The Bee and The Buzzz: Sahaja Yoga Meditation featured at 2017 Halton Eco-Festival as a “Phenomenal Organization” by the Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights

“First you have to make an effort to be balanced. Then you ascend.

So one has to know that stage by stage it happens to you and you do not became a hypocrite. But you become real. And reality is shown by its own being.

That is how you become. So understand the reality within yourself, face it, solve it. Some people could try to sit at the front or sort of try to show off. But that is not important.”

“What is important is how much you know yourself, it is Self-Realization. Once you develop that then you know others in a real way, and not artificially, and then the enjoyment is complete.

“Like a Bee will never go to an artificial flower, human beings have to become a bee.”

(excerpt from Advises given to sahaja yogis by the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation –  Shri Mataji, in 1984, in England)

Echoes (the Buzzz)  from Halton Eco Festival 2017 – We received Great feedback from this event’s organizers as well from the many participants  (all age groups!) that have tried our workshops!

Kudos to all our Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation volunteers – We will celebrate all of you, soon!!! We had a fantastic year so far and it did not slow down a bit during the fall.. quite the opposite!

Yes, the Flower, the Bee and the Pond are from our beloved Halton – photos taken this year by our Family of Volunteers

(a must read!!) Brenda: Connecting with the Powers of Healing, Creativity and Giving Life to Bees (!)

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  1. Anjali

    The effects of Sahaja Yoga are phenomenal and I certainly vouch for this. It is a perfect way to start and end your day. So nourishing and healing. Absolutely love it .

  2. Angie

    Beautiful article, thank you.

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