton -Niagara classes  - from the Realization team at Tech data corp

It was an interesting assignment at the Wellness Show offered by TECH DATA Corporation to its employees; especially that we had been told there were about 450 eager employees so we were prepared for a busy day ….. Even the employes came in less numbers to the company’s health and wellness fair  (we appreciate that less than 100 altogether) , it was still good that there were 6 of us available as there was  constantly someone at our corner having  a workshop done.
 There were many booths around us but ours certainly drew a lot of attention ..people would stop to observe our group doing workshops on others ..As we approached the passing by employees, most of them would decide to try ..some knew quite a bit about chakras others knew nothing ..they listened with attention and totally relaxed when asked to ..most of them stayed in meditation for a long time fact in 3 cases I tapped their shoulder to bring their awareness back was a good feeling to realize we had been able to introduce them to this new way/state..and they felt good about it too.
 I must have done around 7 all we must have offered around 50 workshops and we had introduced to sahaja yoga meditation vial discussions and flyers, many more.

Letter from Carmen (Yogini instructor from Mississauga class)


Dear Ioana:

It was a slow start. Then we started one, two people, full house. All of a sudden the 6 of us were so busy. All vendors looking at our booth. Other than the massage room we were the most visited booth in the Health and Wellness show 🙂  What I liked the most is that every person that I was given the opportunity to give self-realization/chakra workshop  was so open and asking questions. Seekers for sure. Their awakened Kundalini energy will help them further that is sure.  The flow of people ended with lunch around 2 pm. 🙂
All my love,  Carmen

Letter-Feedback from Brenda (Burlington class)

Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Educational Society - The Cool Sahaja Yoga Meditation at TECH DATA CORPORATION - WELLNESS FAIR 2013
Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Educational Society – The Cool Sahaja Yoga Meditation at TECH DATA CORPORATION – WELLNESS FAIR 2013 – label decorated ad-hoc by our talented Brenda

That day was a great day with many curious employees as well as a few seekers at the Tech Data show. We were an awesome team of self-realization messengers and I also  enjoyed meeting the girls from the other classes!
Thank you for inviting me. Many thanks as well to Paula for her lovely stories, her guidance at the event and for her hospitality~

Hugs, Brenda

Giving a Self-Realization Program to Tech Data Employees

Paula -1

(reported by Paula Erskine)

The Tech Data employees enjoyed exploring the chance to meditate amidst the hustle and bustle of vendors surrounding the health oriented
fair. A beautiful poster was hand-painted by Brenda and gingerly applied to the walls that finally co-operated with many hands and lots of tape
and pins. The giant poster depicted a path lined with magnificent lotuses in a watery paradise. Like any art whose inspiration comes from
the spirit, it transmitted the power to stop the thoughts.  The role of art and nature is to transform us into the bliss of thoughtless awareness. The
lotus petals, and the wonderful posters of the subtle system “de-coding” the energy centres of each and every one of us, was shared so that every
one can see how, they too, can become their own master.

Employees at Tech Data Corporation in Mississauga were interested in sahaja yoga meditation

So even for a few seconds or in some cases, minutes at a time, employees sat comfortably in chairs with their hands open to experiment with their own
scientific truth about meditation. Our many volunteers whose only desire was to pass this “light” of the spirit on to the next person, managed to do so
through chakra, or energy centre workshops. With this beautiful sacred energy awakened inside, it is possible to spread this expanding joy to everyone.
Before meditation, I could not understand the power and expanding joy that is achievable through the practice of just seconds of thoughtless awareness
per day. In the beginning, it was just a few seconds at a time, followed by watching my thoughts float away like an innocent bystander that is detached from it.
Then, the inner waterfall feeling comes like a cleansing force, and you realize the power of thoughtless awareness is much greater than the thinking mind.

