Anandita: “Who is my Yoga Teacher?! How Powerful?!” – Miracle testimonial about Shri Mataji on Video!

Traditional Yoga Teacher – Student Relationship with Story shared spontaneously in Burlington and captured on Video – Enjoy!

Before listening to Anandita’s story (about her great lesson as a child artist and as a sahaja yoga early student), for those of us that are not having a traditional yoga-meditation background it is better to read the following quotes from the founder of sahaja yoga  meditation. Why? Because in the West we have quite a formal relationship between a teacher and a student, it’s more an exchange of services: one will pay and the other one will deliver an expected product. Yes, the knowledge nowadays is considered a product, an object to be purchased as well. shri-mataji-bench-childSahaja Yoga is a very traditional type of yoga – meditation practise while it really is extremely modern in its form. The knowledge and its core content may come via all kind of media: i-tune, internet, photos, audio or video files. Because the vibrations can penetrate any element and the Ether is actually maybe the best vehicle for such Cool Rider. Plus one can meditate even in front of the computer,meditation-with-laptop-in-nature in the lunch break, on a bench or in a high-rise apartment. However, for the yoga(=connection) to Really happen, quick and easy in such a ‘cozy’ environment, something is needed: the Yoga-Meditation teacher should be of a tremendous calibre. Here it comes the ancient/traditional element for Sahaja Yoga meditation: the teacher is a guru that can transcend any reality and can truly carry Himalaya’s serenity to our modern offices, gadget-filled schools, crowded streets,  sky scrappers or basements; to where people potentially speak any language or live anywhere – yes, anyone can feel the Connection to the Whole  and realize the Oneness with this type of Meditation. Through the connection to a true Yoga teacher. Anyone becomes his/her own Master and guru-teacher. And the world becomes one’s Family.

Let’s prepare for Anandita’s Miracle Story with 2 Excerpts from Anandita’s Yoga teacher – interesting that they come from an “Adishakti Puja” that was mentioned in the video as well.

It is your seeking which has brought you to Sahaja Yoga. I never write letters to anybody. I never call anybody. You know all Gurus do that, as soon as they visit any city they write down all the names of important people and write letters to them and get about 2-3 at least for the program. But without doing all that, how we have managed this enmass realisation, Kundalini awakening, by which people started understanding Sahaja Yoga?! It’s started penetrating into them. Now for that I have to raise my own Kundalini like that every time in a Public Program. I rise mine also. And in my Kundalini itself I can catch all your problems. It’s painful .. that is why after puja I become very much, like a stone for a while. The reason is I am absorbing all that is within you. I have put you all in my body. You are part and parcel of my body. Every cell that I have is for you and you have to be that subtle to understand that.. anything, immediately I know. How do I know is because you are inside me. “

“The relationship between you and me is of course very intimate that you should be within my body. But if you people are not meditating ..then I have no relationship with you, you are not my relative, you have no right on me, you have no question to be asked, why this is happening, why that is happening. I always say ‘Meditate.. Meditate’, if you do not meditate.. there is no connection and you are like all other people. You may be Sahaja Yogis, you might have got degree of Sahaja Yoga from your leader, I don’ t know and you may be regarded as something very great. But if you do not do your meditation every day, morning – evening, you are really not any more in the realm of Shri Mataji. Because, the connection is only through Dhyana, through meditation. I have known people who do not do meditation. Then.. something happens. And then they come and tell me but I see clearly that the person is not meditating. I have no relationship with him. He has no right to ask me anything. In the beginning, of course the meditation takes time, but once you know what is meditation and you enjoy my company, how you are one with me, how we can have a rapport with each other, then there is no need to have anything in between, like writing letters or some other sort of a ‘special connection’.

Nothing, only thing that is needed is meditation. In meditation you grow. In that spiritually you become higher and when that happens you start in a way I would say, that when you reach a state of that maturity in Sahaja Yoga, then you don’ t want to give up your Meditation. Because that time you are Absolutely One with me. ”

who-is-shri-mataji-anandita-canada-20091 The above 2 excerpts are from a  Lecture on Adi Shakti – the Primordial Power, in 1993 at Cabella

Anandita had her 1st Performance of “Art & Spirituality – When Rhythm becomes Meditation” Tour in Burlington, November 2009 and after that we invited her to have a late dinner at Kwality Restaurant. We started spontaneously to share personal stories during our get-together and this one is really special – hope you all will enjoy feeling again Anandita’s personality that is so SAHAJ! Great Thanks to Maxim, Toronto who had the inspiration to record Anandita’s story on the spot!!

The photos above are with children that had started practising sahaja yoga meditation quite early – as it happened with Anandita. We hope that they will rise and express their yoga-connection in powerful ways and for a collective benefit when they reach their maturity. Obviously not all will become talented artists as Anandita Basu – however, for sure the genuine spirituality shines anyways.

