Fantastic Results from Healing Workshops & Feedback Bouquet from Seminars & Classes (Halton/Niagara/Barrie Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

Burlington Class - Easter Seminar with focus on "Spontaneous Creativity in a meditative state" artwork
Burlington Class – Easter Seminar with focus on “Spontaneous Creativity in a meditative state” artwork


 Fantastic Results & Healing Chakra Workshop

Fabiola (St Catharines Class) sent us 2 emails with “Fantastic results” and “Healing workshop” in subject line:

“Just wanted to thank you again for the spontaneous healing workshop I received in our one day seminar in Niagara Falls back in  January. I literally felt the difference between my left and right side, the left side that we focused on felt much lighter and the knots were melted away. It was awesome to feel the energy from Jon and Sahaj and you, so i felt very lucky   I hope we can have more healing workshops in the future. Thank you once again.

Well I got very exciting news from my surgeon yesterday. It was my appointment with my MRI and he said that it looks like I wont need surgery after all!! 
I am sure this sahaja yoga meditation chakra/kundalini workshop  had a great impact on my healing as well. Thank you once again, and I hope to see you soon at the St. Catharines location.”
Read about more testimonials on fantastic results for one’s well-being: here (Sam’s testimonial) and here (Brenda’s testimonial).

Miscellaneous Positive Feedback

-“Thanks for the Rejuvenation in my life.” (T- Burlington Class)
 -“God, what a good day! I was  reflecting and came into realization always felt God’s love however out there.  I am forever grateful for last night experience, felt my innocence once lost, a confirmation at last pure innocent greatest love  came through me…God bless you for choosing me to experience the chakra workshop! Most certainly…no doubt about it….GOD RESIDES IN ME.. My blessing, With Love” (M. – Burlington class)

“Thanks for teaching such a great class, with such personal attention!  My parents both thoroughly enjoyed it, felt their kundalini awakened, and want to experience more!  My Dad mentioned he felt “thoughtless”.  I gave them the beginner’s sahaja yoga book as well and will help them along.  I felt the vibrations flowing very well tonight, and feel joyful. I enjoyed seeing everyone getting involved in the class.  Thank you also for the photo, that was very nice. With love” (J- visiting from North York)
 –“Thank you for asking, I was about to write you an email… It was really lovely, so beautiful a totally new experience. The feeling is so Unique so hard to explain in simple works it is something amazing and deep. I was totally impacted by the cool breezing; I haven’t felt something like that before.  Thank you for including me on it,  it was beautiful” (S – Milton class)

John and Isabelle - chakra workshop at Celebrate Barrie June 1st Festival 2014

(photo) John and Isabelle offering sahaja yoga meditation chakra workshops at Celebrate Barrie June 1st Festival 2014
-“When I come to Wednesday class, I feel like I’m at ‘home’. It’s such a good feeling and energy there with your group. Therefore I will see you all again on Wednesday. I WOULD LIKE TO BRING A CAKE FOR SAM. I would love this opportunity to bring something to the group and show my gratitude for all your friendship. ” (F – Oakville/Burlington classes)
” I am going to India next week so won’t be seen at classes. Please keep me in your attention. I am having a very good vibrations since coming to Burlington class and your house visit (for a local seminar). Just wanted to share. After my return I will do my best to attend all seminars and help out with rides also. Love” (K -Burlington class)
-“I want to thank you for everything I learned last Friday. Also for the beautiful energy that the group left at my house.” (C. – Oakville class)
 -“Thank you for the invite to join the Niagara Falls seminar last week.A highlight for me was the nature walk and foot soak at the Niagara Falls river. The energies were amazing! Loving, dynamic, and strong – these energies can be felt by anyone who wants to connect to it. The ice cold water of the Niagara River with a flow so vibrant and free was so internally cleansing and refreshing. I enjoyed the spontaneity (though with a plan) of the day. It was nice to just listen, share, flow, and be open. 

Every class and seminar that I have attended is an opening of understanding (heart and mind), a learning experience, and a sharing of ourselves, and in the process, we uplift individually and collectively to the next level of our evolution.  Thank you for a wonderful opportunity.  Love, Lia..” (Milton)
“Thank you again today for a very special gathering. Listening to Sri Mataji’s video today really helped me and inspired me tremendously about starting this new job and for everything in my life. Her speaking of how once we are ‘realized’ and our centers are cleared and Kundalini rises that we can be so much more creative and insightful and more compassionate and compelled to do good for our lives and others.  And how she said she has no fear because it comes from her heart….I love that!!! Pure Love and Conviction of Pure Spirit!!!  I believe I missed out on the candle treatment. I am coming this Wednesday .. I am going to meditate now for a few minutes for a restful night and Spirit’ful’ day tomorrow.Tonight I send blessings to you and your family and to Holly and Kathleen and everyone gathered today in our Sahaja Yoga circle of friends.” (Fl- Oakville)
-“Thank you so much for sharing your time and the wealth of information last night. It was a pleasure to know you better and all the other Sahaja yogis and learn a little more about Sahaja yoga. I am hoping to be able to make it every Wednesday and with Shri Mataji’s grace, learn a lot more from you and others. Please thank Kathleen too for opening her ashram to us and for the kind hospitality. I felt like I was among family.
 Although I’m going to miss the workshop on Monday, I’m hoping to be a part of many many more upcoming ones.  Have a great weekend!! Love,  (Kash..-Oakville/Burlington class)
-“A belated thank you for inviting me last Friday to the Sahaja centre. The energy there was amazing and the children that I met were so special. It all warmed my heart. I look forward to going again sometime in the future when I have the whole evening free to enjoy.” (Flori-Oakville)

 (VIDEO) General Chakra Workshop on Flute Music @ (click!) Burlington Art Centre Public Event

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  1. mrs raj

    jai shree mataji workshops r really very helpful

  2. Vishal Tanwar

    May Shri Mataji always give you all her Divine Love…. Make you all as she wants.
    May Shri Mataji always keep your all hands in her hand.

  3. paula

    So many heartfelt and personal testimonials packed into one article. When one is practicing Sahaja Yoga, one can spread this light and ignite the spirit within each and every one of us. One just needs the desire to act upon it, to receive with an open heart. It is so wonderfully surprising to discover this gift of a new awareness inside of all of us that flows like a peaceful river and cleanses all our energy centres. We enjoy better health through a little meditation maintenance with Sahaja Yoga, better interaction with others, a cleansed perspective of our whole lives, and realize we have a purpose on this earth. Let’s all enjoy everything and everyone and meditate together.It feels like bliss!

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