Day 10 – Canadian Seniors @ Sunrise Centre enjoying Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Mississauga – Feedback from Anandita’s Visit


Ann said in a separate message: helping Carmen out today at the Seniors Home and enjoying again wonderful experience with Anandita. We are blessed so many times we get to be part helping Anandita’s tour and enjoying wonderful stories and love.

2 Letters & Few Photos from a Wonderful Evening with  “Art & Spirituality” Tour!

Anandita at Sunrise Seniors Centre

Letter from Carmen, Mississauga

Dear Ioana:
Yesterday with Anandita at the Sunrise Senior Residence was perfect, way more than what I expected. Due to the initial lack of feedback we received from the Residence, we did not know what to expect and how many people will be there. Surprise: we had 40 residents and 12 staffers participating!


Plus ourselves Anandita, Rikie, Ahilan, Ann, Malti, Margaret and one addition a new/old yogini that was contacted from the Westdale Mall, she has been a yogini for 20 years in Montreal now she resides in Mississaga and lives by the Westdale Mall, by “coincidence” she came to see Anandita’s performance and now she is with us. We discussed the program just before we started and decided to keep it short. Margaret introduced Anandita, she started dancing, singing and then, asked the residents for their permission to meditate  and do the chakra workshop for Kundalini Awakening (self-realization experiment) and we obtained an overwhelmingly “Yes, Yes!!” img_09511

Then we had Ahilan playing the Tabla and Anandita dancing and singing and everybody clapping and that was it!!

img_0954 Our public demanded – everybody wanted more!! –  so we ended up also dancing salsa and then the senior residents joined us and started dancing with us and the rest of them were so joyful and attentive and the joy was filling the room. We left the door open to come back in the future. When we left everybody was smiling.seniors-dancing1 Then we all yogis went to a coffee shop and enjoy our company and make the people at the coffee shop get involved with us and gave them an invitation/flyer to come and visit us. Anandita, Ahilan and Rickie left to continue their journey to Toronto. Hope you like it. Love, Carmen


Letter from Ann, Mississauga

Dearest Ioana, Yes such lovely Sari Anandita had on today.Anandita reconnected with Senior lady that had practised Sahaja Yoga in Montreal many years ago

It was wonderful at the seniors home as first they were little shy then as soon as Anandita started dancing the vibrations were cool and everyone enjoying and one lovely senior spontaneously started clapping hands together and other was smiling and saying “I feel so blessed” and wanting to hold Anandita hand.  Anandita finished off with Colombian dance and two seniors danced with us and her, everyone smiling and enjoying seeing the fun.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation with AnanditaAlso Anandita gave small meditation and was so beautiful and connected, the seniors and staff all said “We feel the peace within“. We took photos and video so can share with everyone.

After we all went for tea and cake ( for Rickie stawberry ice cream haaa) was so nice we all got to share and have lots of laughs.

Anandita’s Delicious Smile

Anandita's Delicious Smile!! Anandita invited us to join you this Wednesday to Niagara Falls, will be happy to come, will arrange time and meet up place etc…  Love, Ann

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  1. adrian

    What a wonderful gift to share with others… the joy of a “smile”.

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    Thank you for sharing this joy with the whole sahaj family!

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    Ripples of JOY!!!

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