(music) Subtle Message from “Candle on the Water” – Bits of Yoga Miracles shared by Miranda (Barrie class)

After Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Niagara Falls 


I wanted to send a special thank you to the two of you, my first of many (soul) family members in Sahaja.
I have had an absolutely amazing time, and feel so refreshed! As I was telling Holly last night, this weekend was a bit of a miracle for me, as I’ve been having terrible pains in my legs every night, keeping me from sleeping, and had none at all while I was with you all. I fell asleep so fast both nights, without pain or medication, and woke up the next day feeling refreshed and happy!

I came home to do a small meditation in my room, and was able to have a beautiful little altar to meditate in front of, with all the beautiful things I have collected. The gifts, the love, and especially the guidance you two have given me are priceless, and I thank you from the depths of my loving, innocent spirit.
I have had some wonderful metaphors running through my brain and hopefully in the next few days will be able to write them out and send on. I will add the butterfly story to this email for you both. As well, the attachment is a poem I wrote over the summer and early fall. It’s very Sahaj, and was written before I knew much about Sahaja, just as my Kundalini energy was being awakened!

I feel as though I have found the family I’ve missed since coming to Earth, and this weekend was a truly rejoicing one for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens and where this takes me now.
The next one will be a busy one, with the move, and the energy I’ve brought back with me will definitely help me through. I can’t wait to see you both again soon! Hugs and kisses!
With love, Miranda

(music-video with Lyrics) “Candle on The Water” tells “Who is Shri Mataji

“My third is perhaps a Shri Mataji moment that you (Ioana) were looking for, but I’m not sure. Lately I’ve been feeling much more that she IS the spirit, as opposed to it being separate, but I wanted to feel this quietly for a little bit before mentioning it, as I wanted it to be my feelings, not anything encouraged by an outside person. Tonight I was driving home after meeting with my friend, and a song came on the radio, Candle on the water sung by Helen Reddy. I’ve never appreciated this song so much before, I’ve heard it many times, and sing along, but this time it felt like it was Shri Mataji giving me the message through the lyrics that she/the spirit is always there for me. I’ve been feeling lost at times being so far away from the collective and my ego/fears will kick in when I’m very low with isolating and questioning thoughts.  The moment that was most for me was when it said:
“My soul is there beside you,
let this candle guide you,
soon you’ll see a golden stream of light.”

My heart is so full of joy right now. I’m sorry this was such a long email, but it was so wonderful, I just felt to share it!!! All my love!! Miranda

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  1. sridhar pai

    Jai sri mataji, wow wonderfull song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kruti

    Dear Miranda, I was feeling vibrations while reading your story. Loved the song and the lyrics, again full of vibrations. This was the first time I heard it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jon

    Hello Miranda! Every day, I enjoy the knitted heart you gave me, it is hanging on my fridge. Thanks for sharing a miracle and a story full of vibrations! I hope to see you and the Barrie class very soon!

  4. anjali

    Dear Miranda, my lovely sister, you have so much to share with your new found family and we just can’t get enough of you. Please pour your wisdom and heart out because to me reading your message is truly enriching. I too miss the collective just like you but you should know what a special place you have in our hearts and it is this pure love that connects us.
    Lots of love, Abigail, Sophie and anjali

  5. Lavanya Nicola

    Its the most blissful experience to feel and cherish these subtle ‘inner connection’ to Mother. We all have such stories and yet to hear from others, our bigger family is always so refreshing and enlightening!
    Thank you Miranda and thank you Ioana!

  6. Diana


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