How was it?! Quick report from Sara & Gladys on the Annual Wellness Show 2011 @Burlington Seniors’ Centre

Sara tells us: ‘The wellness event at the seniors centre was great fun. Lots of seniors came up to our stand as they were very interested to find out more about our meditation and many tried it themselves. This year, more than previous years, people were making much more of an effort to come to us rather than us having to ask them if they would like to try the meditation. Many people received their realization and said they felt something and enjoyed the experience. There were people from Hamilton as well as Oakville and Burlington. Funny how I always end up giving realization to at least one person from Hamilton when I am in Burlington!’

Gladys is completing the picture for us:  “The day at the Seniors’ Center was an enjoyable one, we had a lot of people stop and  visit  us, and they  were curious to know about Sahaja Yoga Meditation,  so we’ve explained the best we could about the “Chakras” etc. and they wanted to come and visit  the different Centers/Classes we have in Ontario, to learn it ‘properly”. Again there were some Spanish speaking people that had seeing it for the first time and were impressed about the energy that they felt after we  did the self-realization experience with them and the chakra workshop; so impressed that they’ve felt to promise  to visit  us in the future. ( and some of them had come already to the Burlington and Oakville classes!). All and all was a complete success!”‘

We want to thank Peter who had taken the photos from this event on his cellular (in between offering the chakra workshops himself 🙂 and to Chandra and Gladys that prepared the set-up early in the morning and offered all their help at our booth, then to Sara and Adrian that are traditionally present  – actively! – to this annual event .. and of course to other sahaja yogis that came to give a hand, like Slava from Toronto.

Remember Anandita’s Delicious Smile? What about her Voice & Dance?!

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