One Energy Workshop for Navaratri and Thanksgiving

Join to Experience One Energy Workshop for “Navaratri & Thanksgiving”

Our team of volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network felt inspired to offer another special program that opens widely the doors to experience meditation and yoga together in deeper and creative ways.

You will explore subtler knowledge about chakras’ powers and qualities, combined with universal wisdom specific to various cultures. This time the focus is on the Navaratri festival and Thanksgiving celebration. Only if it happens that you have a garden, feel free to bring something from there: a flower, a fruit, a vegetable, a leaf.

We want to bring the beautiful Canadian Fall with us to this program. 🙂

October Thanks Giving from a provincial organization offered to our SYMN Team of Volunteers 🙂

Our team experiences great inner satisfaction when such opportunities arise to make a difference in our communities by offering Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshops. It is even sweeter when it’s around Thanksgiving because this way we feel truly blessed. 🙂

You are invited! You may come only for a bit or for the entire program – either is fine!

On Wednesday Oct 5th, 2022 at Brant Hills Community Centre, Room C (22255 Brant Street, L7P 5C8, Burlington) you are invited to join us from 7Pm to 9pm for a special (chakra) Energy Workshop dedicated to Navaratri and Thanksgiving.

You have a chance to join or continue with The Power lies Within You” series, that is offering an individual and collective spiritual journey. Definiyely we will have guided meditation, chakra (enery workshop), and learn and apply useful “tips”.

Until we meet “then and there”, we offer you some “presents” from “here and around”. 🙂

Enjoy Fresh Fall Images in Navaratri Colours from Burlington (October 3rd, 2022)

To Be Experienced in Your Chakras: Navaratri Festival’s Subtle Significance  

“So why do we do Navaratri?

In the heart, to do Navaratri is to accept the Powers of the Shakti (Sanskrit – primordial cosmic energy), to realize the power that all these chakras have got in themselves, and that when they are enlightened how you can express all these powers of these Nine Chakras within ourselves; the seven chakras plus the heart and the Moon makes it nine.

But I would say that seven of these and on top of that, we should say two more centers, which Blake has described surprisingly as nine centers, clearly.

Just now I cannot talk of the higher two centers, but let us at least talk of the seven centers. 🙂

The power of these centers, have we been able to develop within ourselves?!

Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation about Navaratri Festival’s subtle connections to the Subtle Yoga System

(September 23, 1984 –  Hampstead, UK)

Enjoy a few Articles and Videos that can help set the mood for ThanksGiving and Navaratri

ThanksGiving to Enligthened Teachers on our Path towards Togetherness and Effortless Synthesis

All these videos are from programs offered indoors and outdoors by the volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. This year, in the Fall of 2022, we celebrate 18 years of active existence in Burlington. We offer our Thanks for these beautiful years of meaningful Togetherness. We hope you’ve enjoyed what was shared with you so far! Last Reminder: join our special program – One Energy Workshop for “Navaratri & Thanksgiving” – on Wed, Oct 5th, 2022. 🙂

Ioana’s Premonition Dream came true and Thanksgivings are in order

Photo from Joseph Brant Festival in Burlington, 2009. Ioana from SYMN met a group of lovely children and took a photo together. Interesting facts: Ioana and her family made Burlington their home town about 17 years ago. She had an amazing premonition dream the night before the fate decided to move their family roots to Burlington. She later realized that the dream was related to Joseph Brant, the founder of Burlington, a Mohawk tribe chief, born and raised in Canajoharie, USA.

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  1. Paula

    See you Wednesday looking forward to it! I was putting up posters this week and one woman said what a nice sentiment! She loved the combination of Thanksgiving and Navaratri being integrated.

    Self realization and integration with the whole is the goal. To spread good vibrations. To spread peace.

  2. Paula

    Enjoyed Nike girl playing flute! Shivangana is so talented. Looking forward to express my thanksgiving for having found the power within and threading connections with Navaratri celebrations.

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