Thanks Giving is the Best Way

Let’s find out Why indeed Thanks Giving is the Best Way

Ioana - at Cabella- Visiting the Castle with flowers from Halton to Shri Mataji in summer 2009

Cabella Ligure, Italy,  2009 –  Ioana, preparing to visiting the Pallazo Doria (Cabella Castle) with flowers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton, as Thanks Giving to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, for all Her motherly love and guidance.

Let’s discover in this article how and why Thanks Giving is the Best Way, reflect on the Two Enemies, agree that Heart has All the Intelligence, and when we “apply everything” we’ll definitiely learn How to Become Victorious. 🙂 . This is a Compilation of quotes from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Let’s proceed to gain some Emotional Intelligence tips!

Heart Has All the Intelligence

Heart of Sahaja Yoga Meditation  at Canada Cultrail Days 2015 - Burlington Civic Square
Heart Cherry Blossoming Tree created by Floriana (a beginner from Burlington Sahaja Yoga class at that time) for the 10th anniversary  of Sahaja Yoga Meditation  in Burlington – displayed at Canada Cultural Days 2015 – Burlington Civic Square


This heart has all the intelligence, it has all the capacities, everything is born out of the heart. But if you close the heart, then the brain becomes arbitrary and it goes outside and this heart is the one which has got the Spirit and it controls everything, autonomous, sympathetic, parasympathetic, all your evolution, knowledge, everything not only that you feel so collective being and also it is the light that gives you your true knowledge. So this spirit has to be worked out. So the first thing is try to develop your heart. How large it is, see yourself. Alright, how many people you can forgive. How you talk to them. What do you think about other people. Are you concerned about them or not?!”
“For example to me, if I see a poor man, the whole being starts churning, you know. It’s just I feel that something should be done for them, just can’t bear it. Like these poor people, who are working here were asked to move out, because they had some objection. So we moved all of them and they moved out because I asked them but they had not made their huts. The whole night, poor things had to sit outside. The whole day I couldn’t eat. I was feeling so terrible. I gave them everything. I said, sit down here. You make them and give them whatever they want and look after their health. Still they got some sick and I treated them. Because you see, the whole compassion starts just creating a tempest in my heart. A tempest, and this is what one has to see. What do you think about the poverty? Do you think of poverty that is there. What do you think of people who are suffering? What do you think about the people who are beaten, who are cheated, who are troubled?”

Thanks Giving is the Best Way to Rise Above Agnya Chakra


Sahaja Yoga is not meant for individual. It is not meant for you. It is not meant for any collective of Sahaja Yogis. It is meant for the whole world.”

Realize Canada Tour hosted by Halton Yogis - at Crawford lake 2015- Photo by Paula
(photo by Paula) Youth Realize Canada Tour hosted by Halton Yogis – at Crawford lake 2015- 
“You have to bring the light of God’s love and compassion everywhere. So the further stage then, that is to rise above Agnya (the 6th chakra energy centre). When the person thinks that ‘I am very happy and I should have this’, then look at the person who has not got anything, look at him! When you think you are very great, look at someone greater than you. When you spread your attention to all these things, you see.
Then you start understanding that: “Oh God! What a blessing. God has blessed me so much.First of all the Realisation. Thanks, thanks for the Realisation. “
Thanks giving is the best way and then start looking that, “This Thanks Giving I have, why not I give it to others?!”  But we are extremely cruel, sometime extremely arrogant, sometimes extremely malicious to others. But now this will stop. Whatever you have to say (Thanks Giving) , you have to say honestly.”
Ontairo Yogis at Burlington Canada Cultural Day - Bridigig Arts and People

Two Enemies to Conquer: “I”-ness & Ignorance

“There are two enemies you have. First is, you are your own enemy and second is the ignorance. These are the two enemies, you have to conquer. If you get rid of these two enemies, then nobody can destroy you. Now supposing there is a person, who is very troublesome, say, who troubles you. Let him be troublesome. He is going to hell, not you. If he is troubling, it’s alright-. Let him. Who got ill feeling? Why should you worry? You are not doing any thing. You should be happy about it. On the contrary somebody is troubling, look at that- “This fellow, is troubling, he has got so much money, has got this, while I am troubled, I haven’t got this.” You ? have got your self Realization!  He hasn’t got. it.
This is a very big source of satisfaction and elation that we are self realized souls and let us try to have our own complete establishment. We are to be ornamented. We are to be put on the throne, we are to be the kings. This is what I desired. So, beggars cannot be taken. So if you make a beggar a king, he will still do this and that. So this great personality has to come, a kind of a dignity, serenity, a kind of a personality that should show that you are a sahaja yogi.
So as I said, there are only two enemies, which you have to fight for, that you should know you have got your self realisation, for that you have got your pujas. At the time of the puja, you just surrender yourself … because if you are not surrendered, your mind is going round and round. It’s like a putting something on to a fan, which doesn’t accept it, just throws away. In a way, you are that..”

