Experience Two Valentine’s Day Events with Yogis & Meditators from Halton (Feb 19 + Feb 21)

Our Halton team of sahaja yogis have a very special reason to get together in February. It’s the time to remember the Pure Love that shines from our Spirit — Lord Shiva.

The celebration happens on MahaShivaratri festival when Sahaja Yogis from all over the world meditate on the Cosmic Spirit reflected within and without.

Such an important occasion to remember, experience and nourish our essence — explore its qualities and connection to Chakras (subtle wheel energy centres).

Indeed February is all about heart and love, therefore is connected to the Heart Chakra ; Why ?!

Because our Spirit represented by Lord Shiva – resides in our hearts (more precisely in our Left Heart – ANAHAT Chakra).

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We have another most special Day to remember every February, on 23rd.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is honored as the Source of the sahaj subtle knowledge that was shared with us, as well the Source of that ideal yet achievable vision for Humankind becoming Realized and Integrated.

Her incarnation chose to depart on Feb 23, 2011 – that became for us the MahaSamadhi Day to be honored.

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This is our Valentine’s Day – Sharing the Pure Love of our Spirit and Shri Mataji’s Pure Love for the entire world.

We intend on Wed Feb 19, 7PM at Brant Hills Community Centre in Burlington and on Feb 21, 7PM at Glenn Abbey Recreation centre in Oakville, to join with Seekers of Pure Love and Collectively create a flow of positive energy spreading and benefiting our communities.

Guided Meditation for Mother Earth, Kundalini energy rising, Artistic expressions, Chakra Workshop and so on – each, an enlightening moment.

Join us. Namaste.

How was it ?!

Photo-Album here.

We hope that more will feel comfortable to post a comment by the end of the Article. We’d love to hear it from you.

Aldo shared his experience with the Crown Chakra and how music is felt in the chakras.
Also it was interesting to hear how our behavior is kept “in check” by our subtle system — once we “misbehave” the chakra “in charge” for that particular behavioral quality would “protest” spontaneously. We all understood that Shri Mataji’s talks (videos,as well shared in articles on our website) have a profound impact. The overall feedback was that there were “only positive changes” in his life since becoming a sahaja yogi :-).
Sahaja Yogis in a traditional “Family Photo” by the end of this Burlington community event.

Photo-Album here.

Dawn in Burlington – Halton, ON, Canada

(check) Heart Beats and Dances on Drums in 2 Videos

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Love, Joy, Greatness: Sharing Pure Love with Shri MatajiHalton 2019 Mahasamadhi Tribute (FEEDBACK)

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  1. Carmen Pavel

    Such strong vibrations… I wish I could be there as well.

  2. Jolanta

    I was able to attend part of the evening only on Wednesday. I experienced peace and joy. Thank you Shri Mataji and everyone else who participated/organized.

  3. Anjali Gandhi

    I attended the Friday event in oakville. It was amazing. You know it was a “gifted” event when people say “thank you” with a big smile and want to hug you..and despite loosing track of time (we went 30 mins over) they still say “ah…I did not want to come out of meditation tonight”..nobody felt in a hurry to leave even though it got so late! We got to hear a beautiful testimony from a 9 month pregnant mom and a yogini sister about release and clear coolness from her centre heart. We said mantras, we talked about Shri Mataji and played a video of Mother giving realization, we gave workshops with live bamboo flute recital to new ones and we talked about the power of coconuts. The room was full and our lovely yogini aunties from Burlington made treats for everyone to enjoy. It was filled with joy and by the end of it I felt transformed. The beauty of Sahaja yoga – we have it inside. Very grateful for this blessed night to celebrate the special night for anahata chakra (MahaShivratri) as well honour Shri Mataji ( Mahasamadhi ).

  4. Kruti Gandhi

    On Wednesday event, I came with a family member who was attending this program for the first time as she just came from India last year. I must say, before coming to the class, I had felt a strong agya and heart catches and did few treatments to release the heaviness, but it was still there. But in the class, we could see our hearts opening up and thoughts slowing down. Specially, during the video of Shri Mataji giving interview to the reporter, we started experiencing the cool breeze. The meditation continued to be strong and deep and we continued to enjoy the flow of Mother Kundalini within us. The Friday event was also just as blissful. We watched the video of Mother giving realization, chanted the “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra, sang some songs, listen to the soothing live music, and the yogi’s experiences which was truly amazing. Both my kids and family guest enjoyed the events and thanked Shri Mataji for giving us this divine knowledge.

  5. Shivangna

    What a beautiful event! I was amazed at how many people kept pouring into the event on Friday evening. The room was filled with so many beginners who have been coming regularly for a while now with also a beautiful addition of first timers too!

    It’s amazing to see everyone so eager to grow!! One of the new people approached me after and asked me if she could take a photo of Shri Matajis photo and the altar, that was touching. I also overheard one of our ‘regular’ beginners telling a new attendee that they should keep coming to the classes going forward and that in time, they’ll learn the mantras we sang together in class too!!

    Dear Shri Mataji, thank You for this family. May we continue to build the fabric of this family with the threads of pure love. May we all continue to grow together!!

  6. Pradeep Kumar

    Indeed it was a special day for me.The meditation room was full and I was already feeling the coolness in my head as soon as Anjali started the class.I was calm and relaxed when the lights were turned on after the meditation.

    Thank you Shri Mataji

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