Earth Day – A Mother’s Day for Meditation on Integration with Images, Words of Wisdom and 1983 Clip

mother_earth But How? Let’s address this “know-how” from the sahaj subtle perspective during this article. We can start by meditating on the truth embedded in  the following key phrase:

“We have to understand the connection and the symbolic expression of the Mother Earth within”

Beautiful Earth Day 2010 Card made by Navin – practising sahaja yoga meditation in UAE.

Individually and collectively there is a sense of emergency reflected lately in media too, that something has to be done to restore the natural balance on Earth; there is also a profound sense of guilt that we have hurt Mother Earth and it’s time to stop; however the actions in this direction are pale and weak and at the root, these actions, mainly are externally motivated.

Until one doesn’t feel the organic urge from within to Realize the connection with Mother Earth by experiencing that we are wired to her trough our innate fibre, there is no true love nor understanding. Thus, no Real solution that would change the actual situation. Only the knowledgeable, palpable love is able to act intelligently and effectively and has healing and transformative powers.  Let’s listen to the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, addressing to us in the following quotes extracted from her lectures offered around the world. Subtle Connections to meditate upon..

Mother Earth & Root Chakra (Mooladhara)Connection through Kundalini & Ganesha Principle

“Today.. Shri Ganesha. It was said about him that he is the first deity (divine subtle principle/energy that is governing the subtle energy centres called chakras) that was created on this earth by Adi Shakti.


** Adi Shakti is Primordial Power in Sanskrit and it is perceived as a motherly form of the creator, the one that had generated the Creation, expressed in material form as the Universe – this power had taken the form of  The Goddess in the collective psyche.


” Today, I’m going to tell something more subtler about him (Shri Ganesha principle), Kundalini and the Mother Earth. He was made out of the Mother Earth with the vibrations of his Mother (Shri Adi Shakti).  Shri Ganesha gives you Balance. He keeps you in proper track. But if you don’t want to listen to him, you are thrown away. I hope we understand our relationship with Nature, with Shri Ganesha and with our Kundalini. It’s like absolutely identified with each other, absolutely. If you start loving the Nature, all these ideas of spoiling your innocence will be finished.”

Significance of Mother Earth – acting as Mother Kundalini

“Now, the significance of Mother Earth, we have never understood. Now, look at the Mother Earth! She is the one who produces all kinds of beautiful flowers, of different fragrance, of different nature, colour, heights; the trees are different. Trees when they grow up, they grow in such a manner that every leaf of that tree gets the sun. Look at the Collective Sense which is given to us by this Mother Earth. We have never realised that this Mother Earth which is giving us everything that we want and the sun helps the Mother Earth, co-operates, co-ordinates within you. To go further with it, you have seen a picture where a Kundalini is coming out of the Mother Earth and half of It is seen. So, what does this Kundalini do for us? Or what does this Mother Earth do for us? The Kundalini leaves the Mother Earth as a reflection and what does She do within us to build us up in which way? So it is the primordial power which is coming out of the Mother Earth. Mother Earth itself acts like a Mother: She looks after you, She gives you whatever you want and another miracle thing is that the highest tree is a coconut tree and the coconut will never fall on any creature or any human being.”

“That means this all thinking, all understanding, all consciousness, all awareness is coming from the Mother Earth. But we never understand. As it is we take for granted.”

“Now, what does She do for us, for us human beings?!
She is the primordial power. What she does is to build in us a primordial, you can call, restrictions or primordial Taboos or primordial Dharmas. For example, you see, the steel is here. It has its own dharma: it cannot behave like wood; wood has its own dharma, it cannot behave like silver. They all have their Dharmas and they are bound in that dharma. Everything that is in the nature has its own dharma.”

Mother Earth is Binding us by Sacredness and Divine Understanding – Param Chaitanya & Dharma

“As soon as you deviate from that, something goes wrong. Now, who punishes or who corrects or who destroys, it’s this Primordial Power, which we call as Param Chaitanya. If you can understand that it’s a structure; say, this is the structure of this hangar, now you want to break it, you can break it, because you are human beings, but it will be broken. As simple as that, we have to understand we are human beings and we cannot do things which go against our dharma.”

“Now, why the Dharma? Dharma has to be there for our ascent. Now, man in his intelligence and his progressiveness thinks that anything he does: “What’s wrong?” Specially in the West this is very common, but I must say for the aboriginal people or people who are, I don’t know I should call them Indian aboriginals or not, but those who were made aware of the primordial taboos somehow, as animals know what is bad for them and that knowledge was there with aboriginals.”

