May 15 Arts & Culture Makers photo -> Sahaja Yoga Meditation Volunteers Proud to be IN!

May 15 banner

Feeling great to be part of this amazing “Art & Culture Collective of Burlington!”

Kudos go to Trevor Copp, Robert J Mayor Jr., Robert Missen, Tim Park, Jim Riley,  Kim Verrall who organized and sent out the following invite to those passionate about Arts & Culture in Burlington, such as our own team is, from Halton sahaja yoga meditation.

Subject: May 15 Arts & Culture Makers photo (doors open 12 pm. photo taken 12:30 p.m.)
The in-laws. The outlaws. The cousins three times removed and then twice put back again. The Mommas and the Papas. The prodigal sons. The prodigious daughters.
Time to meet the family, Burlington.
We are holding the first ever Burlington Family Artist Portrait. It involves coming out to be in this historic photo including all arts disciplines and cultural makers of Burlington.  We will then advocate that the picture be placed in a spot of honour for the City.  So come out and claim your place in the lobby of the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Sunday May 15th noon. 
Needless to say, that we (click for video) will be there! As we keep bringing Arts & Culture wonderful experiences to Burlington community for the past 10+ years 🙂 . In May 2016 we bring The Voice of  Yoann FreeJayEven more, our classes are attended by wonderful local artists that find well-being benefits at our Burlington free sahaja yoga meditation classes.
A local artist’s testimonial is shared below:
1.0 Arts & Culutre photo poster (1)
Art & Culture Collective of Burlington — It’s time to get-together and Celebrate! Thank you Trevor and Rob for bringing us all together!
Thanks go to all other local forces within  the City of Burlington for being amazingly interested in promoting Arts & Culture “here” for “us all”.

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