Sahaj Canada Day in Photos @ Burlington’s Strawberry Social Festival at Joseph Brant Museum, in 2009


Right here  – Burlington Downtown Waterfront – we’ve celebrated Canada Day 2009.

We had many friends visiting us from as far as Vaughan as well from all around GTA.

Yes, the event was called Strawberry Social and this name honours the true essence (“taste”!) of this community event: we all enjoyed the yummy strawberries, the great events provided by the organizing team (check out here)  and we had a wonderful time socializing with everyone around. We’ve made new friends that visited our booth and received the gift of sahaj cool-positive energy as well we’ve enjoyed the unexpected company of old dear friends that volunteered themselves with helping out with the workshops and meditation introduction sessions that were offered fluently in our friendly tent.

Moving a  lot around..


… that happened to us.. We kept moving our tent until we figured out what we want and it was nice that always we’ve got someone’s help and advise.. that was special.

We were also grateful for the perfect spot for Meditation that we’ve been assigned by Stacy (from event’s organizing team) .

Many kids & families had visited our booth and it was great to see how responsibly children were taking to meditation and sahaj workshops…

We had kids that gave Sahaj Workshops   …


This little but quite experimented Yogi is giving a workshop, raising Kundalini energy to another child ..

and in this photo we can see

how he is checking the energy coming out and its specific message /information that tells about the status of the chakras and energy channels.

Quite Cool, isn’t it?!

Seems that everyone  -both the “giver” and the “receiver” – is deeply into it, the attention is right “here & now”  – in the Present – .

We have quite a perfect “snapshot” of a workshop with Sahaja Yoga Meditation – covering the basics.

..and kids that received Workshops..

Lots to say, various experiences we had but in a nutshell was a .. Cool Strawberry Social in Burlington on Canada Day 2009.

Make sure that you are browsing the following Photo-Album and that  you’ll let us know if you have any comment on this event or article.

A Laughing “Good Bye” and “See you Soon!”..


..  from a representative Canadian Sahaj Family

Now, Let’s be Social and .. sweet as a Strawberry .. and Drop a Comment right here.. 🙂

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  1. Joanne

    Beautiful! Such joy! Thank you.
    ~:-) from Vancouver Sahaj family

  2. Claudia

    To see the kids participating was so fantastic ! They could sure teach us how to be sahaj. Loved the photos!

  3. rohit

    Nice to see the spirits of Yogis, I feel very nice to see you guys from far off.
    Keep up the good work

  4. paula erskine

    The children felt their chakras in their hands right away, they were eager to try! It is amazing that they can feel things so quickly. I really enjoyed the people I met, who came to the booth and were open and lovely. The strawberries and icecream were great too! A wonderful event, with a wonderful, multi-cultural collective of yogis from all walks of life. Fascinating to learn about them too and grow together!

  5. Paula

    Happy Canada Day!

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