Stories with Primordial Taboos & Aboriginals from India & Australia – sharing Sanskrit & Mother Earth’s Veneration

“Today, we are here with the Australians and in Australia, aboriginals are so many, I was surprised, most of their words were Sanskrit. So, might be they might have got it from India or maybe they have gone there from India. So many words they have got which are Sanskrit. So, I started thinking about them. Normally aboriginals, say in India we have aboriginals, we call them, Goon, Gorku, Bhil. We had a lady who was a maid with us, Gahanabhi was her name. She’s an excellent cook, but she had her maryadas. All the time, like, if My father came, she would immediately cover her head and go in the other room to respect him. Nobody told her to do that. Their marriage system was also very surprisingly good and their relationships with the children also was very good. Somehow or other, in My childhood I met many of them because I had also a habit of going to the jungles where I used to meet them and I was surprised. They would not drink. This, I’m telling you about 60 years back, maybe more; they would not drink, very Lajjashi, means shame of everything, matter of, sort of prestige for them was important. They would never steal anything and I was really very impressed how these people were so dharmic, so good and happy. They lived in huts, they didn’t mind, but they were very clean and neat people. It is now changed. The same people are changed so much. I mean, they were like sacred people, I tell you, holy people. They worshipped Mother, they worshipped Mother Earth, nothing else and I asked this lady: “Why do you worship Mother Earth?” She said: “She gives us everything, She is just mother. We live in the jungle; She looks after us and She is the most conscious person. She knows that we are there and She has to look after us.” Even to take out some leaves from the trees, they used to think about it.
But then the missionaries came, they converted them, they gave them skirts and blouses, I don’t know what all they did but Gahanabhi did not. She said: “What is this? Why should I wear a dress like this where the whole body is exposed? No, I’ll wear a saree. I can never give up. Why should I wear this kind of a useless dress?” But when they met these so-called advanced people, so many of them started living like that. They said: “You have no freedom, you are just bound by something.” But actually they were bound by the sacredness, by the divine understanding. And then they started changing. She was alright, her husband was alright, but her son started drinking. This is the beginning of the end. Then gambling and all other sorts of things he started and her grandson started going to prostitutes. And the idea was only that: ‘We are free, what’s wrong?’ Now, these primordial taboos are in you built-in, they are there. These are existing maybe in a potential state, maybe you have curbed them down, may be you have turned them out, but they are there; all the time they are there. ”

What is Auspiciousness? Definition & Connection to Shri Ganesha, Mother Earth and Oneness

“And that’s what we say that: you are leaving the maryadas or else we say that: you are insulting Shri Ganesh. So when Mother created this universe, first deity was Shri Ganesh. Auspiciousness was created. Now, we don’t understand what is auspiciousness. Auspiciousness is a complete understanding of primordial restrictions and also of the protocol. For example in India, we all used to do that, though I was in a Christian family, that before touching the Mother Earth, getting up from the bed, we used to say: “Oh, Mother Earth, please forgive us, because we are touching You with our feet.” So, respect for the Mother Earth and for nature is built-in within us, part and parcel, we are part and parcel of this whole, we can call it a whole universe. But when you get into this nonsensical idea of freedom, then you are leaving your Mother Earth. Your gravity itself reduces. This Mother Earth has to teach us, while we are plundering, now there is everything, ecology, ecology, people are trying.”

Outside = Inside (Explanation with Hibiscus & Shri Ganesha) – Do not exploit the Mother!

“Whatever is outside is also inside. If you want to exploit your Mother inside or if you want to trouble your Mother inside, you can also trouble this Mother Earth like this. Now, what has replaced our understanding is very simple, is that we are paying more attention to money. If you can cut a tree, say, to get money, then it is hurting the Mother, but if you are cutting a tree for beautifying Her, then She is happy. Her discretion his so great. See the way She produces flowers. Different, different types of flowers, in different, different countries, different types of flowers. Like Me, I saw in My country, that flowers are extremely fragrant, very fragrant and She understands so much. Once I went to Australia and this flower we call hibiscus, it’s a red flower which becomes pink and then red. Imagine it becomes first pink and then gradually it becomes red. Even the sunflower goes on turning its face with the sun. Now, how can you say there is no connection between a sunflower and the sun? Automatically it goes on changing. So, these hibiscus flowers are the flowers which we use to worship Shri Ganesh. And the programme was to worship Shri Ganesh. On the way, I saw so many trees of hibiscus, just flowering. See, at this time, so many flowers I see. I said: “I think you better get these flowers for the puja.” And when I arrived in the hall, all the Sahaja Yogis had got hibiscus on their own! I never talked to them, just on their own. They didn’t know that it is to be used for Shri Ganesh. But Mother Earth Herself created at that time.

