Aim for a New Me with New MEditation Series

Aim for a New Me with New MEditation Series – Join on us on Wednesdays in Burlington

Poster for our first “New MEditation for New Year” session in this new format series of classes offered by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation volunteers.

You are invited to Join the “New MEditation” Series with the start of the New Year 2023.

So the “Happy New Year” wishes can last 🙂 we are offering free weekly classes all year long.

Where? Orchard Hub located within the St Christopher’s Catholic Elementary School

Address? 2400 Sutton Dr, ON L7L 7A9 (entrance across Easton Road).

Time? 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

FYI: If you are a regular participants join at 7pm to get into the meditative state; we also remain a bit longer for Q&A

When? on Wednesdays

Cost? All classes are free as they are priceless. They are offered with genuine love for Seekers from all walks of life.

Format? Each class is unique with a certain learning + interactive theme, Meditation & Chakra workshop every session.

Who can join? Anyone! It is not “pure physical yoga”; however, it helps with the overall wellness and wellbeing.

Maxi is a truly sweet and wise Golden Retriever puppy that sometimes is anticipating the “meditation time” because the positive vibrations are calling!

As we are still so close to the Holidays Spirit we wish you a Happy New Year and are sharing some images from this winter time collected in this Photo-Album.

We also have a tradition to share customs from around the world to help expanding one’s heart and knowledge. Right below there is a video with a traditional Romanian Christmas Carol interpreted by Sorin’s family from Toronto (three generations!) as well some photos from a New Year 2023 spiritual gathering shared by an Indian family established in Burlington, Canada.

Explore further this article for additional surprises!

We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve shared with you “from around” and we will see you soon at our Classes. It’s a good time to aim for a New Me with this New MEditation Series. Especially that you will get all the support you need. Give it a try! 🙂

Sorin – Born again (click for Testimonial)

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  1. Paula

    Look forward to be in the present together.

  2. Paula

    Loved the Romanian Christmas card song
    Glenn and I really enjoyed the Oakville class yesterday

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