Find out Why Meditation is Mental Silence and Why Meditation Benefits Your Chakras

Find out Why Meditation is Mental Silence


Find out Why Meditation Benefits Your Chakras

At all our free sahaja yoga meditation classes there is an emphasis on reaching individually and collectively to the state of Thoughtless Awareness and .. on learning to maintain and further strengthen it. Our meditations will become deeper and we will explore the next levels of spiritual awareness; also our innate connection with Mother Earth’s energy will be experienced. This article is explaining logically the importance and the benefits of this unique type of ‘mental silence’. Enjoy!

How Thoughtless Awareness influences the Speed & Depth of Chakras

Quote #1

” You must know that beyond thought when you go, these chakras become extremely efficient. Because the thought puts a pressure on them and because of the pressure the movement of these chakras is very slow and ineffective. But once you can get out of your thoughts and go into thoughtless awareness, then these chakras start working it out and you start moving much deeper into your own being.”

Shri Mataji (Lecture on  Shri Chakra & Lalita Chakra – 1990)

 Quote #2

“Your Depth is in Thoughtless Awareness. It is a very important point which you should reach. Looking at anything, if you are thoughtlessly aware, then you really become reflective about it…

Your connection with the divine is only possible when you meditate and become thoughtlessly aware. That’s the point where Divine works, it helps you.

 It is very important to become thoughtlessly aware, because then there are no thoughts coming from the left [left energy channel] or right [rigth energy channel], [meaning]  from the present or the future. Just in the present you are there. 

 You have to steady yourself at thoughtless awareness. How long, that’s not the point. The point is once you touched it, you’ll go on touching it. Many people meditate, but their thought process is going on, they are not thoughtlessly silent. Now this is the one point which is very important. If you have to grow, you should be absolutely in connection with the divine through Thoughtless Awareness.  You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to call anyone, nothing, it just works because it is within you. All these thoughts are bombarding from both the sides in your mind (from Ego/futuristic side and from Super-ego/past/conditioning) . These thoughts that are coming to you have no meaning with you, they don’t want to substantiate.

Yourself you are an ocean and you have to get into that state of thoughtless awareness.

It is always described in all the great books, but not so clearly as I am telling you. ?  I don’t say that some of you do not get thoughtless awareness… But, please try, you can all get into that state of thoughtless awareness. Even for a second if you get it, it’s a very good idea. Then you go on increasing that second. I think is a reflecting mind. When you look at something, you will become thoughtlessly aware. And then this mind reflects to the depth of what you see. That’s how you all will become really very creative sahaja yogis.


What I find, that this state of thoughtless awareness is not established by many, which is not good.

 Today on this day of Diwali (known as the Festival of Lights) , I would say that: you enlighten yourself with thoughtless awareness! It is not difficult, is within you, because thoughts are coming from this side and that side. And they are not the waves of your brain, no, just your own reactions. But, in case you meditate in the real sense of the word, then you will get into that Thoughtless Awareness. Which is a very important point and all these nonsensical thoughts, which are of no use to you, will disappear.  They won’t be there and then your growth is possible and you’ll grow very well.

Many people are here, who will say:   “Mother, we don’t get that state”. Try, try that! I don’t believe you cannot get it. All of you can get that thought – that “I can get it”-, and you will get it.

 In that you don’t have to discard anything, you don’t have to see anything, just go into meditation and you’ll be amazed how it will work out.

 Of course you are very much there, most of you, but still, I would say, Increase that Thoughtless Awareness, that area!” (Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

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  1. Colleen

    Can’t wait for the classes of 2017!!

  2. Sunaina

    I pray Shree Mata Ji to give us thoughtless awareness. I really need it.

    Thanks Ivona for the message.

  3. Sahaj

    It’s the quality of meditation is important than the quantity. Many can just close their eyes but only a yogi gets into thoughtless vacuum state called “vilambha”.

  4. Colleen

    The one thing I have learned that comes with thoughtless awareness is detachment. With detachment life’s downs are so much easier. This meditation practice is essential to teaching us the true connection. Love it. Thank you Ioana for all of this amazing information.

  5. Kruti

    Mental silence connects us to the cosmic silence and it works out so many things that we can’t work it out with our limited human mind. I am so glad to practice this Sahaja yoga which connects me to this mental silence and brings back the lost joy in my heart. Even in the time of Covid-19, the quarantine, we can still achieve the mental silence, which is amazing. Thank you for this beautiful article on thoughtless awareness.

  6. Jane

    I feared I would get lost in that vacuum that there would be emptiness. I see the word vacuum with a different meaning now its not lost in nothingness but thoughtless awareness will vacuum all my thoughts and will bring everything! just I need now a really good vacuum is needed because the thoughts are so old and deep seated.

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