What is God’s Realization with Buddha & Mahavira as Milestones & Incarnation of Seriousness @ Agnya Chakra

The world’s largest Buddha statue dwarfs a visitor to Leshan, China. The 231-foot-tall (83-meter-tall) Buddha was carved from a riverside cliff in the 8th century to safeguard boaters on the treacherous waters below. source: Jodi Cobb, national geographic

God’s Realization’

 is the stage which, Gautam Buddha and Mahavira only had achieved and settled down in our brain. Christ is also here. These two (Buddha and Mahavira) are not incarnations. They are born as Human beings… They are the two milestones you have got, by which you can know to what height a human being can rise. Now today they are like incarnations. “

The Days of Penance with Incarnations of Seriousness 

  “After Him (Jesus) came Mahavir and Buddha, who took an Incarnation of Seriousness. In this Seriousness, they spoke of oneness of the Spirit and the knowledge of the Whole. Then seriousness developed and the people became serious- minded, and made their daily lives very difficult. In fact neither Buddha nor Mahavira had said so ..(about having a difficult life) Till mankind does not get self-realization till then .. cannot go straight for very long.”

“So Indians are still thinking that we have to still suffer for our Karmas, we should fast, we should walk and we should hang ourselves by the nearest tree all the time. 🙂 This is not needed. What you have to do, is to just wait for the moment when the Agnya Chakra will be opened. “Keep in the centre” – as Buddha has said.  When the Kundalini  (life force energy) rises all this whatever is accumulated, will be sucked in and you can get your Moksha (enlightenment) . This was the simple thing to be done. “

“These were special days. I call them ‘The Days of Tapasyas’ (Penance in Sanskrit). Same time Buddha and Mahavira were born at the same level of the Virata’s forehead (at Agnya Chakra or Third Eye energy centre).  “

“Because it was the Era or the Time of Tapasya, of Sacrifice and so then all these three persons, Buddha, Mahavira and Christ, went into complete renunciation. They lead a life of a great tapasyi. They did it for us, not for themselves. They did not need it. They didn’t want it, but they had to do it to cleanse us, to be cleared out. And they have sacrificed their lives. They have sacrificed all the pleasures of life. For them, it was not a sacrifice. It is just a kind of a life they wanted to have. For such people, there’s no question of sacrifice, but is a question of doing something that would help to open the chakras. Without them we could not have worked out Sahaja Yoga. It was essential for these people to cleanse for us these chakras, part of the one chakra of Christ. All this they have worked out and that’s why today Sahaja Yoga is so beautifully created, so beautifully spreading, is working out. We have to thank them, very much. Of course, all other incarnations also have helped .. All these incarnations are responsible in our evolutionary process to create these ladders for us to move.  So, ultimately, you reach the state of  Tapa on the sixth centre (Agnya chakra) and then in the state of Truth, Sat. Then the truth comes to you through Sahaja Yoga in the brain, in the limbic area, when the Kundalini enters. She puts light there. She creates enlightened personalities and then She joins this all-pervading power of Divine Love. And with this Divine Love, you are completely change and transformed.  So their contribution to the ascent of human beings has been great.”

Were Buddha and Mahavira Atheists ?!

“I’ve told you how Buddha talked only about Atma Sakshatkar and not about God because those people who went to God, or thought of God, or just studied God thought they will be gods themselves. So he said, ‘You must get your self realization.’ Then Mahavira who talked about the hell where people can go, because that was his job… These are the different aspects of human beings which they had to awaken.”

“I’m very old and I’m a housewife. I’m a grandmother and I have so much things to be done on the other side of my married life and I’ve traveled so much. Everything I do . . . I don’t feel tired at all. And you can become very magnetic and such a person becomes such a pure personality that even a glance of such a person can create peace, can create joy, can life you, can cure you, can do anything. Such an ocean of power is within your reach and why should we get it? It’s very simple. This is what . . . all of them have said it. It’s not that it was said only by Christ. But everyone of them has said that you have to get your realization. .. as you know, Buddha . . . Mahavira.. all of them said: ‘Get your Realization’.  Buddha and Mahavira went to such an extent that they said:  ‘Don’t talk of God. Don’t talk of incarnation. Just get your realization’. . . only self-realization . . . nothing else. Because they thought that when you start talking about God, they just take off.  So, tell them you get your realization, is the point and that’s what’s important. So people called them Avishnavarti , (meaning) the ones who are atheists that don’t believe in God.  They did believe in God, no doubt. But they didn’t want to talk about it…  they stopped talking about God because of the talk and talk and talk… So now, the time has come to have the Experience.  For example, there are atheists who don’t believe in God. Alright. Now when they get realization they can ask the question, ‘Is there God?’ Tremendous vibrations! It is you who become, that is the point. You become that – it’s your right. You have been seeking all your lives. God is love and love is there. And in His love, everyone should do it. It has to happen. Any other questions?”

