299 Physicians (GPs) experience Sahaja Yoga – Meditation Workshop Seminar & Medical Research published in Australian Family Physician, June 2009

Using Sahaja Yoga meditation for less Stress and better Wellbeing

– published in Australian Family Physician, June 2009

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Dr. Ramesh Manocha from Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia -minutes from the Meditation Seminar for GPs

A total of 299 GPs attended the seminar, from which 293 provided visual analogue scale on the day.

Important to be mentioned is that the feedback from the GPs participants to this workshop with Sahaja Yoga meditation was very positive, with 98% of the respondents indicating that their learning needs had been fully (54%) or partially (45%) met and 97.5% indicating that the event was fully (56%) or partially (41.5%) relevant to their medical practise.

Pre- and post-K10 data was provided by 111 GPs. The mean pre-K10 score for these GPs was 17.2 (SD: 5.67); the post-K10 score was 14.7 (SD: 3.92), with 25.1% of the ‘at risk’ participants moving to the ‘low risk’ category. Mean compliance with meditation was 79.5%. A meditation workshop for GP wellbeing is practical, feasible and appealing to GPs. Quantitative feedback from the workshop indicates its potential as an effective mental health promotion and prevention strategy.

In conclusion:

  • A low cost, nonprofit meditation workshop for GP wellbeing is practical, feasible and appealing to GPs
  • A meditation workshop for GPs has potential as an effective mental health promotion and prevention strategy.
  • Given the increasing attention on the issue of GP stress and wellbeing, meditation represents an important addition to GPs’ self care resources.

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A general practitioner or GP is a medical practitioner who provides primary care and specializes in family medicine. A general practitioner treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education for all ages and both sexes. They have particular skills in treating people with multiple health issues and comorbidities.
In the English-speaking world the term general practitioner is common in Ireland, the United Kingdom, some other Commonwealth countries. In these countries the word physician is largely reserved for certain other types of medical specialists, notably in internal medicine.

Let’s Sit and Meditate now ..

meditation-bench-in-burlington2“Meditation is such a soothing thing, such a beautiful way of connection with the divine, that all your problems get solved  in that meditative mood ..”

Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation




.. and feel the Soothing Cool Breeze ..

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  1. Arvind Ahuja

    “Using meditation for less stress and better wellbeing” is a wonderful article by Dr Ramesh Manocha.
    I liked the article, it’s very impressive, how Sahaja Yoga Meditation effectively controls the stress level in general practitioners and improves their overall wellbeing.
    Arvind, Toronto

  2. paula erskine

    Spread the word! Sahaja Yoga is good for your overall being and health! My hope is that people that are new sincerely try it and feel the difference. See how clearing all those thoughts puts you on a new plane, a level that is higher than the mind, that nourishes you with energy and can permeate your whole life with the beauty of love! Everything, more and more, starts working out beautifully…

  3. abi-habib patricia

    The méditation in Sahaja -yoga relieve stress.

    Good article.

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