Thoughtless Awareness – How to Drop into the Ocean of Awareness? TIPS on Introspection & Growth (AVOID Reflective Mind)

“It is the Silence of your Spirit that Empowers You”

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“Your depth is in thoughtless awareness. Is a very important point which you should reach. Looking at anything, if you are thoughtlessly aware, then you really become reflective about it…

Your connection with the divine is only possible when you meditate and become thoughtlessly aware. That’s the point where Divine works, it helps you.

 Is very important to become thoughtlessly aware, because then there are no thoughts coming from the left or right, from the present or the future. Just in the present you are there. 

 You have to steady yourself at thoughtless awareness. How long, that’s not the point. The point is once you touched it, you’ll go on touching it. Many people meditate, but their thought process is going on, they are not thoughtlessly silent. Now this is the one point which is very important. If you have to grow, you should be absolutely in connection with the divine through Thoughtless Awareness.  You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to call anyone, nothing, it just works because it is within you. All these thoughts are bombarding from both the sides in your mind (from Ego/futuristic side and from Super-ego/past/conditioning) . These thoughts that are coming to you have no meaning with you, they don’t want to substantiate.

Yourself you are an ocean and you have to get into that state of thoughtless awareness.

It is always described in all the great books, but not so clearly as I am telling you. 🙂  I don’t say that some of you do not get thoughtless awareness… But, please try, you can all get into that state of thoughtless awareness. Even for a second if you get it, it’s a very good idea. Then you go on increasing that second. I think is a reflecting mind. When you look at something, you will become thoughtlessly aware. And then this mind reflects to the depth of what you see. That’s how you all will become really very creative sahaja yogis. What I find, that this state of thoughtless awareness is not established by many, which is not good.

 Today on this day of Diwali (known as the Festival of Lights) , I would say that: you enlighten yourself with thoughtless awareness! It is not difficult, is within you, because thoughts are coming from this side and that side. And they are not the waves of your brain, no, just your own reactions. But, in case you meditate in the real sense of the word, then you will get into that thoughtless awareness. Which is a very important point and all these nonsensical thoughts, which are of no use to you, will disappear.  They won’t be there and then your growth is possible and you’ll grow very well.

Many people are here, who will say:   “Mother, we don’t get that state”. Try, try that! I don’t believe you cannot get it. All of you can get that thought – that “I can get it”-, and you will get it.

 In that you don’t have to discard anything, you don’t have to see anything, just go into meditation and you’ll be amazed how it will work out.

 Of course you are very much there, most of you, but still, I would say, increase that thoughtless awareness, that area!”


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12 Responses to “Thoughtless Awareness – How to Drop into the Ocean of Awareness? TIPS on Introspection & Growth (AVOID Reflective Mind)”

  1. adrian says:

    On thoughtless awareness…

    Silently say…
    I AM,
    For in each Moment…
    You Are,
    And then you will be Aware that…
    I AM.
    What IS Doing the Choosing.
    And you will realize that…
    The Question and Answer are One.

    • adrian says:

      Continuation on “thoughtless awareness”.

      What IS Self Realization.
      The Mastery of Silence…

      Just breathe…
      And say,
      “I” on the in breathe…
      And then,
      “AM” on the out breathe…

      And enjoy.

      • adrian says:

        The Infinite continuation…
        of the Love of Silence,

        Breathe in the Love…
        Then breathe out the Emanation,
        of that Love.

        Breathe in…
        Breathe out,
        Slowly, peacefully…
        Feel the flow.

        Be the Love…
        I AM

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  4. Sunaina says:

    Thank you Ioana. I really want to attain thoughtless awareness. Picture is so beautiful depicting silence in nature. Jai Shree Mata Ji.

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  8. Jolanta says:

    The photograph is very conducive to achieving oneness with nature which may help with thoughtless awareness,

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