Sharing our Inner Lights Festival 2018 (Photos, Videos, Impressions)

Festival of Inner Lights 2018 in Video Clips, Photos and Impressions 

Feedback from Rebecca

My dear Ioana: 
my inner light is shining much brighter after spending such a delightful afternoon and evening yesterday with such beautiful yogis and seekers from Niagara Falls, to Oakville, Hamilton, Mississauga, Burlington and even from Brampton!! 

I want to thank everyone involved in the planning and execution of this lovely event. We were taken to a higher level with the beautiful artistic gifts of our very own yogis playing the flute while we meditated,

interpretive dancing which was so visually beautiful and enlightening (Kruti Gandhi’s),

and heartfelt poetry to inspire each of us (Shivangna’s).

The talk (Ana Bianca’s) on studies showing such positive outcomes for people who have experienced stress reduction, better health and well-being through Sahaja Yoga meditation


provided us with perfect evidence to pass on to others who are needing help.

Watching the recording of  Shri Mataji helped us to feel the cool breezes of positive energy in our hands.

One of the best highlights was the gathering at Carmella’s home one of our very own Burlington ashrams 🙂 following the Festival of Inner Lights.

You could not help but feel the Christmas Spirit as you entered her home with beautiful Christmas decorations in every corner of her warm home, only to be outdone by the delicious food that Carmella had prepared for all of us.  … So our day ended for all those who attended the Festival of Inner Lights by filling us with the spirit of Christmas, feeling brighter and lighter after such an uplifting day

, along with having warm, full tummies to put the whole experience over the top.

Bless you all for your contribution to the well-being of so many.
Happy Holidays!


3 Video Clips


Take Your Shoes Off .. for an Early Christmas Experience


We hope you’ve enjoyed and felt how much we enjoyed our Festival of Inner Lights 2018. Make sure you’ve watched all the photos — we also had flowers back home (red hibiscus and red geranium) that blossomed the same morning!!

Such a good omen as we felt that Shri Ganesha  — the principle of Auspiciousness, Spontaneity, Innocence, Wisdom and Luck was ready to BE there within us.

(click) Incredible Feedback – “The Festival of Inner Lights2017

Namaste to all Seekers of Truth. Share your comments if you like.

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  1. Maria

    Very beautiful pictures and amazingly cool vibrations from them ??

  2. Helen

    Such joy and pure fun! Wonderful to see and read!! Tremendous energy and collectivity .
    Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Rose

    Beautiful event! Such joy to see the pictures.

  4. Satish

    Dear Ioana,
    It was such a wonderful experience browsing through the images and videos.
    Every small detail effuses tremendous love of the Divine.
    There’s a lot to learn from the way you all work in complete harmony with Her energy.
    May you all be blessed with Her Love and Benevolence forever.

  5. Kruti Gandhi

    It was simply my pleasure to perform and felt the blessings of Divine through vibrations. The room was so beautifully decorated and all the volunteers were so loving and joyful. We enjoyed it so much. Thank you for this opportunity.

  6. kalies

    Such a joyful event, everyone looks so happy and vibrant.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Jai Shree Mataji

  7. Rafeena

    Looks like a beautiful event. Thanks for sharing these pictures so that those of us who didn’t attend can also to enjoy the festivities.

  8. Antonia

    Amazing, what an event!! Lots of love from Croatia. Especially to our girl, Paula Erskine!

    1. Antonia

      Oh, and Carmella’s home is sooo adorable! I love her summer home as well, where she feeds our small croatian collective. What an incredible woman!

  9. paula

    Such an inspirational moment in time and beautiful sentiments expressed here by Rebecca. It was a gathering of like hearts, beaming faces, a meditation by Ana Bianca accompanied by a bamboo flute that transported our beings into an awakened state of yoga, together. How we enjoy each other’s company, Kruti expressing ancient teachings through the symbolism of dance…we watched in wonder and delight as she moved we felt waves of joy inside. And a little video of Carmela’s hospitable gathering place of realized souls which is fully decorated for the holidays and has welcomed visitors practicing Sahaja Yoga from all over the world. Her tiny house brims with warmth and generosity. The inner lights in each one of us was ignited again and again…each time we get together our awareness expands and our yoga connection gets stronger with every moment we spend in the present. The present continues to be a gift we give to ourselves and the whole world. May all our rays spread in a thousand directions!

  10. paula

    Dear Antonia!

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your beautiful comments! We can’t wait to get together again in Croatia with the collectives in Rijeka, Zagreb, Pula and Selce! Thanks to the love and connections with Canadians, Croatians and Kathleen (our Phillipina connection) who gave self realization to kindergarten Croatians, and many, many bordering nations visiting our Adriatic shores, Sahaja Yoga is spreading so beautifully…where the shores meet the mountains…it is working out. We feel your inner lights as if there is no space between us. Lots of love from all of us!!! Please share all your experiences with us here, love to hear any news!

  11. Antoinette Wells

    Inspiring, creative, joyful! As usual dear Ioana., you and your collective deliver Shri Mataji’s message beautifully!

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