Day 14 – Sahaj Evening @ Integrated Health & Wellness Centre – Art & Spirituality Tour

Another Special Day of Anandita’s hectic Tour in Canada – From the Airport to Northern Toronto  – let’s enjoy the Story from James, Toronto

Great Evening for Art & Spirituality Tour in Toronto@ Dr.Karelis' Clinic

Hi Ioana,

Here are some stories for the night in Northern Toronto, to add to the website.

The evening program on Monday, December 7  was fantastic. Many patients gathered for a reception in Dr. Karelis’ clinic, while a special conference room that was reserved just for the performance. Children were meditating too!New ones including patients and friends from North York, Downtown, and Mississauga attended, numbering in the twenties, Public interested in Sahaja Yoga Meditation Program at Wellness Centreas well as many established sahaja yoga meditation practitioners filled the back room outside the conference room.

Once everyone found their seats, Rafeena (volunteer sahaja yoga instructor from Toronto downtown classes) gave everyone a warm welcome,

Rafeena - initiator of this program; introducing Sahaja Yoga at dr. Karelis Clinic

and invited Emiliana (experienced sahaja yogini  and herself a specialist in physiotherapy)  to give an introduction to Sahaja Yoga with references to the medical and physiotherapy field. Emiliana - specialist in physiotherapy and experienced practitioner of Sahaja Yoga meditationThere was a doctor from a Laser Therapy clinic in the crowd, as well as people who worked in the building.Vasili - giving a sahaja yoga meditation workshop

As if in the nick of time, Anandita arrived from Calgary, after a delayed flight, feeling a bit tired but energized and we all could feel her desire to perform for the audience.Listening to Anandita p1010970 She gave a wonderful introduction about herself, her background in ArtsAlready in meditative state and how she would approach the evening in the company of people with an interest in wholesome and natural forms of therapy. She delicately introduced the concepts of meditation, weaving into her musical therapy session, as we could feel the vibrations begin to flow. Her desire was for all in the audience to experience the vibrations and feel their self realization (*the awakening of Kundalini energy). One little girl said she couldn’t feel any sensations, Anandita and Trinityso she received special attention up front, and without any doubt she enjoyed the vibrations as well. Talking to Anandita - Always a pleasure!Anandita followed up with some beautiful classical Indian songs, which delighted the crowd. As the evening wound down, many were asking questions, receiving special attention from established yogis, and in turn I heard several show their interest in future sessions on meditation in the clinic. It was a resounding success!

With love, James

Hope you’ve enjoyed this evening with James telling us all about it! I have to offer special Thanks to dr. Karelis who was the wonderful host of  for this special evening and who also provided some of the beautiful photos captured in the article. Videos with Anandita’s performance might be added later on. Also our heartfelt  thanks to James and Rafeena who teamed-up so nicely with dr. Karelis in offering us this event.

James, Rafeena, Anandita and dr.Karelys - Thank you All !

Anandita of course, was far and beyond expectations and one beautiful feedback from a participant to that evening: “Can’t wait to go home and Meditate Again!!” – Let’s hope that more will submit their comments about that special night of  “Art & Spirituality & Wellness!”

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  1. Carmen

    Dear James and Rafeena, this looks so proffessional, the pictures, the story, the presenter, the participants. I feel that I was there with you guys. Another Sahaja success story. Thank you.


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