Silver Line & Amazing Grace Experience on Makar Sankranti

Enjoy this Special Experience with a Heavenly Silver Line and Amazing Grace on the Makar Sankranti Day

“Be the Change you want to See in the WorldGandhi

On the early morning of January 14, 2013, just at sunrise in Burlington, Ontario we had initiated a collective meditation on the Power of the Sun reflected on Mother Earth. We desired to have their subtle connection awakened within our Chakras. The vibrations, the energy we had experienced was so powerful and cool! We felt it was showered upon us as a gift of good omen for our prayers:  for a Change within and a change in the humanity. Then, we took breakfast together and off we went to resume with our busy lives at work/in the office. Just few streets away, when I was heading towards the highway an incredible breakthrough moment appeared involving both Sky and Earth.  The Sun’s Light was falling upon the Ontario Lake and created a vision of Amazing Grace. It could not be a coincidence, to appear on the path, centrally positioned and revealing a real Silver Band on the water, shinning powerfully while a Celestial Shower was blessing from above. We felt to share this moment of an Amazing Grace, captured with a very limited tool (iphone) from the car. If you want to find out more on Sun’s effects on Subtle energy centers and know more about this beautiful festival: Makar Sankranti, then please check the 3 links/articles below. The knowledge is shared to you via music,  images and Ayurvedic recipes :-)). Quite sweet in many ways!

Amazing Grace in Burlington: Sun Shower of Rays with Silver Lining on the Ontario Lake-Jan 14 2013

(click!) Radiant Miracle Photos Celebrating the Sun that brings Change & Self Confidence

(click!) Ayurvedic Sugar-Free & Home-made Til-Gur Sweets Recipes for Makar Sankranti Festival – Yummy!

(click!) More (VIDEO, myths & tales) on Makar Sankranti Festival: Symbolic Thanksgiving to the Goddess (Energy of Life) with Vegetables, Fruits & Sweets and Honour the Sun on  in Meditation

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Happy Makar Sankranti Everyone!

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  1. Kruti Gandhi

    Wow, no words to describe this beautiful shower of vibrations.

  2. Kristine Pearson

    The Silver Line of Light – Amazing!

  3. Anjali

    Amazing – a sign+answer from the sky and it reminds me of the Niagara falls – like a fall of light falling from the sky. Such a magnificent play of the nature giving so much hope and answers to our prayers. Thank you for sharing these pictures. What a marvelous way to start the day!

  4. Rabi Ghosh

    Pray, the year 2013 unfolds more of interesting facets of God’s love on humanity and blesses each one of us with more meaning. Happy Makar Sankranti to all.

  5. Shivangi

    Beautiful happening in the sky.
    Happy Makarsankranti to all.
    Jai Shri Mataji

  6. Colleen

    These are such beautiful pictures!!! The sun shower shinning so bright through the clouds is magnificent!!! Definitely not a coincidence!! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures, a way for all of us to experience them!!

  7. Jayanthi

    Amazing pictures, as if Shri. Mataji is sending rays of blessings. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Priti

    Wow ! its an amazing miracle picture. It seems cloudy and a bit dark and there we see the Sun God showering its abundance of blessings like a waterfall.Definately its the majic of the puja that u all performed with dedication and pleased the Sun God. JAI SHRI MATAJI! Thanks for sharing and HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI to all.

  9. freget

    AMAZING !!!

    GOD IS GREAT!!!!!

  10. Kusum Chandok

    Thank you Ioana for such a nice Pictures
    We give thanks to Mother for many blessing.
    The power of enjoying is the power of Sahaja

  11. Thava Govender

    Thank you for sharing these pictures ,evidence of rich blessings on this auspicious day .Mother promised us I am with you every step of the way ….here’s another affirmation .

  12. Nitendra

    When God/goddess wants to show his/her love, it comes from different medium and ways. This picture is one of the good example of God way of love.!!!

  13. Bhavià

    the magic is fully effective some years later ! thank you for sharing, again !
    Thank you for the blessings of the Sun who every day is generous for our hearts, eyes and all body ! such a living God that doesn’t stop pouring the love to each one of us .

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