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annMy Journey….. Sahaja Yoga meditation has brought such silent beauty and rest to my life.

I so feel alive and humbled to pass the light onwards to ALL.

I like to start of with a funny dream experience. I dreamt I was looking into the bathroom mirror and I was standing there in my underwear but my complete skin, including my face was pure white, whiter than white (funny I am white to begin with but this was unbelievably white) and I started to laugh as recently I had been using some skin products to fade my sun spots etc. and thought my gosh I have gone too far, I am totally white now and it is not reversible hahahahaha . However at the same time I subtle realized that this was how clean I had become in my vibrational energy and it was showing in my dreams”. Then the next morning as I was reading Ioana’s email on water and cool vibrations I saw the line “Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.” and started laughing again as that said it all, I been washed with mother’s love and now I was whiter that snow.

istock_000000085695xsmallIt seems for me my experiences are on the funny side as the next experience was when I went for a root canal. As far as I was told this would be a very painful and very uncomfortable, I would require pain killers once the root canal was done. I had a very early appointment 7am and once I was sitting in the Dentist chair I just said to mother (the motherly energy source within us all) “please wrap me in a blanket of relaxation and that the time be but an instant. Right away I felt very sleepy and sooo relaxed, as though I was oh so cozy and happy. Before I knew it, it was all over and the Dentist was asking how did I feel, well all I could say was “thank you for the cozy sleep” He looked at me puzzled. When I got outside into my car I looked at the time and it was only 7:30am, wow I realized that didn’t take anytime at all and I was feeling like I had a wonderful sleep as opposed to a root canal. All though the day I was feeling amazing and never felt any pain, my co-workers could not believe it, they were saying, you should take a pain killer just in case. The next day I was talking to very nice guy who services our coffee machine at work and he said he just had a root canal that day and it wasn’t pleasant and he was definitely having to take pain killers too. Funny I said I had one yesterday and fell asleep, he said you sure you had a root canal? funny enough I said yes and I would have one again any time. I would say because of my being a Sahaja Yogi I knowingly trust that I am my own master and can connect to the powerful source which is the mother within us and ask her to transform all negative thoughts and expectations into warm love vibrations that heal.

keeper-of-the-universe-1998Another experience happened about two weeks ago now after I left the Friday night Oakville Sahaja class. I just dropped off a very sweet Sahaja yogi and was headed home, however I took a route that I was not very familiar with and on top of that it was heavily raining. I found before I knew it I was in the middle of a intersection with a red light facing me, somehow I hadn’t been able to see the stop line and was right bang in the middle causing a holdup with the oncoming traffic. I quickly just drove right through the red light and noticed a police car motioning for me to pull over. I became very calm and when I rolled down the driver window to speak to the police office I immediately said yes I know I just ran through a red light without any defense or anything. He just asked me what happened, I said I just could not see the stop line, I don’t know what happen. He then asked me did I have any traffic violation or accidents (usually at this point the officer will go check official records for confirmation and he did not just taking my word for it), I said no. And then he said where are you headed, home I said. Well he said I am not going to give you a ticket, I thanked him and said how very much I appreciated him being so kind. I felt my pure innocence and complete surrender to the moment was so powerful and that the truth of what I was saying vibrated strongly from my mooladhara chakra. I have been doing morning meditation to improve the right, centre and left mooladhara, using the mantras, to be blessed with the complete surrender and Divine wisdom, to awakening shri nirmal ganesh and shri gauri ganesha, shri kartideya, a surrender of all the evil in me. I had been experiencing a truth and innocence about everything I was doing but this amazing experience with the police officer clearly vibrated from the pure higher place we all are striving to be one with.

I have many more beautiful experience which I will save for another day, I will finish by saying Sahaja yoga has become so much of my daily life, I so look forward to my daily meditations and learn so much about me and discover everyday a whole new beautiful world. I use all the powerful cleaning and clearing mantra’s to help heal and bring love to everything I do. Sahaja Yoga has brought truly the Divine Source as heaven on earth.

People's mandala - 12 handsLove, love, love.

World beyond end.

Sight anew, sound around.

Warm light far reaching.

Touch, smell, feel alive.

No beginning, stretch out, out.

Passion calm, body still.

Connect once, connect all.

Peace, joy, yours for unity.

Cast humanity quivering song.

Here is my other poem for sweet Sahasrara chakra (last energy centre that permits the yoga/connection to the universal power). As I talked about in our Sahasrara presentation the beauty and words for this poem came to me in such a rush, just like the rush of Sahasrara coming up your kundalini and bursting out top your head. Once I written it down I slowly read it through and felt the vibrrations jumping off the page saying yes, yes this is it!’

Maple LeafSweet Sahasrara

Something inside

Something outside

Something all around

Sweet Sahasrara beckons me higher and higher

to GODS Love

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