Buddha as the Lord of Ego in Realization of God

“For example, if you have to control your attention, if you have to control your mind, and if you have to introspect yourself, the vehicle that is to be used has to be an egoless personality which can definitely give strength to a person to control himself and to cleanse himself. But in these modern times, people are very busy with their ego ventures. Their ego is very strong, and once they start controlling all their attention and their mind and also religiously following the rituals (which are supposed to be religious) they become more egoistical because all these things are done by the ego. That is why fundamentalists are self-oriented, self-centred and extremely aggressive. Mind creates the ego and ego tries to control the mind. Ego tries to control the attention. As a result, one develops a bigger and bigger ego. Now this very big ego makes one blind. They don’t see, as they get lost with their ego, and start thinking that they are the highest, they are the chosen ones and that they have every right to bring every one to their own level of madness. This ego cannot be seen. It only hurts others but doesn’t hurt the person who has the ego. The pampering of the ego starts when this ego becomes successful, and later collective. Such collective people’s ego is very dangerous to the Realisation of God.”

Buddha, how much he had to suffer till he gets his Realization! Think of him. How he got his realization. I mean you shudder to see of his life. Ultimately, dies of hunger and poverty. But nothing happened to you. You have got it without any difficulties, in a very sweet manner, all of you. Nothing, you don’t have to pay, you don’t have to do anything about it. But that doesn’t mean you should not value it. Like a seed which is put in the Mother Earth spontaneously sprouts and gives life to the primule which grows, can grow into a shrub and then into a tree. But you have to put water in, and you have to have the care of a gardener or someone. In your case, you are the one who has to do all that. First of all, you have to put the nourishment of compassion and love. Have you got that compassion and love? Do you love people?”

[Question:“Would you further explain this Thoughtless Awareness and is it the same as Mindful Awareness of the Buddhist philosophy?]

“Is the same, but, you see, Buddhism is very confused as every religion has been — very much confused and so I don’t what they are thinking about it, but it’s the same. Is the same thing as thoughtless awareness, should be the same thing and also many things that Buddha has said have been misused and have been, I should say, quite twisted also. So to understand Buddhism, you take to Sahaja Yoga first. Once you get your realizations, sir, you’ll understand Buddhism much better in the sense that it should not be Buddhism, but it is Buddha’s Bodha. “Bodha” means to know on your central nervous system. You become a Buddha, yourself. You become, yourself, an enlightened person. All right?”

Why first comes the Self Realization?! Final Answer-Explanation with Buddha & Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga as the Eyes to See the Colours … of the Spirit …

“We have to seek the eternal, maybe it might look a little different, for example Buddha and Mahavira did not talk about God at all. I also did not talk about God for four years. As soon as you talk of God again people start jumping: ‘When can we become God?’ This is the first question 🙂  So first you become the Self, the first step. That’s why they (Buddha and Mahavira) did not talk, they said: ‘First you become your Self’. Unless and until you have your eyes, how can you see the colours?! So first have your eyes!  It is for your benevolence that you better get what you deserve, what is your own. It is your birthright as a human being, to become the Spirit.. That is what Sahaja Yoga is, ‘Saha’ means ‘with’ and ‘Ja’ means ‘born’, born with you is the right to get this Yoga, is the Union with The Divine.”

** Buddha’s Birthday was celebrated recently around the globe; In sahaja yoga we feel Buddha’s role in our subtle system that consists of subtle energy centres/chakras and subtle energy channels/nadis. We also learn, explain and practise Buddha’s mantras and his profound teachings. All the quotes presented above represent excerpts from various lectures of the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation. There are other articles on Buddha’s teachings that will be shared soon on this blog.

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  1. Rabi Ghosh

    Beautiful and so subtle is the subject depicted here for our understanding.

    Wish these amazing space and lines with their deepest meaning help cleanse the yogis atleast with experiencing this subtle mantra through understanding Shri Buddha, Shri Mahavira and Shri Jesus as we understand along. Not taking it much into our intellectual pursuit but experiencing them with a subtle surrender.

    Mother has also defined another aspect as ‘Mahat Ahamkara ‘ which is again the mantra that is integrated for those of us Realized souls who desires to experience it.

    1. nanja gowder

      Dear readers, my apologies if I happen to hurt anyone’s feelings.The scientists say that the Universe was formed by a Big Bang.So be it. How many of you believe in this theory? And when did this Big Bang happen? It is a pertinent question,because until the advent of Copernicus,the world was thought to be flat,and if one sailed in his ship would definitely go overboard.Laughable now but not before Copernicus, who after he expounded his theory, was almost excommunicated from his country. There has to be someone who is doing these miracles. I just imagine the earth going around the sun in a particular orbit with no changes for trillions of years and the moon,a satelite of the earth doing the same orbital around the earth just like the earth does around the sun.Who can explain this?

