Our 2nd Day at Eco Festival – with MUSIC VIDEOS!


Enjoy quick Slideshow – Music Performances with Nirananda Band – Enjoy the audience too!! 



Please, provide your sincere feedback – as comments to this article –  in case you had visited our booth at the Halton Eco Festival 2010 or if you had participated to the music performances with our Nirananda Band; or even regarding the music provided in the videos below or ..even few words about the photos.  That will be great! Thank you. 🙂 

 Video #1 – Mahamaya Mahakali (Bhajan) 


    Video #2 – Namostute 


Video #3 – Jai Janani (Bhajan) 


 Video #4 -Ali Mola (Kawali) – will be posted soon

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  1. Liz

    Beautiful music!!!

  2. Michelle


  3. Ashwani sehgal

    What a beautiful & relaxing & rejuvinating music.Kudos to the Newly formed Nirananda group & specially to the young lady, she sings so well & with Divine sweetness that I might have to call her a ‘Sangeet Kokila’ which means a nightgale bird(Koyal) who sings very graciously & melodiously.She has such a great through,May be future she can compose & record sahaja music.

  4. Debbie

    I loved the music – all beautiful but I had a favourite – Mahamaya Mahakali (Bhajan. It was so sweet to see the lovely little girl dancing to the music – even she approved!

    Lots of love always.

  5. Dorothy

    Very beautiful music, I too enjoyed the little girl dancing.

  6. ene garva

    Go Nirananda , go!

  7. paula erskine

    Congratulations on the forming of the new band! They are all great and multi-talented!
    Enjoyed all the photos from the eco-festival too, great vibrations were felt through the images!

  8. Shashidhar

    What a beautifully integrated band. May your tribe increase!

    The Jai Janani bhajan was also amazing. The harmonium accompaniment was also great.

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