Remembering Shri Mataji on February 23rd: Yogic Experiences, Connections, Realizations, Dreams

On February 23rd,  2011 (02-23-2011) –  one would say that Shri Mataji  – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – had ‘departed from this world’.  Did  She?!

Mental Silence

Many of us who had been practicing sahaja yoga for 20+ years, can share amazing enlightening experiences with Shri Mataji. Such stories were captured in many books that can be found on Amazon and in libraries around the world. Let’s realize that Shri Mataji’s motherly spiritual protection and calling is  continuously reaching out to all  seekers that are spiritually equipped to be children of Mother Earth’s Kundalini – the ones ready for the R/Evolution, for the blossoming times known as the Aquarius Age or Satya Yoga (Era of Truth – in Sanskrit).

Below there is a bouquet of most inspiring such stories (each one special!) collected mostly from Halton Yogis. Join & Feel this Spiritual Journey:

(first) WHO IS SHRI MATAJI – in Her Own Words

Tribute to Our Motherly Teacher – Inspiring Experiences & Miraculous Connections

(click!) Remembering Shri Mataji in Halton (VISIONS, REALIZATIONS, DREAMS)


(click!) Debbie’s Dream, Jo’s Meditation and Medi’s Wings

(click!) Sonia’s Reflection on Skepticism and Shri Mataji

(click!) Brenda: Who is Shri Mataji: Giving Life to Bees (!)


(click!) Sonia: Healing Experience with Shri Mataji’s Words

(click!) Elizabeth: The Miracle of Wishes Coming True

(click + music) Miranda’s “”Shri Mataji Moment of Realization”



(click!) What are Vibrations?! What is Param Chaitanya?! Shri Mataji’s Answers

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 (video –  Shri Mataji’s BANDHAN at BBC): “Incredible! A Gale Force!” says reporter on TV 1

Measures his Kundalini

We do not need to remember Shri Mataji – She IS in our hearts and in every breath of Mother Earth as their energies are One.


14 Responses to “Remembering Shri Mataji on February 23rd: Yogic Experiences, Connections, Realizations, Dreams”

  1. letitia says:


  2. Shivangi and Nehit says:

    Feeling blessed to have known Shri Mataji in this life time.
    No words can describe who she is, it’s an experience of divine.

  3. jerry says:

    Please share who painted the exquisite “Mother Earth”

  4. Sahaji Raj says:

    We are so blessed to have been born at this time when Divinity walked the earth in all Her glory – and been in Her presence in various parts of the world to celebrate the joy of universal oneness of spiritual awakening.

    Thank you Shree Mataji, again and again…

  5. Rabi says:

    Writing from the most holy place on earth Nirmal Dham in India where Mother’s physical remains rests in eternal peace. Since yesterday it was like hundreds and thousands of angels coming down to this most auspicious place to be physically feel in the tangible love of our Most holy Mother Shri Mataji . It could all be felt through the joy of meeting of thousands of angels brushing past each other with a smile of recogntion and acknowledging our purpose of being bound in one family of realized souls. Great meditative experience, great musical renditions and offering and above all who need the serenity within to seek the peace and silence within.
    Today on 23 Feb we shall have a puja offering at Mother’s holy feet to pay our tribute to our inner self and be one with the Mother who gave and blessed everything to raise our awareness to a higher state to recognise the love and compassion of greatest Mother.
    Sending love and the breeze of message to all who may be reading this today. May our Mother settle in our heart always and forever. Amen.

  6. Nitin says:

    It has been life changing experience with Sahaj Yoga. With Shi Mataji’s blessings, this second birth is peaceful and joyful. Big thanks to Ioana and team for bringing mothers light in my life.

    Jai Shree Mataji

  7. Mohinder Sidana says:

    Mother is living in sahaja yogis life every moment and blessing them with all love and support
    Jai shri Mata ji

  8. Philip Taylor says:

    Shri Mataji brought me to the promised land…A beautiful gift…a tribute to an everlasting legacy. I will forever be in gratitude for my freedom.

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  12. Anjali Gandhi says:

    A Mother is what we need to forgive us, be patient with us and give us our second birth entrusting us with our responsibilities towards our brothers and sisters in the world who are yearning for this truth, immense love and light. My sahasrara felt so cool while listening to Shri Mataji. Only a Mother can give such unconditional love asking nothing in return.

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