  2. anaic

    Dear Iona,
    I also feel these presentations of Christ and Buddha can interest every one, Buddist or Yogi or Christian… : the question is no more to know if Buddha believed in God or not, but to understand that He talked of thoughless awareness, Self Realisation,and that nowadays, Sahaja Yoga is the royal path to it.

  3. armaity

    Shri Buddha manifesting at the end of Pingala nadi and Shri Mahavir at the Ida nadi help us balance the two, by sucking in all the negativities from our two sides allowing our agnya to open at the optic chiasma where Lord Jesus Christ with his light enlightens our attention as it passes through it to reach the limbic area of our brain to enter the Kingdom of God which is our ultimate destination. Without their contribution (so called sacrifice) it was not so easy and sahaja , as the human attention (chitta) could easily slip into the left and right channel, taking us either to the individual or collective subconscious or individual or collective supraconscious. The ultimate experience of superconsciouness (niraanand) is possible today, only due to their tremendous work they collectively did for us. Let us be very alert to see our own egos and conditionings, at both personal and collective level, so that they do not exert influence over us and mislead us into slipping away from our destined path.

    1. adrian

      Yes… it is good to be aware… or awake… that is the road to freeing oneself of EGO.

      1. Adrian/Arie

        First you may choose to become the Spirit
        which you already ARE…
        You just do not Realize
        you may simply choose to
        that which you already Are
        and then you will BE.

  4. Col. (Retd.)Sasanka Shekhar Swain

    Doha,07Jun(Mon),M:+974 5137152

    Dear Ioana,
    Thanks for the lovely post.
    A difficult subject, beautifully and clearly explained…
    Keep up the good work.
    With Sahaj love and wishes.
    Your brother,

  5. Dusan

    What a beautifull knowledge from Mother…Shri Budha, Shri Mahavir and Lord Jesus Christ help us together to be in ballance , in the state of thoughtless awareness or mindful awareness. Such reading cleans the Agnya Chakra – it’s experience of the truth.

  6. Debbie

    Very profound – Mother has been blessed to have this pure knowledge and share it with her children.

    Thanks very much Ioana and Shri Mataji.

    Lots of love always.

  7. viki

    it is good to be aware. nice way.
    great job.

  8. selvi

    Thank you for the enlightening article.
    Thank you sharing nirmal vidya.

  9. Elsie

    To attain the pure personality Such a person gives joy healing peace To be helpful to people around you. This is something to aspire to be

  10. Antoinette Wells

    Great blog as usual, Iona: made me reflect on giving Self Realisation to people who don’t believe in God in conventional religions. Just recently gave Realization to a friend of mine who just said: “Thank you for connecting me with my Self!”

  11. Colleen

    Incredible quotes. Love this page! I felt I was in meditation the whole time I read this. Thank you Ioana.

  12. Dylan

    I love the emphasis on compassion and love for growth. How can one further compassion without it being a purely mental act? Spontaneity comes to mind and not expecting returns but is it really just that simple? My desire has been sparked now to hear Mother’s advice on this.

    Thanks for the beautiful post, Mrs. Popa!

  13. Jolanta

    Actions (experience of vibrations on central nervous system) speak louder than words. Buddha was smart (and who am i to say/type that) in his policy because, from my experience, people tend to yap, yap, yap (sorry, I do not mean to disrespect anyone) and empty cans usually clatter the loudest. Thank you, the creators of this website, for being Shri Mataji’s capable instruments.

  14. Anjali

    “First of all, you have to put the nourishment of compassion and love. Have you got that compassion and love? Do you love people?”
    Without self-realization, it is hard to understand pure love and hence to transmit it. But when you experience that pure love (in Sahaja yoga we do, through meditation), you naturally become so compassionate and loving because you yourself are able to experience the pure love from the source and as a bonus, you meet genuine people who have no hidden agenda, nothing to control you for, nothing to sell, but only to give “effortlessly” without ego because they love. So saintly. Thank you to my beautiful sahaja family. I am blessed to know you. 🙂

  15. Helen

    To respect, to look within with honesty, to find the way to compassion of ourselves and to others, to the world, is the blessed journey of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. To truly feel love what deep joy!

  16. NITI

    This article brought tranquility in my mind after reading this beautiful article about Shri Budha the lord of ego and Shri Mahavira,the lord of superego,and Shri Jesus who balanced and control our both channels,why all these lord came on to earth,took birth the answer is here to open our chakra and to make the easiest path of self realization. Thanks Shri Mataji and thanks Ioana for this site of absolute truth.

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