Photos & Impressions from Science and Spirituality Event in Burlington (++ research links)

Photos, Impressions, PHOTO-ALBUM and LINKS


The presentation was very informative. I was looking forward to it as since I had started coming to the meditation my health has greatly improved and it was interesting to hear about data that was helping clarify some of what I was felling that I felt improved my health”

I am finding that this is bringing a calming to my life that has been missing.”

“I love the chanting with all of the group, sounded heavenly!”

“It was very interesting and knowledgeable”

Sahaja Yoga Chakra Workshop with Music, Mantras and Red Roses

Questions & Answers .. and Group Photo with Chad Danyluck from University of Toronto

After Event: Laughter & Dinner @ Mama Carmela’s “Gruha Lakshmi” Ashram

We were very happy with the turnout for this event and especially that we had more time to spend with Chad, our special guest that did a great presentation, with humor and (quite unexpected from a scientist) with a sense of humbleness and respect for spirituality. Our Yogis can be “spiritual party animals” as Mama Carmella very often says.. therefore until midnight we enjoyed each other’s company in a sweet togetherness.

Jayanthi was having fun with the “Kundalini noodles”

Joy and love were pouring out from every corner of our ashram. 


Check the PHOTO-ALBUM (find more friends and more details)  :

Science & Spirituality Event (U of T Research) -June 14, 2017 in Burlington

Bouquet of Links:

(click!) United Kingdom: Meditation Research

(click) Australia: Researching Meditation

 (CLICK) VIDEO Introduction-Testimonial & Photos from “Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” with Professor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University


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  1. Raj

    Great to read the blogs and various SY activities going on in Canada through this website.

    I encourage beginners to access this page as well.

    Well done and keep it coming.

  2. Jyoti

    Fabulous and joyous!! Good going

  3. Howard

    Nice photo’s! Keep up the good work.

  4. celli

    Beautiful the world needs it!

  5. Sahaj

    It’s amazing and inspirational, we are hosting a similar event on occasion of international yoga day.

  6. Mohinder Sidana

    Missed it
    But I can feel cool vibrations

  7. Eva Touzard

    Connect spirituality with science and people will come…great work Dr. Danyluck

  8. Mariana

    it enjoys me too! thank you!
    jai Shri Mataji!

  9. Colleen

    It was a wonderful evening of learning and sharing. Great presentation
    Chad, thank you.

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