Yes, Anandita had enjoyed immensely her visit to Canada and made so many friends.

In case you’d like to Enjoy the Music-Dance Videos & Stories from Anandita’s Canadian Tour – check out this link.

We’re looking forward to see her here again!!

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  1. Surjeet

    We are really proud of her what she and all the collective in Canada is doing for promoting Sahaja Yoga.She has chosen by the devine to it. Love you All

  2. Peter Corden

    This is a very inspirational and rewarding message. Thank you and many more joyous moments during 2010
    Shri Mataji You have given us more than we could ask for !

  3. Shashidhar

    Only a humble and realized soul like Anandita can recount a humbling experience and see the Divine Play at the same time…

  4. Hitesh

    Such a beautiful experience sister. When I saw it one thing came to my mind, to make a sculpture, you have to hit it and carve it, else it would remain a bulk of stone. And when that Bulk becomes the beauty… it spreads so much joy everywhere. Thank you again for making us realize that We are to see our qualities and the best of it all, Being the Soul, the spirit which is never tarnished. The more the ego hurts, better we become. I recently heard a talk of Shri Mataji where She talks about Shri Buddha and how he kills the ego, and how Buddha – which come from Bodha.. means to realize.. makes us realize that we aren’t this ego but a drop, which shines on Divine rays of All Mighty! Thanks a lot!

  5. Draupadi

    Thank you so much for this amazing story! May we all became perfect instruments….
    With Love from Draupadi.

  6. Gabriel Voican

    Let Our Mother do everything, everytime… of course in a subtle manner. Sakshat! Romanian Yogi

  7. Raj

    Thank you Anandita for the lesson on Humility and the compassion of the Divine!

  8. venke

    wonderful. all artists shd read and see this!! Stay connected to Mother and the Art will flow.- thanks for sharing this.

  9. Col. Sasanka Shekhar Swain


    Mob:+974 5137152

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    Watching Anandita’s video and onhearing her experiences, brought back memories of my first meeting with Shri Mataji in 1999, in ‘Pratisthan’, in Pune, where I had gone to attend the ‘Shiva Pooja’. Subtle and profound. Straight and ‘to the point’, Shri Mataji just found out ‘everything’ that I wished to ask. Iwas going through one of the most difficult and painful periods of my Army career. I had just been into Sahaj, not even a month old. Mother’s compassion took me to “Pratisthan” and straight to Mother’s Lotus feet. No questions were asked. But, she answered each and every question that came up in my heart, that I ‘wished’ to put to Her. She answered all my questions, without my putting a single question to Her. All Her answers were direct and in answer to my ‘thoughts’ that were in my mind. I was shy and not confident enough to ask. But Mother, in a clear,simple manner, without ambiguities, gave out all the answers. That is our Mother, our Guru, who knows each and every thing about us. Amazing but true.
    Almost ten years have gone by, but it remains fresh in memory, as if this meeting with our Mother, took place yesterday.
    Just felt like sharing it with you all…
    With Sahaj love and wishes.

  10. Brig(Retd) A L Sandhal

    My life has undergone a sea change after joining Sahaja Yoga.

    Me always fall short of words , whenever something is to be said about Shri Mataji’s blessings. Her blessings are immence and are for the entire humanity, for the entire nature and for all cratures.
    Shri Mataji has made me extremely lucky..
    Must thank Anandita for being so humble and for complete dedication and devotion ..

  11. anandita basu

    .. i missssssssssssssss you alllllllllllllll and canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,i had such a great time with all of you……you cant believe, the honour is totally mine, must thank all the yogis of canada for so much love and care, and joy………..and thank you shri mataji for all these oppertunities of this life time……wish you a very happy new year and lots of spiritual growth………..lots of love

    1. adrian

      I am grateful for having had the chance to see you share with all…

    2. Kasturi Pillay

      JSM Anandita
      we were honoured to see you perform in Cabella in 2007,what joy and love to our Great Mother, is expressed in your dancing as well as singing.

      South Africa

    3. armaity

      Anandita, I agree with you totally. Since 2000, I have been regularly visiting Canada (Toronto) and the love and warmth I have received from yogis here is what I treasure and will cherish forever. Each time I am here, I feel I have “come home” !! I think the yogis here have imbibed the essence of Sahaja Yoga which is nothing but pure love…..

  12. Kasthurie

    Thank you for sharing your most amazing story with us. A beautiful reminder, of OUR MOTHER …

  13. Manga

    Amazing story Anandita, love from the heart-Manga

  14. Debbie

    It was a great pleasure experiencing Anandita’s passion and talents for the art. Thanks so much for sharing your childhood experience of Shri Mataji – lesson to be learnt – we all need to place our egos on the back burner…it will only hinder our advancement in life.

    Lots of love always.

  15. Tracy

    Thank you Anandita your message was very beautiful and is something that i m reminding myself everyday about not listening to your ego and superego it is a struggle. Much love Tracy

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