Swan Lake Video & How to Meditate and Why with Yoga Master’s Photo, Why Foot-soaking is Important in Clearing the Chakras – Useful Tips & Answers

Water for Simple Chakra Cleansing Technique:  “The Foot-Soak” – Restoring Balance & Purity in our Subtle Energy System

“As it is said, everyone must go to bathroom and clean oneself after getting up in the morning. Similarly, for Sahaja Yogis, it is extremely necessary to have foot-soaking treatment, at least for five minutes, before going to bed. However highly evolved you may be 🙂 .. it does not matter. You must do foot-soaking for at least five minutes. Even I take this treatment sometimes, although it is not necessary for me, so that my Sahaja Yogis will also take to it. 🙂 It is a very good habit. All Sahaja Yogis must do the foot-soaking at least for five minutes. All Sahaja Yogis, should light a lamp before the photograph ..  dip their feet in salted water and sit in this fashion opening out both palms towards the photograph. If you do this, more than half of your problems would be solved automatically. However busy you may be, it is not difficult to spare five minutes. Within ourselves there exist many bad tendencies. There are many dark tendencies only within ourselves, which are called negativities. They try strongly to influence.” (*)

I would request you, that you have cleared out now, after Realization, and also later on, whenever you are tired. It is better, that is a bath (foot soak) for you. Every day, you do that treatment for yourself. It cleans yourself, because you gather (impurities)..”

(Explanation: sahaja yogis may collect energetic impurities when they  give chakra workshops to other people; these become subtle blockages on the chakras of sahaja yogis).

Shri Mataji continues: “I do not gather. Nothing happens to me; but it happens to you. So you must have a bath in the night; take out all the problems in that water, and throw it away. Water with salt  is a Sea which takes away all the problems. There are so many other ways by which you can take out: Akasha, then Prithvi (name of natural elements like Ether, Earth in Sanskrit). We have people (experimented sahaja yogis that act as volunteer instructors), they can tell you, they know..  So next time when you come, and if you have any problem, you can ask them. Now maybe you are learned! But you can learn from them. Even persons like justice Vaidya told me: ‘I must know more about Sahaja Yoga’. It is more practical than theoretical. If he comes to the program, or somebody goes to him and shows how to use his hands, he will become a master of it. Because as it is, he has knowledge, it will fit into it. As if the Ganges will flow into all the canals that have been made to receive the water; and it will go and settle into it. Perfectly.

Your reading is not going to be wasted, but you will know what is right and what is wrong.

Foot soaking definitely helps. It’s very nice :-). As you brush your teeth, you soak your feet also before sleeping. It’s good for you and you start enjoying it. After realization the Water element gets enlightened and sucks in all your problems. “

Question: What is Footsoak? How to take it?

“It is a simple method. You put my photograph in a proper place. Put a light before it. Even a candle will do. Put both the hands towards the photograph. Sit in the water, with a little salt. The water should be a little warm. You will be amazed that the whole trouble will go away in the water. Then you throw away the water in the W.C (toilet).

Everybody can do it. Now if you have trouble at Vishuddhi Chakra (the throat chakra), put your right hand towards the photograph first and take out the left hand. Supposing you find the Vibrations are flowing into it, then you put left hand towards the photograph, and the right hand outside. You will be surprised that the whole thing will be cleared out. And if you keep your eyes open towards the Photograph and keep your hands like this, stretched and with open palms, or sometimes towards the Akasha (‘Ether’ in Sanskrit), you will be surprised that your eyes are very much improved with this.

Namaskar to Mother Earth as Sahaj Clearing Technique

“..Mother Earth also; if you put your head on the Mother Earth, just touch her with your forehead and say ‘Mother forgive me for touching you with my feet’. She is Your Grandmother; you ask for anything and you will get it.”

Why using the Photo of the Guru for Meditation & Chakra Workshop?!

“My photo has the Vibrations. It is a fact. Also there are many things that have Vibrations. Even this statue has Vibrations. But not so much as they are for me. First of all I am a living being, and another thing is that their proportions may be wrong.

They (the statues/pictures of previous incarnations or saints) are created by the human beings, by their imagination.  

But my photograph is the photograph of Reality.

Another thing is that whatever I speak, because I am that, it is Pranava flowing.”

“It is actually Pranava. My every talk, everything is Mantra going into. And when I put my finger into it, I have found that my Vibrations can turn round. Even when I blow out air from my mouth, those who are realised (they have Kundalini energy awakened) can feel it on their Sahasrara. It is a fact. So why should it look so funny to people? :-)” (*)”

(*) excerpts from a collection of Questions & Answers with Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga – for sahaja yoga practitioners

Hopefully, in very simple words, we were given few practical tips that can impact directly the quality status of our chakras – we all can do a footsoak indoors/outdoors specially in the summer, our family, kids can try it as well, in a playful way, sit for 5 minutes, in silence, eyes closed or simply paying attention to the surroundings, water, earth, sky or watching the candle light at home .. or listening to peaceful music or to Nature’s voice instead following our random thoughts .. at least 5 min per day… .

Now, let’s enjoy the pure emotion of such display of Grace & Beauty .. and Discipline. We all can learn a few things about the Guru Principle (the power to become our own master) qualities from these amazing dancers. Enjoy! Thank you George for the video..

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  1. ashok misra

    thanks for the inputs on footsoak

    g8 video show….just imagine if the dancers meditate the sahaja yoga way then what will happen….?!?

  2. Amanda

    Thank you *hugs* for reminding us of this simple and very necessary thing that helps us so much!

  3. Liz

    Thank you for the reminder on the importance of foot soaking.

    Awesome video!!

  4. hountondji calice

    thank you for the reminder and big hug to all yogi

  5. adrian

    I have hands, yet I cannot touch…
    I have eyes, yet I cannot see…
    I have ears, yet I cannot hear…
    I have a nose, yet I cannot smell…
    I have a tongue, yet I cannot taste…

    I cannot touch for I have no hands…
    yet I can feel.
    I cannot see for I have no eyes…
    yet I can see.
    I cannot hear for I have no ears…
    yet I can listen.
    I cannot smell for I have no nose…
    yet I can smell.
    I cannot taste for I have no tongue…
    yet I can taste.

    I can imagine for I am.

  6. Christine Konstantinovics

    Thank you for these most interesting informations. But there is something i do not completely understand, also a Yogini-friend could not help me. It is the part where Shri Mataji explains how to do when we have trouble with the Vishuddi Chakra (how to do with the hands) and also how our eyes improve with this. I would like to do this treatment properly. Maybe someone could help me please and give me quite clear instructions.
    Thank you !

    1. adrian

      Believing is…
      Being grateful,
      without ego or expectation

      I am grateful…
      for the healing water
      that cleanses my body…
      I am grateful…
      for the cleansing water
      that refreshes my body…
      I am grateful…
      for the cleansing water
      that restores my body…

      And I am truly thankful
      for the healing water
      That I am.


  7. Debbie

    What a beautiful video – how graceful and talented.

    Footsoaking takes only a few minutes each day yet we cannot always find the time for something so beneficial and significant.

    Lots of love always.

  8. Samar

    Thank you for this article!
    Foot soaking is so powerful and so simple

  9. Jolanta

    Spectacular ballet performance-great imitation of nature, the real swans.

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