(VIDEO) The Sheen – Legends of the Light & Wisdom: “To be or not to be in Meditation” OR “How to Find your own Kingdom” (CASUAL CELTIC MUSIC)

Mohit -Cool Kids june 1 2014 Etobicoke public program

To Be or Not to Be in Meditation.

“We cannot meditate. We only can be in meditation. When we say we are going to meditate, it has no meaning; we have to be in meditation; either you are inside the house or outside the house. You cannot be inside the house and then say that ‘Now I am outside the house’. When you are outside the house, you cannot say ‘I am inside the house’.

In the same way, you are moving in 3 dimensions of your life of emotional, physical and mental being.

Inside the House of our Being,We become Universal

You are not inside yourself but when you are inside that, you are in thoughtless awareness then not only that you are there but you are everywhere because that is the place that is the point where you are really in universal. From there you are in contact with the principle, with the Shakti,with the power that permeates  into every particle that is matter, into every thought that is emotional and into every planning and thinking of the whole world. You permeate into all the elements that have created this beautiful Earth. You permeate into earth, you permeate into Akasha, into Teja, into sound but your movement is very slow.

Finding Freedom and Kingdom in Thoughtless Awareness

Circle of Cool Kids meditators - June 1 2014- City Hall Etobicoke

 Then you say ‘I am meditating‘, that means you are moving in permeation with the universal being. But you are not moving yourself; you are just unloading yourself to be free from the weight of things that do not allow you to move. When you are in meditation you must allow yourself to be in thoughtless awareness, there the unconsciousness itself, your Chaitanya itself will take charge. You will start moving with the force of attention, the unconscious is going to work it out and it is going to take you there where it wants you to go. You keep to thoughtless awareness all the time. Try to keep to thoughtless awareness as much as you can. When you are in thoughtless awareness you must know that you are in the kingdom of God and His speech, His arrangements, His consciousness is going to look after you.

Through Sahaja Yoga you have opened your gates of your own being you have entered into your own kingdom.”

Note: Above are excerpts from the talks offered by the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation – Shri Mataji; both photos were captured by Shulin at Cool Kids & Parents public program – celebrating Children’s International Day on June 1st, 2014 in Etobicoke – where children, youth and parents experienced inner peace and joy with sahaja yoga meditation.

(VIDEO) The Sheen – Legends of the Light

The musicians and composers are also sahaja yogis(Kenny Clarys and Marie Joelle) – hope you had enjoyed the message: “Know why you are here;  Go and Find the truth; Spread your inner flame like the sun that makes the world exists; Now do same and care for others in your life” ; as well let us know if you had been drawn into meditative state by the vibrations of this video. (Marie Joelle’s sister is a good friend of my daughter -> that’s how we are all enjoying this “Celtic sahaj meditation” now :-))

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    1. Ioana

      Yes he is 🙂 The 2 photos are from the public program organized for Children and Parents interested in Meditation with the occasion of June 1st – the international children’s day. An article will come up dedicated entirely to that event where we had also many young meditators joining from Ontario. We had lots of fun, to say the least 🙂 You’ll see other familiar faces 🙂 Thanks for dropping by our website

  1. Kruti

    All of us had a lot of fun on that day. Each one of us had lotus on top of our heads and we were practicing to keep our attention on Sahastrara. In the first picture, Kush is trying to tickle Mohit to see if the lotus on top of his head can fall or not. There were some highlighting moments in the program like Kathleen singing the songs with dance moves and Claudia doing a small puppet show.

  2. Claudia

    Nice vibrations! The song is really beautiful. Both me and my daughter were suddenly … silent….we enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing. I will pass it over to other people, if I may…..

  3. paula

    Gorgeous music in the video, full of vibes.

  4. anjali

    Could not watch the video..but Shri Mataji’s words clear up so many things. We can reach our depth when we are in meditation and become part and parcel of the whole. Permeate into things. It’s just amazing what we can achieve through Sahaja Yoga. Thoughtless awareness and from there on so many precious moments of peace, joy and love. So many answers and solutions to ALL our problems.

    We wish we could have made it to this fun event too.
    Love, Abigail, Sophie and Anjali

  5. Jolanta

    I was drawn into meditative state by the vibrations of this video…and reading Shri Mataji’s words.

  6. Kartikeya

    You are either in meditation or you’re not. Shri Mataji beautifully describes that meditation is not something that you are going to do but a state you reach. Only when you reach that state known as thoughtless awareness is when you know your are in meditation. When in thoughtless awareness we are completely looked after by the all pervading power of God and permeate into nature itself. Wow, thank you Shri Mataji for your guidance and teachings!

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