This is the time of Shri Ganesha when you should get Hibiscus. It’s very remarkable how the Nature is so much within us and how this whatever is within us guides outside and receives the blessings. We are not something separate.

This Mother Earth is our home.

We have a Home in Her and She has a Home within ourselves.

The Intelligence of Mother Earth

“I said today, that for Shri Ganesha, He had the body of the clay, just ordinary. So, you can imagine, you can really think of it, how this whole universe has created us. All of it is within us and when we try to hurt something, then we are hurting ourselves. The intelligence of Mother Earth, I’ve seen from my childhood. It’s such a beautiful thing to know the nature and the Mother Earth. That’s why all the saints, in India especially, used to go and live in the forest. Only in the forest you could see clearly how this primordial bondage was absolutely obeyed, absolutely obeyed naturally by the Nature.”

Informal Discussion on Sustainable Alternate Energy  – Since 1983 in the attention of Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Channeling Awareness  & Realizing Connection to Mother Earth from within

“And at this time, we have Sahaja Yoga where you have become aware, aware of your natural taboos. It is there, because I told you potentially it is there, it is enlightened and suddenly you have accepted. I never expected so much, I tell you, but you have accepted it and not only that, but you are enjoying it, you are practising it. “

“Sahaja Yoga is a System of Nature” – says Shri Mataji. Here Shri Mataji enjoying the beach of Cairns, Australia in 1990 – celebrating her birthday, March 21 (Equinox!) in Nature

(excerpts from a detailed talk on the subtle connections between Kundalini, Earth and Shri Ganesha – 1997, Italy)

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  1. Mary Iglesias

    Thank you for help us in our grow,to remember us the importance, conection care and love to MOTHER EARTH. Mary.

  2. armaity

    Thank You Ioana for this wonderful compilation on “Earth & Nature” , reminding us of our roots which give us balance and gravity. All the images in the article are so apt and beautiful and I really loved the Earth Day 2010 card made by Navin, our brother from UAE.

  3. Dorothy

    Such beautiful words of Our Holy Mother. We give thanks to Her for showing us the beauty of Mother Earth and how to respect Her.
    Mother’s photo is so beautiful sitting in on the shore of the ocean.

  4. Shashidhar

    So relevant for what’s happening around us these days…

    A connection between the ‘Elephant-headed God’, Mother Earth, and Divine child-like innocence:
    1. Media reports abuse of children (embodying innocence) by Catholic priests
    2.Volcano (Mother Earth) erupts in Ire(anger)land!

  5. Robert Harrison O'Carroll

    These tears of Joy have entered into the Ocean. Jai Shri Adi Boomi Ma – Salutations to Mother Earth!

  6. Debbie

    Our neglect and abuse for Mother Earth is a reflection of our inner being. We need to awaken the power of Shri Ganesha and preserve the beauty that Mother has created for us to enjoy.

    Lots of love always.


  7. Elsie

    “Earth provides enough for every man’s need but not every mans’ greed” This is a statement by Ghandi. If every one of us respected Mother Earth, especially large business corporations, no man, woman or child would go hungry. What a beautiful world it would be.

  8. reza

    Hi MY Name Is Reza Hassani An Architectural University Student ,I Am Conducting Some Research Into Phenomenology Of Place ( Norbeg Shulz Theory)And earth chakras In Architecture. I would Like To Have Your Latest Researches Results And Articles About These Subjects.In Addition,I Want To Get Informations And Articles In Terms Of Sacred Places And Gayas Theory.
    Your Sincerely
    Reza Hassani

    1. adrian

      The simplicity of cleansing…

  9. Thava Govender

    May we individually reflect and collective promote respect for Mother Earth.We have no option ….but to heal !Today Mother Earth is a reflection of our inner being and turmoil .Jai Shri Adi Boomi Ma !

  10. Antoinette Wells

    Shri Mataji’s vues, so revolutionary and forward in the early eighties where it was hardly spoken about alternative energies. Also love the connection of the wholeness of earth and human beings. Thanks again for a beautiful blog, Iona!

  11. Tushar kapoor

    this article on mother earth was excellent.

  12. Shulin

    Everything outside is inside, the only solution for all the environmental crisis is to build back the connection with the Mother Earth which is built-in.

    #Sahaj guru game #mooladhara

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