Importance of Heart in a Puja-like Meditation

Music in Nature- by Omar

“The second point is that a puja is a surrendering. It’s a devotion. It’s a feeling of the heart. Open the heart. At that time you should open the heart … Now the problem is that, with the egoistical people if you tell them anything they feel hurt. It’s the worst part. They don’t understand that this is for their benevolence. That they have to open their heart. They have to receive more. If it is a small little heart, how much love you can pour into it. Like this time the love is flowing. The love is flowing. At that time you are sitting with your head fixed on to some point. So the dedication point,the attention should be full. I have seen people sleep during puja. Many people sleep, that shows they are left sided (imbalanced due to obstructions on the left energy channel), and there is a ‘Bhoot’ (sanskrit for negativity)  in them or something like that. They just go off. I am talking to them they just go off. These are the things you must understand: why are you doing that (being imbalanced)  and try to get rid of it and try to improve your self, be alert and to receive it.”

 What is the Puja-like  meditation for?!

“Receive it as much as you can. This is what is the puja is made for. Now you have had nine pujas here and out of these nine pujas have we improved more, have we got more? Did we fill ourselves more with greater love, with greater joy, with greater understanding and with greater satisfaction? “

Puja like Meditation at Niagara Falls with Canada Culture Days yogis - Saturday Sept 26 2015
Puja like Meditation at Niagara Falls with Canada Culture Days yogi artists Marie-Joelle and Tim Bruce, both visiting 1st time Niagara Falls on Saturday Sept 26 2015

Today: Make a Complete Picture of Your Self 

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.04.12 PM

“This is the last day (of Navaratri – the night nights of meditation touring the evolution and the inner being), so you have to think like that (what was mentioned above), then Tomorrow is the day of jubilation. Because we have done what? that is what. So Today you should go and make a complete picture of yourself.
-What have I got in these nine days? What I have got? Let us see, have I got this? have I got that? All these things, you should just within yourself see and then enjoy that you have got all these things. It is the Victory. Tomorrow is the day of victory. That you have become victorious about yourself and about your ignorance. You have won yourself and you’ve won over the ignorance, the darkness of ignorance. This is what is tomorrow message.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day in Burlington - Canada Culture Days Saturday Sept 26 2015 in Spence Smith Park - Burlington Waterfront - by the Ontario Lake
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day in Burlington – celebrated outdoors with live music performances by Marie-Joelle (Holland/Belgium singer), Sia Reddy (USA singer) and Tim Bruce (actor and singer from UK) –  during Canada Culture Days, on  Saturday Sept 26 2015 in Spencer Smith Park – Burlington Waterfront – by the Ontario Lake
The article was based on an excerpt (fragmented as well around key messages)  from a very important guiding talk offered by the founder of sahaja yoga meditation -Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – during the 9th day/night of Navaratri Seminar (1988-10-19  Talk). At Halton classes we will join this year 9 days/evenings of meditating collectively on a certain chakra or aspect of our subtle system, in order to go deeper, learn more and build up our self discipline as a yogi, as well to consolidate and strengthen our dedication towards Self Realization. This article is a Thanks giving as well an announcer that the Navaratri 2015 ( 9 days meditation/introspection marathon) will start this coming Tuesday, on October 13. You can join us too! Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone! So Grateful to have You All along this individual, yet entirely collective journey! Thank  You, to All Sahaja Yogis, old and new and aspiring and to all Enlightened Souls that had been before ~  So Grateful to Mother Earth and Father Sky  – to their/our Creator too , Thank You!

(MUSIC VIDEO – Sia Reddy) You bring the Sun Out !

(MUSIC VIDEO – Tim Bruce & Theresa Gulati) Papageno  from Magic Flute by Mozart

Thankgiving Sunday 2015 at Christie Lake in Halton - Ioana and Razvan
Thanksgiving Amazingly Beautiful Sunday 2015 at Christie Lake in Halton – photo by Ioana

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  1. anjali

    Thank you for this much needed message Shri Mataji. Please help us to alway open our hearts and experience the joY, peace and intelligence. Thank you for this beautiful experience of self realization and secrets to our well being. It would be so difficult to move forward in life without this pure knowledge and hope. Thank you Shri Mataji for everything.

  2. Arie


    “I ness and Ignorance”…

    Is “I ness”… Ignorance!
    Or, is “Ignorance”… I ness!
    Perhaps they are one and the same?
    Who is responsible… for knowing!
    The fragrance…
    Of the Lotus.

    Giving Thanks for… I am.

  3. Paula

    beautiful memories of culture day programs, concerts in the park, the international student tours and picnic at crawford lake, our oneness…respect for the teachings and for each other above all.

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