How can I describe Shri Mataji?

An Ethereal Attempt came as an Answer – A Poem born on the Flight from Colombia to Toronto

This poem is dedicated to February 23, 2011 – The MahaSamadhi Day. How can I describe Shri Mataji?!

How can I describe Her ?!

The delicate sweetness of the rose petal,

The pink-white one
Tender cool velvet
from the nest heart of the royal flower
With the attention wrapped in the Self

The Child-Being uttering

either playfully or with a thunder voice

Wisdoms that feed, awaken,
Sprout and bear fruit 
Inner transformations.

My eyes stop again, 
And again, and again
On Her mouth

– The true origin for
The Water and Bread of Eternal Life –
Sipping its perfection of form 
And Her guru-pearls gifts.

Her forehead ? 
palpitates rhythmic, unobtrusive
A Heart emitting Reason

A face that absorbs its Viewer
and reborns him with

the attention turned towards himself

and Lovingly towards The Godhead-maker.

Eyes engulf the Incomprehensible
And they settle on the Eternal.
The mind smiles and
The heart roars internally 
For divine humor tickles and seduces.
The eyes cry with so much tenderness.

longing out of longing

The fragrance of Heaven brought by
The breeze of the moment soaked in Divine Memories.

Now and Here 
She is with me,
She fills me up 
I am leavened like the holly bread

as She is molding my core,
She grows me through me,
She carries me towards my inner Self.
That’s where She’s waiting for me.

There She wakes me up and rests me.

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The NotAword speaks at all times
And it describes Her to me perfectly.

The unspoken tells the story cursively
All our meetings,
In colors-memories-and-feelings,
They’re all looking at each other eye to eye,
They are scattered and intertwined, 
They may unveil
hidden Valleys or 
lift me up on the Peaks sheltered within me.

The deeper I look
I feel how She feels and exists 
In-and-through me.

The longing remains 
Her presence remains.

It does help to find Her

in Each of You and in Us as She made us One with The One.

So You describe Her the best when you are at your best.

I hardly can describe those moments of grace

when all that is mine is in love with all that is yours

Simply because She is our “in-between”.

I ask for Her help
And I always speak to Her.

She hears me – no doubt

I know Her and She knows me.
That’s enough for me.

But the longing remains.

Immaculate – She touches, nourishes and transforms one’s Self yet remains so palpably immaterial and eternal

that’s my personal experience

This poem was written in the Ether; self-born, on a small notebook placed on one’s knees while the heart was in an ardent continuous dialogue with Shri Mataji and eyes were on the little window where Mother Nature’s dramatic splendor was having a Show; Hands were changing tasks, between taking photos and writing verses; at times they were shaping Namaste(s) following heart’s bowing and its awe’s exclamations. On that flight Shri Mataji was the Honorary Guest and expert pilot, and the Ether was Singing with Colors and Silent Poems of Being (In-Within)Love. Placed somewhat above both Earth and Sky, yet not being set apart, this “travelling drop of consciousness” was given to witness unraveled Divine Artistry on a Biosphere canvas. Sky and Earth, through Ether were both interwoven as well remained free Spirited —- always Together and Independent, yet Dancing close to each other in this palpable yet elusive and ever moving Vastness.

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The poem is dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the Spiritual Mother and Teacher for all sahaja yogis around the world. It was born with Her in the heart, mind and attention — especially that on Feb 23rd we offer an homage to Her life as She left the material existence in 2011 on the same date. The roses are from my garden. 🙂

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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Thank You Shri Mataji – Forever and Ever! We Pray with You for the Benevolence of All Humanity and Self-Realization for Everyone!

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  1. Ioana

    From Vani: A poetic flow of Mother’s Love .. the sincerity of depth of heart of Her Child .. Beautifully written ..Jai Shree Mataji ..

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