Come & Celebrate in Burlington: A Feast of Cool Canadian Vibes with Meditation, Music, Dance and Food

Special Event @ Burlington Class on Wednesday, July 21

We had enjoyed a splendid Canada Day with our families as well with our community on the occasion of the Strawberry Festival 2010, in the garden of Joseph Brant Museum .. but we want some More Joyful Time and to focus more on the Spiritual aspect of the fact that Canada is an amazing place where one can meet, enjoy and learn from all possible cultures from around the globe.

So, this coming Wednesday, at Brant Hills Community Centre, between 7 pm and 9 pm we will celebrate the Start of the Summer Course 2010. This Wednesday all participants to our regular classes can bring their own guests, the only condition is to bring along Music & Food – ideally specific to one’s particular background – for our Potluck Dinner that we will bless together using Vibrations and Mantras.

From the Agenda of the Evening:

  • Collective Meditation
  • 2 Introductory & Short Videos on the 1st and 2nd Chakras: Mooladhara & Swadhisthana
  • Experience Music & Dance from Various cultures – we’ll have FUN testing our Learn & Teach abilities that are integrated part of the Guru Principle within us
  • Potluck Dinner
  • Surprises

Do not miss such event that will bring at the surface many Sahaj Qualities that exist within us and reveal the Diverse Beauty that can Really blossom in the Sahaj Culture, in Canada of our days.

Come & Enjoy & Bring a Friend, Music & Food (traditional meal, ideally!) .. Why Not?! Even a Flag 🙂

Ann’s Life was Transformed on Canada Day in Burlington

Enjoy The Feast of Divine Bliss with Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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