Love, Joy, Greatness: Watch Sharing Pure Love with Shri Mataji – Mahasamadhi Tribute @ Oakville Class (FEEDBACK)

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 Feedback Collection and Selected Photos

On Friday, Feb 22, 2019 we had a special event where Sahaja yogis have shared with Family, Friends and Seekers their loving tribute to the memory of Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. There was an introduction to Shri Mataji’s legacy and power of awakening Kundalini energy en-masses; thus, the gift of Self-Realization, integration and compassion for our shared humanity across the world had spread everywhere and we all continue to pass it on. 

An enlightened candle is there to spread light and enlighten many other candles.

After a guided collective meditation, we continued with a chakra – energy workshop while Kush was playing on his Sitar. He was soon joined by other yogi children that love to meditate — Some arrived a bit later and were surprised how strong the energy – felt as cool breeze / positive vibrations – was manifested in the room. Halton’s Cool Kids class helped distributing a devotional song and helping raising the kundalini energy in all participants. 

We watched a short video created especially for this occasion by our “young branch”; we felt that Shri Mataji’s being become larger than the screen and She graced our get-together with Her divine presence and generous life. Everyone had the opportunity to receive a quote prepared with much love by our Halton yogis. A basket with heart shaped cookies and chocolate pie – baked with love – added to the sweetness we all felt in our hearts; Good wishes for the world and Impressions written on paper hearts, flowers and leaves were collected ad-hoc from some participants to make a garland for Shri Mataji’s photograph. 

So many flowers were brought by everyone. A clear cool breeze was experienced by almost everyone during the event — also pure joy and love  —  even by those that came for their first time to our Sahaja Yoga class. We had participants from close and far – Burlington , Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Niagara Falls too!!

Personal Feedback

From Anjali, Sophie and Abigail

Dear Ioana last night was so beautiful. Thank you dear Halton Sahaja Yoga Family for always getting us to come together and enjoy the beauty of our collective. My twinnies said to me as we were leaving Mommy can you please bring us here again. They absolutely love you all!! They and I were filled with joy.

Thank you everyone for your love and the cookies, the flowers, the decorations, the sitar, an amazing presentation and deep meditation. I am very grateful. Thank you Shri Mataji for your blessings last night. Just melting away in your love and bhakti (devotion – in Sanskrit).

All my love, Anjali 

Ps: I keep missing being with you all. Sahaj love and company is addictive 🙂

 From brothers Kush and Karan (Halton – Cool Kids Sahaja Yoga class) 

Karan who is 8 wrote the following:

“Thank you Shri Mataji for taking birth to show us meditation.  I really wanted to see you inside a physical body.”

Kush who is 11 wrote the following:

“Thank you for teaching Sahaja Yoga in a relaxing way and bringing us all together.  We are also grateful for the protection you give us.  Thank you for giving us opportunities to learn arts, music, and other talents. ”  

Postering for the Event – Paula’s Story

While postering for this Oakville event I had an interesting, sometimes wonderful time. When I approached a coffee shop worker with this yoga event, “Experience Pure love with Shri Mataji”, she put the poster to her heart.
She said, “I need this in my life, you came for me, I need more of this.”
She kept looking at the photo of Shri Mataji on the poster then putting it back on her heart.
I said we have spoken before, she said yes. She meant to come last time, but wasn’t sure if it was a one time event. I invited her and her colleagues to come every Friday at Glen Abbey community centre at 7pm, just down the street.  
She was very grateful and even though people were waiting to order coffee, they didn’t seem to mind as we embraced our hands over the counter and hugged.
As I was leaving to put the poster on the bulletin board, she told her colleague, sorry, but I just needed to connect. 🙂 . Yours, Paula 

Feedback from Kruti

It was amazing and joyful to be part of this event one more time.  Kush who is 11 was looking forward to play the sitar and he absolutely enjoyed playing his favorite tune to give tribute to Shri Mataji.  The people I gave chakra workshop to, had felt some sensations in their hands and they really liked it. 

The slide show created by Ana Bianca that was played towards the end of the event was absolutely amazing, the quotes, Mother’s smiling pictures and the music was all beautifully arranged.  We could really feel the love coming out from that presentation and overall event.  The flowers, the cookies, the decor, and Mother’s pictures everywhere was arranged perfectly to open our hearts. 
Kids and I would like to thank the Halton Sahaja Yoga family to give us the opportunity to be part of this wonderful event. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and appreciation when we attend so versatile events where a child or  a mother have chance to share their artistic talents with the seekers.
with love, Kruti
Somebody new to  Sahaja Yoga Meditation wrote: “Love, Joy, Greatness” on a paper leaf as feedback for the event

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  1. Paula

    The pure love for humankind, for seeking truth, for finding like-hearted, respect for all ages, all cultures, and respect for our Sahaja Yoga teacher Shri Mataji who gives us the gift of Yoga Connection. Becoming part and parcel of the whole universe is everything!

  2. Doina-Mira

    Beautiful moments full of tremendous love joy and vibrations! Thank you all of you!!!

  3. Anjali

    Paula and I were constantly exchanging looks of amazement during the program and were clearly feeling the pure love (of togetherness) that filled the room. It really was a transforming experience. People left that night filled with joy in their eyes and their hearts were opened.

  4. Kruti Gandhi

    Feeling deep gratitude towards Shri Mataji for giving us such precious gift of Self Realization. Life is so beautiful and blissful with this knowledge and love!

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