Seedlings Wisdom Poem

Seedlings – poem by Shivangna

with an Introduction by Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation:

“I’ve been always telling you that Sahaja Yoga is the sprouting of your seed within youWhen the seed is dormant you cannot visualize the maps it has in it of all the creations it is going to create – out of one seed, how many trees have grown, how many fruits have come out and how many seeds are coming out and how many they are going to produce. You cannot understand how dynamic it is.”

Seedlings – poem by Shivangna

She caught a glimpse of you
While you were wrapped In a blanket sheltered with her love
As you cradled in her arms
Beginning to find the sunshine in this world

Before you even opened your eyes
You heard mom’s gentle lullabies
That promised to protect you with the fruits of her love

We were all little seeds as we emerged out of trees
But before we made our roots stems and leaves
We began by choking on hiccups and blowing raspberries
While dad captured our candid Kodak memories
Of our promising first footsteps with wobbling knees

Then came the first bike ride
And you still had him on your side
While you tried to hide your fear under that helmet
But he smiled, held your shoulder and said
“Son it’s about time you let go of your training wheels ”

And at that he pushed away his little seed
And watched it fall head first onto the soft ground
Because he knew that in this seed was a voice waiting to be found

So the little seeds began by sprouting little roots
Brightening the world with light up Velcro boots
Wearing them and going on pursuits
Of happiness with no absolutes
And so, seeds turned into seedlings

Buried under the dreams and expectations of reaching ceilings
But soon these seedlings began to realize that
The dreams it once dreamed were a bit too supersized
And that this world it tried to grow in comprised
Of big bad wolfs that mom read about in storybooks.

And then they were told that self-esteem came with good looks
And the answers to life were found through flipping textbooks
But in the midst of being stuck in all this mud
Little seedlings started to sprout their buds

Because they began to find direction
As they started embracing their imperfections
This is a world that gives more than it takes

And it gives a voice to each seed that’s raked

And through every slip and fall
They found ways to stand tall

With their humility kept high and their pride kept low
They Emerged from the the ground below
And that is how Little seedlings learned to grow

Let us know your impressions. 🙂 Photos were taken by Yogis from Halton visiting IrelandRomania and their own beautiful Halton region. The author of the Seedlings poem can be found “somewhere” in the 2 articles shared below. She is one of the most dedicated young leaders from our active team of volunteers in spreading awareness about mental health as well Hope that there is a simple solution and reliable help found withinthrough the practice of sahaja yoga meditation.

Watch the Amazing Video & Purest VoicesThe Seed by Seven Eyes group

Young Meditators are Bridging Music, Poetry, Yoga and Meditation

Check the video above with Shivangna reciting her Seedlings poem at Burlington Arts Performing Centre while the audience listens in meditation. Such a memorable moment from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. Enjoy!

A Flute with Guided Meditation brought Inner Peace to the “Disable the Label” Youth Halton Conference on Mental Wellness 2017

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  1. Kruti Gandhi

    The poem is so beautiful and so deep, full of vibrations. I loved all the pictures, they put your attention right on the beauty of Mother nature. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Helen

    The poem is beautiful, so filled with deep inner truths. So open to the deep reality of Being.

    The pictures are wonderful, so honoring of Mother Nature.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sigal Matasaro

    What a delightful way to end the week!
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem and your generous pictures. Thank you for helping us grow and bloom.

    1. Ioana

      Dear Sigal it is always a pleasure to meet sincere seekers – beautiful human beings. Thank you so much for your feedback we are blessed to have you among us. Indeed the energy at our Oakville Sahaja Yoga class is wonderful and healing. Here there is an article dedicated to the benefits of a simple technique using the water element – Footsoaking- Apply * Enjoy:

  4. paula

    I am fully, completely wrapped in cool, bubbling vibrations…goosebumps…the poem, the pictures and the song, iiinnnncccrrreeedddiiibbbllleeee….

    Carries you away, to the joy only your yoga connection can take you…

  5. Jolanta

    Dear Shivangna,

    I love your poem. And the way you play the flute.

    Jai Shri Mataji

  6. Rajinee

    Such a beautiful poem, filled with truth and love. While reading this poem I could feel the Heart Chakra opening up. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

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