Many who were curious also took flyers and were excited that the classes were free. On woman was very interested in the local youth program that
we were offering in Oakville and was excited to have her daughter attend. It seemed everyone Wendy, Carmen and Isabelle worked on did not want to leave, even after 10-15 minutes. The volunteers were just instruments, sharing the knowledge of the subtle system we all have inside, and helping employees to “de-code” the sensations they felt in their hands and their feet. When we share the workshops with others, the energy rises along the central nervous system of the recipient, and gently indicates the areas in the body that need a little extra care. Not only does the giver feel it, the employees also started to feel sensations in their chakras indicated in their hands as temperature changes, tingling, heaviness and lightness. They were all so amazed as  the science of it all began to reveal itself to each individual. Each experiment demonstrated the actuality of becoming part and parcel of the whole.
The beauty of Sahaja Yoga is, that without the discipline of meditating for many years or climbing the Himalayas, one receives their “self-realization” quite instantly.
It manifests as a shift in consciousness where a subtler awareness unfolds to reveal itself. Several recipients could not believe that we felt the heat of their liver, overworked by studying or exhaustive mental activity. While working on one gentleman, Norma asked him if he had trouble forgiving someone based on what she felt while working on him. He said yes, how did she know? How she knew was that his energy centres were emitting a strong blockage at the sixth chakra level located at the level of the forehead. Because he could not forgive, the mind did not want to let the thought go, and was preventing him from feeling joy. When we let go and forgive, we do it for our own health, so we can rise above the thoughts the mind. Once he became aware of this insidious thought, he was amazed that letting it go (by identifying with his spirit, rather than his hurt feelings), he actually felt better. Once negativity or attachment to thought takes a rest, the space between the thoughts allows the joy of the ignited spirit to rise and enlighten the brain.

Several employees understood the very natural medicine for curing or purifying their attention through nature. Sitting on mother earth, observing a clear blue sky and keeping ones hands wide open to “receive” energy in thoughtless awareness helps this power within to expand. One can feel the progress through a rising sensation of vibrations that can feel warm on the hands followed by a cool flowing breeze coming from the inside, out. This common sense resonated with many of the employees. With 9  “cool breeze yoga” volunteers, we managed to share self-realizations with about 100 employees or more. Many more took our flyers to find  out where the free classes were being held in their area. Like Canada Revenue Agency, which has invited us back for lunch and learn sessions, we hope to visit many more companies and organizations willing to open their doors to alternative but natural methods of mental health, wellness and good physical health. Our thanks to the beautiful volunteers who took time off from their own work and family schedules and happily shared their ongoing journey through Sahaja Yoga meditation. Thanks goes to Ioana, Carmen, Isabelle, Abi, Wendy, Norma, Brenda, Peter and Shulin. Also thank you to Tech Data for opening your doors so we can help open the doors of the mind, to a higher awareness of enlightenment. Through connection of everyone and everything to the universal consciousness, we can surpass the mind’s limits, and feel even more joy.

Tech Data Corporation Mississasuga - Wellness Fair 2013 where Sahaja Yoga meditation was invited to participate
Tech Data Corporation Mississauga – Wellness Fair 2013 where Sahaja Yoga meditation was invited to participate.   Thank you!


 Note: this week we are invited to participate with a team of sahaja yogis  to “Lunch & Learn” session at Credit Revenue Canada head office in North York.

This time only Sahaja Yoga meditation will provide the wellness session, due to the extremely positive feedback received from the CRA’s employees during our participation to the company’s corporate Health fair earlier this year. See below the Thank you  letter!

(click!) Canada Revenue Agency: Thank You Letter to Sahaja Yoga Meditation @ Health Fair 2013



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  1. Jon

    I’m so happy to hear the Health and Wellness Fair went well at Tech Data Canada. This kind of meditation is a great fit for these corporate events. The team is professional and friendly, and the technique is simple and powerful. If you are organizing a Health Fair, contact us to find out how we can contribute.

    1. teo anghelina

      Si numai la poze daca ne-am uita si tot simti cum se ridica Kundalini bucuroasa !
      Felicitai tutror si sunteti o inspiratie, dragii/dragele mele, mai ales ca urmeaza si la noi in weekendul de Navaratri un targ cu Body, Mind &Spirit la Sala Palatului din Bucuresti, unde avem si noi nevoie de un bandhan, sa-si ia RS cat mai multi oameni frumosi ! Va multumim ca existati si actionati atat de eficient si luminos, Jai, Shri Durga Jagadamba !

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