VIDEO Introduction-Testimonial & Photos from “Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” with Professor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University – How was it?! GREAT LINk to Researching Meditation WEBSITE!

VIDEO Testimonial: How Did Sahaja Yoga Meditation Help “me“?!

Debbie’s Introduction and Testimonial on Free Meditation /Benefits

Photos from the Event with Dr. Mishra from McMaster University – the Introduction (more further below)


Feedback from the Event

On Wednesday, January 26th, Sahaja Yoga Meditation sponsored a free public event on the “Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” with special guest Professor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University.  The room (at Brant Hills Community Centre) was full to capacity with people coming from across Ontario to attend this special program.  The event included a brief introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation which is taught free of charge in more than 100 countries, followed by a collective meditation on the rhythms of magic Tabla. A short but profound experience of connection with Kundalini energy was conducted afterwards.

Dr. Mishra presented the benefits of practicing Sahaja Meditation as compared to other meditation forms. Many case studies were displayed based on various scientific research carried out in Australia and Canada.  The studies showed that with Sahaja yoga meditation, there was a decrease in brain activity as the participants entered a state of thoughtless awareness (mental silence), it proved a reduction in stress levels, increased the happy hormones (dopamine, serotonin),and reduced blood pressure along with many other proven benefits.

Below is gathered some feedback from the event: “Felt very light and joyous”, “Wonderful people”, “the event was very informative and I felt an amazing energy, I plan to attend the regular classes”,”It was such a lovely evening and Dr.  Mishra’s talk was so full of vibrations and love.  I was happy to see such wonderful new faces, so deep and loving. “, “During the music sessions I did feel cool breeze above the head and it was such a pleasant sensation that I did not want to end”,“I enjoyed last evening so much – it gave me a badly needed lift and inspiration. The Halton meditation group is so sweet and so eager, oh my!! I enjoyed every moment and I felt so ‘light’. Thank you for this gift.”;”A wonderful evening with Dr. Mishra…It was so interesting that he first spoke about the importance of belief… and then to marry that with the clinical outcomes of his medical work. I feel the surface is only being scratched… both for the importance of simple and profound belief, and the less so and yet important findings of science. I sense that science will find the answers they are looking for in the Power of Belief.”

The aboves are only a few examples of the only and many other positive feedback samples received that evening from the participants, many coming from other towns like North York, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Milton, Waterdown and so on. There is a strong desire to have a similar event soon, so we are already inviting you all to:

“A Tribute to the Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation with Joyful Live Music & VIDEO Experiment of the Vega Electro-Acupuncture Machine “ -on March 30, 2011 @ Brant Hills Community Centre, in Burlington.

that will be again, a great blend of lots of Sahaj Music that is soothing for heart & soul and perfect for a cool meditation experience  – music from Western & Indian genres presented by a variety of performers!! – with very interesting information on the amazing benefits of sahaja yoga meditation practice for our general wellness. Don’t miss it! Book it in your Calendar & bring along your friends!! Soon an article with the Invitation &  Agenda will be posted on the website. Let’s listen below to a very interesting video and enjoy more photos from this event and other related articles.

Dr Manocha, Australia – TV Interview 2009 about the Scientific research on Positive Effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

CLICK on GREAT WEBSITE – Researching Meditation (Studies, Examples, Exercises, Benefits)

Photos from the Lecture of Dr. Mishra on “Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” in January 2011


Dr. Mishra from McMaster University - Great lecture on on Meditation benefits, particularly the positive scientific results of sahaja yoga meditation in comparison with other forms of meditation. The public and free event was sponsored and hosted by Sahaja Yoga Meditation at Brant Hills Community Centre, in January 2011, in Burlington, ON, Canada;

We invite everyone that was there during this presentation, to post their impressions as comments to this article. We thank Ana Bianca for the photos and the video provided from this successful event.

299 Physicians (GPs) experience Sahaja Yoga – Meditation Workshop Seminar & Medical Research published in Australian Family Physician, June 2009

Sahaj Evening @ Integrated Health & Wellness Centre in Toronto as part of Art & Spirituality Tour 2010

Children with ADHD Off Medication with Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Video that gives Hope

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  1. anna mancini

    Ioana, brilliant (as usual!)

    love, anna mancini- NY

  2. paula

    Just want to say I met Debbie at her first class who is so lovely that you cannot help to want to know her more. Her desire to “know herself”, to feel her “spirit” kept her coming week after week. I watched Debbie blossom even more from a positive, generous, interesting person, to absolutely BEAUTIFUL to the core. Every corner of her being is radiating and it (the spirit in her) draws you in. She is deep, gracious, generous, thoughtful, articulate and appreciative.

    When I attended my first class I was so desperate for transformation, that I told myself “I don’t have time to make friends”. I was going to be polite of course, and friendly, but I associated making even more friends as overwhelming. I could not even keep in touch with the ones I had at the time, so I was going to keep my distance and try to heal myself, by myself. There was never any pressure of course, I received a flower from a peaceful lady named Indu, lots of smiles and recognition of each other’s journey during class.

    Then I started to feel amazing vibrations of coolness and all I wanted to do is share it with others. What better people to trust and share the proof that our subtle spiritual system can be felt physically through pleasant sensations than people on the same journey towards enlightenment. It is a living process that is born within each human being like a miraculous gift. It is our spiritual GPS, that tells us where we are, what direction is the most auspicious, and expands our ability to enjoy the present.

    I have met the most precious friends in Sahaja Yoga that share that spark that is completely contagious. We lift each other up, higher and higher. I see more and more the beauty of everything. And my capacity to love has grown by leaps and bounds. There is no feeling of obligation, joy in collectivity is just a natural by-product of Sahaja Yoga. More joy in the present, more exposure to nature, and cool vibrations to carry me through life’s challenges.

  3. Debbie

    Dear Paula – I know what you’ve written here is from your heart and I thank you so much. We have all been truly blessed to have come together the way we did and I assure you, it was no coincidence but with the guidance of the divine. You are a very bubbly, delightful, adorable, full of energy, sweet and beautiful person inside and out and I am happy to be surrounded by such beautiful flowers.

    Lots of love always.

  4. Ayesha

    Dear&loning paula,all these feelings you have described,i feel the same way when I met all of you specially “Halton Sahaj family” become my own,sweet,and so caring famil;y and i feel all the time so much joy when i think about all of you

  5. adrian

    Lovely to hear your words Debbie…

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