No Blank Day on Canada Day in Burlington – Ann’s Invitation to a New Birth


Ann and her new friends from Burlinton free meditation group

It was with joy in my heart Joseph Brant Museum- side view - Canada Day 2009 -Strawberry festival I joined our Halton family at the Strawberry Festival in 2009.

Everyone was smiling with such sweetness and the vibrations were dancing everywhere to all who came to the festival.

The Strawberry Festival – held yearly at Joseph Brant Museum –

has a special place in my journey with my beautiful Sahaja family.

Two years before I got my self-realization at the Festival when I came with my dear sister and friend Anja and her daughter Loren.

Surprize! Few have the chance to 'catch' the moment of their Self- Realization, but here we have Ann and her friend Anja and the little girl Loren having their first experience with Sahaja Yoga Meditation at Strawberry Festival in Burlington.

We all got our self-realization that day, and so began our amazing journey and our new Birth.

When I try to remember my life before then, it’s somehow blank. So many wonderful things have come into my life since then, but one of the gifts I treasure and feel sooo blessed to have is the gift of experiencing everything as a new and innocent child. I am enjoying such pure joy that I find I am smiling inside and out all the moments in my life.

Today on our Anniversary Anja, Loren I were all able to come and enjoy our Sahaja family and give vibrations back out to all the new seekers and show them the wonderful invitation to a new Birth.

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