(VIDEO – Introspection) New Yogis on Root Chakra & Shri Ganesha

Click (speakers ON!!): VIDEO (Karen, Raluca and Gratiela)

The above represents the debut with “Sahaj Guru Game – Intro(duction/spection) on Chakras – 2012” at our free yoga meditation class in Burlington. The “mooladhara team” this year was made of “fresh yoginis” but they did a great job in manifesting qualities of the first chakra: they were spontaneous, sincere, humble, innocent, courageous and in the present. We have thoroughly enjoyed this team and that was a great class altogether!! We even sang on the spot a Sanskrit song/bhajan dedicated to Lord Ganesha. In the link below you have a chance to enjoy the presentation + live music! that happened during the Sahaj Guru Game class dedicated to Mooladhara chakra. If you have patience you will be rewarded with a Collection of Interesting articles about this chakra and its governing power (Lord Ganesha), also more prayers and affirmations will be added – so you can use them during your meditations.

(click!) Mooladhara TeamSahaj Guru Game – The 1st Experience in 2011: Ela and Paula @Milton-Mississauga Class

Prayers for Awakening the Lord of the Root Chakra

(With right hand to the photo and left hand on the ground)

Shri Ganesha, I am going to be worthy of Your attention,

Please make me innocent, so that I am in Your attention.

You who are Shri Ganesha,  please give me wisdom and discrimination.

Affirmations for Strenghtening our Mooladhara Chakra

(With right hand to the source of vibrations/meditation-photo and left hand on the ground)

Mother Kundalini, by Your Grace, I am the powerful Innocence of a child.

Collection of USEFUL Connections

(read +watch) Connection: Shri Ganesha and Mother Earth

(click) Chakras Evolutionary Theory from Ganesha to Jesus Christ

(click) Connection: The Divine Essence of Prayer with Jesus and Ganesha

(click!) Conection: Divine Mechanism & Chemistry of Subtle Energy of Shri Ganesha’s Powers & Role

(click) Connection: Christmas and Ganesha

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  1. Ram

    We are planning a Youth seminar this summer. Very good idea. Thank you very much for sharing. This is excellent activity. Good Job.

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